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  1. Pretty sure its implying a player who slams his stick off the boards in anger over a call or something. I highly doubt a stick tap on the boards over an injured player would be taken as a bench minor.
  2. My 2013 son loves playing at RMU. We also live in Canonsburg. I hated everything about the way things were run at Southpointe (learn to play program, not Rink Rats) so we decided to check out RMU. SO glad we did. The summer 3V3 is great. $99 for 10 games. Games on Sunday afternoons. They break the mites into 4 tiers based on skill. Some of the in house teams stick together for the summer, some (like my sons team) are formed from individual players who's in house teams did not have enough interested players, and then there are some other teams from outside organizations like South Hills Panthers etc. Overall the games have been close. Cross ice and goalies in full gear. Scores like 7-4, 9-6. My son is really enjoying it and because he is younger and less skilled I truly think he is benefiting from playing "up" so to speak. He scored twice yesterday too actually. You might want to give them a call, I believe there are some teams in tier 1 and 2 that have openings.
  3. Excuse the ignorance as my kid is still a mite however we were watching a PAHL PeeWee game today and something happened that confused me. Team A took a minor penalty and while on the penalty kill they cleared the puck all the way down the ice. As Team B was going to retrieve it the linesman blew the whistle and called it icing. The faceoff came all the way back and was in Team A’s defensive zone. I was confused but figured maybe he forgot it was a power play and accidently called icing and I chalked it up to that. Until it happened another 6 times in the span of the 2 minute infraction. Not one single parent or coach said or did anything. This was my first time watching a PAHL game so I am asking is this normal? I mean WTF? What would be the purpose of doing this? It slowed the game down and made no sense to me. Calling icing on the short handed team during a penalty kill. First time in my 30 years of watching hockey I’ve ever seen it.
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