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  1. dazedandconfused

    Pens Elite

    Has anyone seen or heard from Rico? I guess his daddy told him to STFU?
  2. dazedandconfused

    PAHL Rule Question

    It simply results in a defensive zone face-off. You can change players so what's the big deal? You can try to kill the penalty with either strategy, icing it or carrying it. Now, on the other hand, touch up offsides at 12U would be foolish. You would have many coaches teaching nothing but dump it in, take the offsides. The players at that age need to learn how to regroup and use their Defensemen or puck support players in the neutral zone.
  3. dazedandconfused

    Pens Elite

    I mean that is definitely within the realm of possibilities. That is the home of the ELITE Mites. That model and name is where 75% or more of the seeds of delusion are planted.
  4. dazedandconfused

    Pens Elite

    I'll bet "Rico" is Rico Day, son of Mid-Am President, Paul Day.
  5. Top 6 qualify for Districts. I don't know what the backstory is but apparently the Barons 15U team has been suspended from the T1EHL for the remainder of the season. Not sure if there are any USA Hockey or Mid-Am repercussions but it won't affect the top 6 in that age group.
  6. dazedandconfused

    Let’s talk about the Pittsburgh Vengeance

    Don't know any details of the game. Simply pointed out that they were being trashed all year and that maybe their roster decisions weren't horrible. 8/10, I doubt it. Maybe 6. Shots on goal can be misleading and the last time I checked they count EN goals. But hey, you sure are enjoying those sour grapes aren't you? Maybe I'll watch the game today on Livebarn and get all the answers.
  7. The sudden decline of the Barons organization is hard to believe. They were once a Mid-Am powerhouse. Are they losing a lot of players to PPE and Detroit now? The Blue Jackets aren't exactly world beaters either so it doesn't seem like they are the reason.
  8. dazedandconfused

    An examination of the Viper Stars

    You're obviously referring only to your son's age group which is the 05's and here is the only part of the question that I can provide facts about. 4 of the teams attended the Harborcenter tournament in September. 3 of the 4 qualified for the semis and the one that did not tied the eventual Tournament Champion in Pool play. So, I would say that yes they have had success in Tournaments. Here is the link to verify the FACTS. https://www.rinksatharborcenter.com/page/show/4493011-13u-aa?_ga=2.74960342.550831545.1544452121-1282676978.1536331085
  9. dazedandconfused

    An examination of the Viper Stars

    Facts that dispute their website message. That's all. If those facts make them "look bad" that has nothing to do with me posting them. You're upset that these are being posted and yet you imply that you have nothing to do with the organization and that you only know people that play there. If that's truly the case, then why are you the defender of all?
  10. dazedandconfused

    An examination of the Viper Stars

    Other than the last sentence which is an opinion, did I bash them or simply provide facts?
  11. Now remember what these teams were proposed to be and in case you've forgotten, here it is. NHAHA's Tier II Hockey Program The Pittsburgh Viper Stars Tier II select hockey program provides a fun, healthy and competitive atmosphere in which players can strive to be their best. As part of the North Hills Amateur Hockey Association, and in conjunction with the program’s Pittsburgh Vipers and Esmark Stars Tier I AAA Hockey program, the Viper Stars will bridge the gap between elite Tier I hockey and house/rec hockey. The Viper Stars program will offer Tier I level training opportunities currently not provided to most Tier II players and programs. We look to achieve these goals by providing experienced coaching, innovative training and the appropriate practice to game ratio. The focus of the Viper Stars program will be to develop elite athletes that compete at the Tier II level from the regular season to the National Championships Results thus far: U18 - PAHL A Major - winless and last place U16 - defunct in August leaving 10-12 players searching for a home with no prior warning U14 - PAHL AA Major - 2-6-1 with 24 GF and 45 GA U13 - Independent - 6th out of 6 Ranked Tier 2 2005 teams in Pittsburgh - https://www.myhockeyrankings.com/rank.php?s=PA&y=2018&a=3&v=125 U12 - PAHL AA - last place U11 - PAHL A Major - 12th place/ 16 teams So the name changed but the product is basically the same as the Selects.
  12. dazedandconfused

    Pens Elite

    You sign an agreement that states and I'm paraphrasing, you will do nothing that interferes with PPE hockey. I've seen it. I've signed it.
  13. dazedandconfused

    Pens Elite

    It's not a season until the Squirts get their panties in a bunch but in all seriousness, doesn't the USA Hockey ADM LTAD (long term athlete development) use multiple sports as one of their guiding principles? And by the way, the BEST 07 is clear cut and playing on the 06 team and is pretty dominant at that age group so you can all lay that argument to rest right now.
  14. dazedandconfused

    Pens Elite

    So we've put two months plus of the season behind us so the rankings are theoretically starting to find their level. With all of the hoopla about the PPE including best players, best coaching, excel academy and blah, blah, blah why aren't these teams ranked higher across the board? U18 is behind Esmark. U16 is the team built for the Golden child and Coached by the Golden Coach yet can't break the top 10. 15's have crept into top 10 so that's a plus. 14's brought in half of a new team from all over the world and are below .500. 05's just cracked the top 20. 06 Quebec Team looks solid. 07's are a mess. 08's are below another local team and 09's are meaningless. Then you look at the AA teams and whoah, what the hell are people spending all the money for? I guess just the ability to brag to their friends.
  15. dazedandconfused

    Let’s talk about the Pittsburgh Vengeance

    They lost some good players to PPE but you also can't have the same coach with the same players for their whole careers. That's a major reason those players departed.