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  1. Glad we didn't waste our money on this one. One local AA team, a high School prep team, an 18uAAA team and a top 5 18uAA team in the 18uAA final 4. Wow, what a shocker!
  2. Please post the 18AA schedule so we have something to watch this weekend
  3. Had the call with MidAm last night. They aren't changing the date of the MidAms... Then got an email from Darcee and the PAHL- they aren't changing their playoff dates either. So good luck to all of you rescheduling your games at the AA level. We have 16 games to play between now and 2/22, and 6 to reschedule. A big thank you to these entrenched orgs.
  4. I am so tired of the MidAm bureaucracy. Same old $hit as the PAHL. No fresh faces can ever get into any of those organizations to provide a fresh prospective. I really hope the MidAm keeps their dates as-is so that it F's up everyone's schedules. That would be fitting of such a prestigious group. I actually think it's harder to volunteer/work for MidAm than it is to run for public office.
  5. Can games be rescheduled the weekend of Feb 27/28?? in otherwords are the PAHL playoffs bumped back??
  6. Complete stupidity. Might as while make a rule that every team in a tourney gets a banner, trophy, and medals. So glad this is our last year of youth hockey.
  7. And if you're a female and are on PPE and don't go to SSA, then you don't stay on PPE for long either unless you've got deep pockets and are lovey dovey with certain PPE personnel.
  8. This doesn't surprise me a bit... PPE are very self serving. Why look out for the kids best interests?? I know of at least one other local org (non AAA) that screws kids/families like that. It's a bunch of BS. If the kids aren't happy, then go away. Last thing I would do is force them to stay and pay. But then again money making isn't my first objective in hockey like some other teams who screw people.
  9. My team would be travelling to play this weekend if I could find a tourney within 6 hours of Pgh, but there are none. So we will have to wait. I have no problem with anyone travelling for hockey right now.
  10. Good lord, we’re still debating cases here? 🤮
  11. I sure hope not. This is one of the only sports still active for kids.
  12. I want to see one of these commies come and arrest me for not wearing a mask outside my house. Talk about potential a supreme court case...
  13. You're quoting VOX? A left website? Please. https://www.allsides.com/news-source/vox-news-media-bias
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