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  1. That's a hell of a payday for the Coach. I say more power to him. If he can convince those people to pay him $16,000 good for him. That's why they call it Capitalism. You CAPITALIZE on an opportunity. In this case, that opportunity is provided by delusional parents.
  2. Received an email today from a local outfit trying to solicit orders for their "knock-off" high level stick. They are looking for "pre-orders" that will take 8 weeks for delivery. In this world of instant gratification how is this type of business model sustainable? And does the disappearance of the Bardownski clowns prove that it simply isn't sustainable?
  3. Is it? At the 05 level, it may even be A Major. Maybe.
  4. Oh, thank goodness. A meaningless August event will be heading to our area for 3 years. Presumably in the confines of the UPMC Center which means the West will be loaded at all age groups and the South and East will now be limited in numbers and the Central will bring up the rear as usual. That's awesome.
  5. I believe drinking water falls into the basic and necessary category. But that's just me.
  6. Basic, necessary improvements. Certainly not huge improvements. My understanding is that most of the remaining HS teams can't wait until their contracts expire so they can bolt. BV has been shaken down to what, half of what it was before the purchase? Pretty soon they'll have exactly what they wanted which is a rink all for themselves. Just the two of them. Take it away, Grover Washington..................
  7. Say it isn't so, people aren't flocking to that dilapidated old barn?
  8. They'll never get it rebuilt. Makes you wonder if something like this could put the ice facility in peril. That would suck for everyone.
  9. https://www.pittsburghpenguinselite.com/news_article/show/1018471 This is where those "Superstars" will be playing. Did they have a contest for the "Elite mites" to name this new league?
  10. So I don't know if it included any of the players that Yuri was counting or not but apparently his and Kosick's former Coaching assistant Si Bishop took a big bite of out of the 03 age group. The Foxes had upwards of 75 players attend their U16 tryouts compared to less than 40 last year. It seems as though it definitely killed the 03 Icemen team. Karma. What a bitch.
  11. And there you have it. ONE of these has to be incorrect.
  12. I can come up with a few possible answers. They didn't want to play for Yuri. They were replaced by a Russian import. They don't want to waste another 20K traveling to Minnesota for 4-5 days at a time.
  13. I guess they just aren't lining up to play for the guy who gets tossed in the first period of the first game of a tournament. Hard to believe. The other great one is the 07 Coach, the PAHL has implemented a new rule because of his antics at the U18 Viper Stars team last season. Note to coach, if one of your player gets suspended, don't let him continue to play and then forfeit 10 games (of which 9 were losses anyhow).
  14. Nice. The former hierarchy there always used to say that they'll always come back at Midgets. Maybe that mentality is starting to hold true again.
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