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  1. I'm sure the architectural firm that designed it got a nice portion of it. Then the rink itself. Stuff adds up fast.
  2. I wonder what changes the new ownership will make, if any? Perhaps we're seeing the fall based off of Morehouse's way of doing things? Excel, for instance. Kids still want to go to high school with their friends. A lot of families want nothing to do with a catholic school. Maybe new ownership is why he moved on.
  3. To force anyone to leave PAHL, those teams need still need other teams to play. So there's still no alternative.
  4. I think it's weird that teams play whoever they play, no divisions or anything.
  5. I don't think it's anything more than that girl's (women's) hockey has been a trendy thing-as women's basketball, also-to talk about and get behind. By pushing girls hockey it's a great marketing opportunity ("Hey, look at us! We're at the forefront of getting behind women's hockey!"). While also being a previously untapped niche where PAHL was collecting the money of the players, where now PPE can get some of it.
  6. I wonder if things will change with Morehouse out and Fenway in? I can't see Fenway missing an opportunity to cash in, but actually developing local players without all the other bs involved would be a way to gather some goodwill which into is also good for them.
  7. "elite" mites & squirts 😂😂😂😂
  8. It would be interesting to know if they replaced that Penguin logo on the jersey, didn't have the name "Penguins" involved at all, lost the fancy arena, snack bar, and fireplace and played in a typical area arena, how much oooohhhhing and aaaawwwing about them would disappear.
  9. Well, they can force their home teams into it. Or those teams decide not to do it and look for a different Arena. For any teams outside of those ones in Black Bear arenas, Black Bear is going to have to provide some kind of major benefit for those teams to leave PAHL and join them.
  10. 14 year old Russian player hit in the chest. Says he didn't have a protective shield over his chest. Not sure if that means it was removed, or he just wasn't wearing a proper chest protector. Another reminder to not skimp on your child's equipment, and make sure it's worn and fits right. https://www.google.com/amp/s/english.pravda.ru/amp/news/hotspots/153571-hockey_player/
  11. Interesting quote about Hockey Canada settling the sex assault case out-of-court. "Hockey Canada keeps a special multimillion-dollar fund, which is fed by the registration fees of players across the country, that it uses to pay out settlements in cases of alleged sexual assault without its insurance company, and with minimal outside scrutiny." I wonder if USA Hockey does something similar? I'm guessing they do. If so, I hope they re-examine that. Not a good look from Hockey Canada. Also: Several players were involved in that. This case is a good reminder to teach your kids how to treat other people, and not be the one who gets wrapped up in going along with the group. Hopefully we can instill in our kids to not take advantage of others who are in a vulnerable situation, and be the one who's not afraid to put a stop to something like this if they're in that position.
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