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  1. I thought you guys ran a great tournament. Everything ran smooth from what I saw and kids got to play a whole lot of games. Well worth the money and time. Thanks for providing the kids with a place to play and bringing in some good outside teams.
  2. Canevin looks to be right there. Overtime loss to Ringgold and game coming up with Carrick should tell a lot.
  3. Hey Tourney Guy, who do we need to call to get the Live Barn opened up for the Tournament this weekend?
  4. You would think MidAm would update their website!! It seriously is the worst! Whoever is in charge of the website should resign and be replaced by someone who cares.
  5. Just heard a rumor that MidAms have been changed to April 16-18. Anybody else hear that rumor or can confirm it?
  6. Is it mostly local teams or were you able to draw some out of state interest?
  7. Sounds great! Glad to hear you guys are getting Hockey going again.
  8. Is your tournament still a go? Do you need any additional teams? Will there be a site with tournament information and schedules? Would assume live barn will be back up by then.
  9. Wow just looked at MidAm website. Nationals scheduled for April 29 to May 3rd! That's a big break if Districts are even the first weekend of March.
  10. So how do we verify which one of these statements are true?
  11. Wow, MidAm must be really out of touch! So tryouts can't occur till after Nationals right? Can't remember exactly how many days after!
  12. We will probably see some crazy scores as teams get back into the flow. I bet there were some teams that practiced through the 3 weeks and some that had nothing at all going on. I'm sure it will sort itself out in 2 to 3 weeks. Hopefully we can keep it going and get through this crazy season.
  13. Is your employer someone special who knows the Governor and Health Secretary? We only thought people were mad about these restrictions. It will be a lot worse if it continues!
  14. Why make those types of changes? I really don't like those first 2 rule changes. Can someone explain the logic behind those changes? Certainly does not speed up the game.
  15. So the teams out East have not played any games yet? They are being ranked on prior reputation and players returning?
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