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  1. Can't wait to hear the back story on this one! Who's the owner? Fun, fun, fun!
  2. Why is there no info on the PIHL site that directs you to the Girls playoffs. Their site was much better the first 2 years. I guess I will just have to dig for the info!
  3. Looks to me like Esmark dumped them! They must not be getting any money from Esmark!
  4. Wow, I guess we should all just get out of Hockey! Try to talk our kids into a different sport and just shut it down in South Western Pa.
  5. So who is this Coach we speak about? You can just tell us the school! I would think more than one shorten their bench as needed!
  6. There seems to be a whole lot of jealousy out there when it comes to Esmark and particularly Yuri. But then again it seems that most people who come here have an ax to grind with someone. All organizations get bashed at some point! But then again that's human nature.
  7. Is the old Empire West League still around? What is the current Best Tier 1 League? I don't care about what's old and what WAS better competition! I just think it is good that there is an option after Pens Elite in Pittsburgh that can compete and sometimes beat the Pens Elite. There is only one Shattuck St Marys who can claim to be the best!
  8. Did you have that experience with Yuri? Did your kid not make the team or get cut after the teams were set? 16U &18U are big boy hockey. Esmark is in it to win it. Want the 18 best players they can find!
  9. Don't know the Pens Coaches but I would have to say that Yuri & Kosick at Esmark have to be doing something right as their 16 & 18U teams are consistently competitive and beat the Pens sometimes. The coach of the 06 independent SHAHA AAA team might have been the best of the bunch. Not sure of his name but b put together really good teams up to last year. I think the 18U Esmark team has 8 or 9 kids tendered to Junior teams!
  10. Rumor has it Organizations are making promises to try and entice players! Anybody hear of this or having commitment fees waived?
  11. I'm thinking you should have started a new thread for this one! I'll start one!
  12. Care to tell us who those 2 are without us having to look them up? Are they both Pens Elite 18U last year? Thanks in advance!
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