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  1. Sounds like they have a lot of work to do! They will probably shut it down after Hockey season to get as much done as they can. Sure would like to see the budget for repairs on the old rink! Anybody know what it cost to put the sheet in at Hunt Armory?
  2. Pretty sure they are already doing some of that with Covestro! I thought I heard that they are trying to improve the Boards to make them safer!
  3. Agreed, In it's day that was a really nice setup. I think I watched some college games from that bar in the early 2000's. Fun times!
  4. Based on them buying Rostraver it doesn't seem like they are real worried about it being a good investment or not!
  5. "The Allegheny Hockey Association - HOME OF THE BADGERS - is an all volunteer, non-profit, amateur youth hockey association which was organized in 1992" Per their website!
  6. Badgers are listed as a "Controlled Club" whatever that means! No one has cared to share that info!
  7. Don't think you will ever get the Local AAA teams to play each other! Too much to lose and not much to gain! Maybe AHF could force them to play each other. Isn't AHF mainly Tier II?
  8. I wonder if they had conversations with South Pittsburgh about joining the AHF! Seems they would be a logical fit!
  9. They list the Badgers as a "Controlled Club" What does that mean? Wasn't Delmont the first rink they bought in Western Pa? Seems like they are very methodical in what they are doing. My guess is South Pittsburgh will be next year! There will be a power struggle with Esmark but at the end of the day they will be in the fold as well and have a Tier II component. They need enough teams to form an AHF west division. It most likely will co-exist with PAHL for a few years then separate. The PAHL will still exist but with fewer organizations. Just my thoughts and predictions. It does seem that every rink they bought has made significant improvements.
  10. OK, which Barons team we talking about? If it's 06 I'm pretty sure there were at least 4 kids from PPE that played with them last year. Not sure about this year! I think maybe 2 and a goalie!
  11. Great response, Wish I would have known that 5 years ago. How old do you think is to old to have that evaluation done?
  12. How long before the AHF comes to Western Pa with programs at all the Black Bear owned rinks? Would they be able to do both PAHL and AHF or will BB make them play AHF? Stay tuned! How many rinks in Western PA does BB need to make the AHF a reality in SW PA.
  13. Lucky 17, Did you check into the Predators? That is some great research. They all should put their info out. I can't find anything on the Preds. Seems like maybe they have a lot to hide with all their "Faux AAA" teams that are usually out of the playoffs by December!
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