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  1. It’s always hilarious when someone tries to make (wrong) assumptions about someone instead of offering solid arguments. 😂 Delayed offsides by definition = non-possession. This new rule change is subtle but it emphasizes skill and decision making under pressure. To me that’s a good thing. I’m not arguing it’s validity based on whether or not it’s easy or difficult for the refs. I’m arguing based on kids development as hockey players. Take away the easy option and actually make them think and be creative. And I didn’t mention anything about the PK.
  2. More continuous play actually. You really think dumping and chasing is skilled hockey with fluid play? That’s the easiest play for the unskilled and robotic player. Look at all those players making it to the next level because they can shove the puck up the boards constantly and dump and chase! So much skill!
  3. It’s because kids are rushing things and wilt under pressure and panic and just get rid of the puck. This change will force the issue. We’ll have more skilled players and better decision makers.
  4. One whistle after another because kids will be continuously offsides? Challenge the kids to make decisions and maintain possession. They may surprise you. Kids are adaptable. We’ll develop players better without them all blasting it into the zone along the boards during regroups. It takes more creativity and skill to play with the new rules. I’m not sure that’s even debatable.
  5. What are the costs associated with playing four independently scheduled games in a weekend vs the cost is playing in a four-game tournament. Ignore hotel and travel costs for this comparison.
  6. Wow. Would you mind sharing some particulars? That’s a pretty drastic change. How did it work out in the end?
  7. My initial reaction to the automatic offsides change is positive. Anything that forces possession and control of the puck at all costs is a good thing. With this new rule kids are going to have to make quicker decisions, be more deceptive with the puck, and maintain possession by passing. In youth hockey there is so much play along the boards and so much dumping and chasing. It’s borderline gross to watch. I think this change could help unleash and develop skill with our kids. But this change certainly goes against the old school “dump and chase” and parents and coaches screaming “use the boards” mentality. Do you want old school hockey or do you want to develop puck skills? That’s what this comes down to.
  8. Anyone have the placements/divisions yet? Association presidents should have those at some point today. I’m guessing there is someone on the placement committee in this forum. PAHL does a surprisingly good job with placements. I do feel like the misplacements are usually the smaller organizations. Their formula which considers where kids played the previous year isn’t as helpful with the small organizations. But then placement games usually sort this out pretty well at least from my experience.
  9. Unless the SHAHA 09 team is able to play the Pens or Vengeance 09 teams (and no, they aren’t as strong as those two teams), they aren’t going to find competitive games locally. They may lose a game in AA PAHL this year, but they’ll outshoot their opponents 2-1 just about every game. I actually like how they are structuring things. They are playing PAHL AA (unlike Preds 09 who aren’t as strong) and supplementing with a lot of independent games. Cleveland Barons, Team Ohio, etc. It would be bizarre for that team not to travel this year. To me this is how things should work. Don’t go independent until you absolutely dominate PAHL AA. Until then, it just hurts PAHL hockey for teams to go independent.
  10. How common are appeal games? I've never been involved in one.
  11. Yea that's true. And then you travel to Buffalo or somewhere for a tournament and play all the same PAHL teams again.
  12. Can anyone who understands the PAHL placement process explain a bit how it works? Now that all placement games have been completed, what happens next? Is there a committee that meets today? Is it a lot of judgement based on placement scores or is it more formulaic?
  13. I'm not sure specifically about the Preds but I believe $500ish is fairly common.
  14. I'm just throwing some ideas around. I thought that was the point of this forum. And I'm not talking about one or two teams. I'm talking about the entire landscape of PAHL and trends I'm seeing. I'd rather adapt than shout at the wind (BY teams) and ask it to change directions. Thanks to everyone for helping me think through this issue. Some good thoughts in here.
  15. You're absolutely right and having AA Major and AA Minor divisions at 12U would help solve this. Not perfect, but help some. But you're right though, teams that go independent may never come back.
  16. No it wouldn't mean that at all. There are quite a few minor BY teams that just wouldn't be good enough for that division and they would play in any of the other A or B divisions. Edit: Sorry I responded before I saw Corsi's response.
  17. Past few posts are very good. You're right that it all is pretty ridiculous how some people view all this. But if I'm being honest, I just don't see that many negatives about having a AA minor division, especially at 12U. I actually think it could be a good thing for the development of the kids in that division. It doesn't mean PAHL is going to a fully birth year model. It just means that they are adapting a bit.
  18. Believe me I have asked. Many of these BY teams don’t want to compete in a AA division where most of the teams they play are a year older and bigger. So their options are to play in an “A” division or go independent. They feel that if they play A major in PAHL they’ll lose credibility and won’t be able to grab up second team Pens kids when they go down to one team or other borderline Vengeance or Esmark players. And I do think three 2010 BY teams going this route does significantly impact PAHL AA hockey. More and more teams are going to start doing this when they hit their first year of 12U hockey. It’s going to be increasingly common and these teams aren’t coming back to PAHL.
  19. So what's your solution to minor year BY teams leaving PAHL and going independent? Is there anything PAHL should be doing that would help the situation?
  20. You can't be serious that you don't think it's a national trend. And you can't just tell by looking at MHR listings. Way more BY teams than are listed. Some teams don't update their names, and minor BY teams have to submit verified rosters and some other hoops.
  21. And the Preds '09 have lost some kids as well. I don't understand the decision. If you blow out a AA division, then consider going independent. This group has never done that. It's not a bad team, but it's not like PAHL AA is below them. Not even close.
  22. Is PAHL going to be the "get off my lawn" guy or they going to adapt to national trends that they have no control over and start offering AA birth year or AA major/minor divisions at all age groups?
  23. You may be thinking of Marc Voit? I believe he's coaching the 2010 Vengeance team this year. His older son was just drafted by the Maple Leafs this summer. I've heard good things about Marc.
  24. Really good thoughts. That's a good point about BY helps in scheduling those independent supplemental games that most AA teams do. Huge factor actually. I think you're right that it would create some imbalance, but it's not like organizations like Cambria or Westmoreland are fielding AA teams anyways. I think there are more organizations than not in this category so I don't think much would change for them. Their top teams would be one of the higher A Major divisions just like before. But even mid-size organizations like Rebellion (former Rats) are now doing BY teams and have attracted a surprising number of good new kids because of that and have some really good BY teams now. That trend is going to continue I would think (teams advertising BY teams attracting more kids). And I have no idea if BY teams are good in this area or not, but it's going to spread out the talent a bit. A kid that doesn't make a BY team playing AA at North PGH for example, will most likely try out for some other BY teams nearby like maybe the Foxes. Not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing.
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