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  1. I mean is that really considered a commitment? It's ACHA club hockey. Don't get me wrong, Ohio U is very strong club hockey but I was always under the impression that being committed was reserved for NCAA hockey. And regarding the two going to Ohio U, Esmark always uses their tag line of how many players that they get NAHL tenders for as a recruiting tool. Both of the Ohio U players received NAHL tenders. Words of advice to anyone offered a tender, DO NOT sign it. It means nothing. It will limit you to only being able to try out for that team only. If a team wants you, they will DRAFT you. Otherwise, keep your options open to attend 2 or 3 open camps.
  2. 2000's that remain at Esmark have had quite a run. Good to see Esmark break up the PPE party last year at 16's and at 18's this year.
  3. The only call in question was the one with 2 seconds left in the first period and the only reason it's in question is because it's out of the camera's shot. There's no way that play in front of the net warranted a 5 and a game. The original post from the Viper mom insinuated that this game was a circus from the outset and that just wasn't the case in the 1st period. The penalties were 4-2 and if that one call made the coach dump the sticks in the first period of the first game of a tournament, then he definitely needs the same thicker skin as some of the referees.
  4. What a great tool that the internet is. We were not there, but Livebarn is and so I went to the DVHL website to get the 14U schedule which showed this game being played at Iceworks at 9:00pm. I only needed to see the first 38 seconds to realize that your long winded post begins with false information. At the first whistle in front of the Blazer's goalie there was an altercation. However, your assessment that the refs were out to get your team and did nothing is a completely wrong. They assessed a player from your team a minor and either the player from the Blazers a double minor or two Blazer players each a minor. YOUR team had a power play 38 seconds in. The refs made calls on the very first net front stoppage of play. I would say THAT in itself is trying to let ALL the players know that they weren't going to let things get started. This basically eliminates any credibility to the remainder of your post.
  5. Apparently you don't have very good information Tank. Barons are in. Predators are out. MidAm strikes again. #flawedsystem
  6. Is that the only play-in game? Seems like 16's and 15's should probably have one as well. 14's is clear cut. Maybe it would just make sense to go back to the 8 team format. I understand that they are trying to avoid having teams that aren't competitive but at the 18's in particular, once you add in Culver and Gilmour there should be 8 qualified teams. This year, maybe not. Maybe only 7 but an 8 team format is much cleaner in the way it plays out.
  7. https://www.myhockeyrankings.com/rank.php?d=MM&y=2018&a=4&v=118 That is the link today's update for the 18U age group. Right now, the Preds trail the Barons by a mere 2 one hundredths of a point. The question is this, will MidAm force these two teams to play a play-in game to see who gets the 6th and final spot? It would seem only right since they set that precedent in 2017 when PPE Black Bantam Major team was forced to play a play-in game against Esmark even though they were separated by 1.72 points. See link below. https://www.myhockeyrankings.com/rank.php?y=2016&a=3&v=116
  8. Remember Jack, Lferg is the marketing rep for the PPE on here.
  9. I hope these two are both de-clawed.
  10. PIHL and PAHL are Hockey leagues. PIHO is a company that schedules refs for the leagues. PIHL uses them exclusively. PAHL does not. PAHL leaves the decision up to the individual member organizations as to whom schedules their officials for them.
  11. Wing eating contest with Brucey. Anyone beats Bruce, they get a full refund.
  12. Has anyone seen or heard from Rico? I guess his daddy told him to STFU?
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