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  1. I hope you are right! Sure not what I have been told about previous camps! And how about the new selection process for 17U. Nominations were reviewed by Tier 1 Coaches. They decided who got invitations! How many Tier 2 kids did they invite? No idea what they used for criteria! Such a joke but typical MidAm stuff! Oh and if you were nominated once before and went to their camp you got an automatic invite! Who cares if you got better or worse!
  2. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vTFnQgauuEVnYe-NRDpMi8V8B_yJHxCaCTJf7yFkVXHre2vMmuEZpMBLeQC7cqzOoct1LRs5yqimECT/pubhtml I forgot about the PAHL Clearinghouse. This is a great place to look for a team. All the Orgs should use it.
  3. I heard that Tier 1 coaches are the evaluators and it is pretty much of a predetermined list. Everyone wears their colors and are easily tied to their organizations. But it is a good chance for some kids to be seen.
  4. HAHA, especially if it gave them an automatic spot on the 66ers. Their elite mites! But then they would have to tryout for Pens Elite Learn to Skate.
  5. This thread has really gotten off track. I was really hoping that organizations would post as South Pittsburgh did hoping to fill teams. Instead it has digressed to a why teams are no longer happening. I'm to blame for that as well as I asked some questions. Can we get back on track? Maybe start a new thread for why things are the way they are! Anybody know how the smaller orgs tryouts went. Mon Valley, Beaver Badgers, Westmoreland. etc. They should post positions they might need to round out teams.
  6. OK, so what is a Q. I'm starting to think that I am really not with it!
  7. Any idea where the declines went? Hopefully some organization in need of a player will see this and get a hold of you. I would email or call the orgs near you to see who might have room.
  8. That makes sense considering that Mt Lebo did not have a 16UAA team last year. I believe their 16UA team was pretty good. I know their 18UAA team was very good! I know people in the South don't like to go North so I couldn't figure out where those kids from SP went, Will be interesting to see how many 18UAA teams play in PAHL this year. There were 9 last year.
  9. 11 declines sounds like more than a few! From what I am reading it sounds like less than half of the team would have been holdovers and the other half would be new players! The big problem is when kids tryout and have no intention of playing for that team if picked. What I still don't understand is why those 11 declined after the phone call from the coach. Something just doesn't add up. Is there more to the story? The other thing I don't understand is why they just didn't keep last years team intact! How many new players did they need?
  10. So where did they move on to? Did they go somewhere as a group? I would think that the core group of that team would have stayed intact! Did the kids who declined first accept? Something there sounds fishy to me!
  11. So where did they move on to? I would think that the core group of that team would have stayed intact! Did the kids who declined first accept? Something there sounds fishy to me!
  12. Do you know if those 11 declines went together somewhere as a team? Seems like a really high number! Did you have your tryouts to early? I'm starting to agree with the idea that if you are trying out for a AA or AAA team and make it your commitment fee is automatically cashed. Would save from a lot of kids who are there for the ice time.
  13. Should we have a thread with players looking for teams? I think the Badgers and North Pittsburgh are finishing up their tryouts this week. I wonder how many teams still need a few players to round out their teams and how many players haven't found a team yet.
  14. Wow, this does seem like a really bizarre tryout season! I wonder where the bulk of the Rebellion kids went. The 06 team was a really solid group. Did they go as a group somewhere? I know the Viper Stars were trying to put together a team out of Alpha and had supplemental tryouts yesterday. Did they take some of the Rebellion players? How many players did the Rebellion need? How many players did they leave without a team?
  15. I figured it's about time to start this thread. I know there are a few teams looking for players. This might be a good place to start! Organizations can list what they are looking for and who to contact for information.
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