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  1. Back then, they were so intent on segregating the two teams from each other that they actually made the black teams wear a different uniform. A cheaper more suitable uniform for the dregs of the organization.
  2. The point is that Danner is blowhard who lies about his kid's playing history and achievements. Yet despite being fact-checked and proven to be lying, he continues to pontificate on here as a PPE and Esmark lapdog. One can only speculate that it's because he wasn't even able to live out his dreams vicariously through his kids.
  3. It's just simply not feasible in this day and age due to one word. Lawsuits. If MidAm or USA hockey implemented something like this, they would be sued by the families and organizations as well as the rinks. The difference between Little League and Hockey is that the ball fields are far more prevalent and are managed by the community 95% of the time or more. Rinks are private businesses and limiting their available clients would seem to be some sort of infringement on them, doesn't it? This is even more true when you compare a 3 sheet facility like Center Ice vs Kirk Nevin. Is CI provided with
  4. 05 aka 16U Icemen will probably dissolve due to attrition and realization that they are awful and it sounds as though Lebo might be giving up the dream and playing Tier 2 this season.
  5. Odds at William Hill on an 06 AAA team actually happening Preds +250 Esmark +350 Icemen +750
  6. They begin the recruiting process when players are 6 and 7 years old. It's actually comical. You have these Coaches calling, texting and emailing parents and telling them how great their little superstar is.
  7. Freeze that is a hell of a review and seems spot on so my only question is how much money have you spent on private instruction?
  8. And the drills he used were about as useless as @#$% on a bull. He was paid to stick around and keep 71 happy. NONE of the drills he used were age appropriate. Most of them couldn't have been performed by high level 16U players and he was using them with 10, 12 and 14U players. If you were training for the Ice Capades he was a good option. He was preceded in this type of training by Besa Tsintsadze until he decided to do his flying Walenda act on the ice at Baierl and landed on a young players leg slicing through his shinguard and deep into his leg. The best skating instructors are f
  9. Yes. The Varsity team upset #1 seed Can Mac last night.
  10. Looks like Mt Lebo Board made a good decision in ridding themselves of the Klapper.
  11. This is all that needed to be said. The whole thing was a disaster.
  12. And faux USHL draftees are Faux as well. It's not stalking so much as a PSA to folks on here about your penchant for.... well..... distorting reality.
  13. Danner, just remember that your "Faux backstory" leaves you with very little credibility on here and the fact you say your kids have both moved on, your "insider knowledge" on things indicates your backstory is even more flawed than originally thought or you need a hobby.
  14. I've heard rumblings that Culver was playing games in Michigan and did not back out for any valid reason. Now, what will the good old boys at MidAm do if this is true.
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