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  1. That's false. The dates were officially changed weeks ago. Hosts needed to be confirmed for the new dates but the new dates were going to be used somewhere.
  2. There will be all sorts of new "restrictions on tryouts" I'm sure. Everything needs to be fair in today's world. However, you'll still have associations crying about not having ice that late and the amoebas will acquiesce to their whining and let them "go early".
  3. 18U/16U/14 AA divisions are still scheduled for playoffs on February 27-28 because......... as is their MO, the brain-trust of outdated geriatrics at MidAm have yet to and apparently aren't going to change the dates of the playdown events for Nationals despite the fact that Nationals themselves have been pushed back until the end of April. So, any local team that is headed to Nationals will have a "break" from March 8th - April 28th.
  4. With the NHL getting back to action right after the New Year and the stringent protocols that will be in place at the LeMieux Center, is there any way that any amateur games or practices take place there in the first 6 months of 2021?
  5. It's all good now Dr. McDuck. Vaccine being distributed and cases dropping each day. Get out there and live life the way you want to. This IS America!!!
  6. The link provided is the 2015 Futures draft. Here its is again. https://www.eliteprospects.com/draft/ushl-futures-draft/2015?nation=usa And to answer 2020, being drafted into the USHL (Futures or Regular) is actually a pretty serious accomplishment which is why I checked so thoroughly. All of his "insight" is predicated on this backstory which I believe to be fictitious.
  7. Your whole backstory is a sham. You know they have this thing called the internet, right? Plenty of ways to dispel false information.
  8. Nope. Not buying it. That is the Futures draft list for 99's.
  9. You've used this information numerous times in what I presume is your way of proving your "anonymous message board street cred" and I have looked over the USHL 2015 draft extensively and can't find any 99 that fits this description. There were a handful of 99's from here that were very good, most notably Logan Hutsko whose family moved to Toronto when he was like 11. He went on to Shattuck, the NTDP, was drafted by Florida and is still at BC. Liam Walsh went to Detroit early and played in the USHL for a few years and now at D1 Merrimack. Tanner Palocsik developed a little later and played
  10. For you and Dr. Quinlan maybe. Stay home, lock the doors and hope that Michael Myers doesn't pick your house.
  11. Let's not forget PIA. They "quietly went about their business" the entire shutdown. If I recall correctly, Ice Castle and Alpha did shutdown in March and April. Regardless, it sucks for everyone. Players, parents, coaches, refs and EMT's will all be affected greatly and if this extends past January it may force the closure of some rinks.
  12. The Nation's Cup annually pits US teams against Canadian teams. Considering the current border restrictions, if a company still had this scheduled I would say that someone should be relieved of their duties.
  13. Which is a great way to ensure that 90% of the membership never knows about the elections. They have the email address of EVERY member so shouldn't every member be notified of open positions and election dates/procedures? But then of course, they might not be able to protect their little empire from intruders.
  14. And oh by the way, they recently very discreetly added the President of the Penguins to the board.
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