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  1. For orgs, I would have a category for: are they organized? Does what they say will happen, happen when and how they said it would? Is communication good?
  2. I often wonder how many Crosby's, Kane's, Iginla's, Lidstrom's, etc. never were... purely because of cost and accessibility.
  3. I would imagine common sense will prevail, and it will be based on a percentage of capacity.
  4. True. You're right, not a lot separates many of those kids.
  5. As much as I can believe that, I have a hard time believing junior teams or whatever would pass up a better player for one that's not as good.
  6. That was probably one of my posts, and the bubble I was talking about is the infowars/freedom fighter/anti mask one, the one that you seem to be immersed in.
  7. It's what happens when the federal and state governments are unable or (more likely) disinterested in helping SMALL businesses and average citizens faced with financial ruin. They want to get back to making money. Couple this with those who want to make a political statement by not taking simple precautions and whining about their liberty and freedom, and this is what we get.
  8. Renegades emailed everyone that they've possibly been exposed via tryouts over the past however many days from, it sounds like, people at the same North Hills event.
  9. Won't be surprised if it was spread at Alpha as well, judging by all the freedom fighters not wearing masks at tryouts. The ratio was probably 1 mask worn per 20 people.
  10. You'd really get a kick out of when they show up for dek hockey and get smoked.
  11. The silly part is I bet none of those kids make it past the echl.
  12. Like him or not, The King always makes good points.
  13. Sorry to say, that seems downright retarded to do.
  14. If you don't mind me asking, in what ways? My kids' too young to worry about it now, but having some knowledge for the future is always appreciated.
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