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  1. Yeah that was a good article. Also the one one Michel Briere.
  2. Vanbiesbrouck has no place in hockey, let alone hockey involving minors.
  3. Not sure about midam, but with USA Hockey, USA LaCrosse, any of those types of governing bodies... it could have something to do with the organizations buying insurance through them, and the coverage/liabilities involved. Just a guess.
  4. I think this NC/Excel "partnership" will open it up for the other AAA teams, whose schedules are more convenient, cost less, etc. to pick up better players. Give PPE a run for their money. If people can just get past the name and logo.
  5. No. I'm saying that even with great coaching, player devolopment, success, etc. - I would find that stuff somewhere else. Hard to take seriously a team that spells the nickname as "DAWGS". You know, the age-old question in literature: What's in a name? That spelling was cute back in 1997 or so, to use it now (and let's be honest- even back then) conjures visions of white trash and crazy parents. I could be wrong, and location plays a big part in deciding where to play. But I would assume that the Butler Valley organization attracts people of the "DAWG" mentality more than say, the Wildcats, Renegades, or Vipers do. It's just how branding works. The logo itself, of the spiked-collar, fighting dog comes from the same mentality. On it's own, maybe coupled with a nickname like Bulldogs, instead of the DAWGS, wouldn't be as bad. More traditional, if not necessarily creative, if you will. But the two together make me think of something more suited to a New Jersey travel ball hockey team than an ice hockey organization that wants to be taken seriously. Also heard from a few different people that they are pretty unorganized as well. So there's that, too.
  6. With tryouts approaching, what are the pros and cons of birth year teams vs. mixed year teams? Thoughts? Thanks.
  7. I wouldn't even think of my kid playing there simply because of the ghetto logo and name/spelling. I know maybe that sounds silly, but...
  8. Yes, judging by their tuition, Shadyside Academy is very doable for most families: $9,250-13,500 Pre-K $16,250 K $18,975 1st $20,250 2nd-5th $25,100 6th-8th $29,675 9th-12th $13,000 five-day boarding fee $16,500 seven-day boarding fee $2,000 international boarding fee 🙄
  9. And how many really good, skilled kids get overlooked because they don't want to go/can't afford to go to one of those schools? Is committing to something like that really worth the 1/10 of 1% chance you'll ever play even one game on the 4th line in the NHL?
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