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  1. But........ these were all "AAA" players who returned to their roots to have their way with the lowly peasants of PAHL AA. Right?
  2. This entire adventure has been an ill-conceived plan. Whatever the impetus was, and please don't say it was for the city players, the whole thing seems like a waste of a lot of time and money. They have games scheduled there for November which I've been told are already being rescheduled to other rinks. The talk of CC, Chatham and Pitt becoming permanently based out of there really seems far fetched and other than maybe the nostalgia, I can't really say it provides anything better than an average ice barn.
  3. Boy, wouldn't it be great to see an line by line itemization of that 750K and where it all goes and for what purpose. If it generates opportunity for city youth hockey players, fantastic. But, more often than not "grant money" seems to somehow end up being used for less altruistic reasons.
  4. And then brain trust ran him out because he didn't bow down to their every whim. Or maybe they all realized he was a better Coach than they were and concerned about their livelihood being taken away.
  5. I'm aware of the progression but I'm also aware of officials who are very good at......... how should I put this? Exacerbating the situation. Baiting....... whatever you call it, it happens. Maybe not in this instance but who really knows?
  6. 3 Misconducts?? At the same time? Is it possible that someone with a whistle got carried away? As far as the conduct, it's never going to change. It's been consistent for 50 years.... handed down through generations.
  7. Livebarn contracts with the rinks themselves. Not the teams that play in the building.
  8. Or Gilmour - it tends to help credibility when you know what you are talking about
  9. Maybe their possible move being considered by Esmark or being pushed by BB can have something to do with the fact that PIA still only has one sheet of ice functioning? Is this a major problem that has Esmark concerned or is BB keeping it down to help "persuade" a move. Either way, the next 2-3 years are going to be very interesting at both PIA and Palmer. Stay tuned.
  10. Who is replacing you as the Central Region coordinator during your suspension? Do you intend to return to this position after your time is served?
  11. Yes, but he tells me about the 6th and newly (as opposed to the original 5 in NYC) formed Biden crime family while CNN and MSNBC tell me everything that you can't say or do any longer.
  12. I eagerly await these updates each week to break up the monotony of watching the grass grow.
  13. I think you're right and that was my original thought but I wasn't sure if we were still allowed to call it that in an effort to not offend the chickens.
  14. Great news. That place has some long history. Used to have fence instead of glass when I played there. Damn, I'm old.......
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