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  1. Excuse the ignorance as my kid is still a mite however we were watching a PAHL PeeWee game today and something happened that confused me. Team A took a minor penalty and while on the penalty kill they cleared the puck all the way down the ice. As Team B was going to retrieve it the linesman blew the whistle and called it icing. The faceoff came all the way back and was in Team A’s defensive zone. I was confused but figured maybe he forgot it was a power play and accidently called icing and I chalked it up to that. Until it happened another 6 times in the span of the 2 minute infraction. Not one single parent or coach said or did anything. This was my first time watching a PAHL game so I am asking is this normal? I mean WTF? What would be the purpose of doing this? It slowed the game down and made no sense to me. Calling icing on the short handed team during a penalty kill. First time in my 30 years of watching hockey I’ve ever seen it.
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