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1st Year Checking Documentary

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I have had a lot of inquiries about our film around the rinks - so here is a link to keep an eye on it's progress.

Thanks to everyone who let us put a camera on them this year (home and away).



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Interested in watching this. When do you expect it to be finished?

I grew up playing when checking was introduced at the peewee level. Being a little guy (until I shot up at 15) I "got my bell rang" way too many times to count. However, I think the advancements in gear and the emphasis on teaching these kids how to do it properly has made a difference. You're never going to be able to get over the gap of kids being different sizes unless its segregated based on height and weight which is completely absurd. 

I had the opportunity to watch a 10U game in MN this past season. It was part of the Minnesota Made Choice Hockey Super Checking league where they teach checking at the squirt level. I'll be honest....it worked. Now, obviously my observation on this was only based on a single 45 minute game, but the kids seemed better prepared to take the hit and there wasn't any instance of a kid charging or violently checking. It was more reserved. Maybe teaching it at younger age resonates with them better than it does with a pre-teen with hormones flowing through them.

I am 100% against pushing back the checking age to 16U or 18U. I think that would be the most damaging thing this sport could do.

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Thanks Forbin -

It is finished, but the first route is for us to try to get into film festivals.  Most of which are not looking for something like this but you never know.  

Soon after we find out about the festivals, we may have a screening here in Pittsburgh and then get it on a streaming service.  

Then I will bring it to you driveway and play it. 

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