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  1. That's straight up robbery. No wonder people choose to play elsewhere.
  2. Is this true? I always assumed it was just "recommended". Is the Excel program included in the season fees for 16U and 18U PPE players?
  3. Strictly financially speaking, the Excel grade school and middle school programs are actually not a bad deal at all. I have no idea how the on ice instruction is though. From a developmental standpoint I think that private/small group sessions are awesome for developing individual skills and should be utilized by all level of players from house league to AAA. Just like all kids should be shooting pucks in the driveway everyday, or doing dryland training exercises. But I definitely agree with @BACKCHECKING that the more games a kid plays the better chance he has to develop his hockey IQ and his teamwork skills. You simply cannot replicate game type scenarios during a private lesson. We have talked about this subject at length here how todays players are all individually skilled, but severely lacking in the team play aspect of the game. Both sides of the player needs to be developed, and early on because bad habits are formed very easily at the mite/squirt/peewee levels.
  4. Not wrong in the slightest. We all know there is a great deal of politics with youth hockey. PPE squirts is 90% Lil 66ers, PPE peewee is 95% PPE squirts and so on. It's just common sense.
  5. I personally would absolutely rather see my sons team play a harder schedule and go .500 than win every game 9-0. Losing builds character and makes you humble. If that means having to go independent then so be it. I honestly have zero affiliation with the Preds and have bashed them just as much as the next guy on this site, but I really don't see a problem with a couple of their teams going independent.
  6. We know. We all know this, but unfortunately for you not all of us have kids that old yet and this is a forum for discussion. Therefore discussion of younger birth years will take place.
  7. I have to have a team? I don't. But if I did it would be an independent team full talented players and like minded people. And I don't see a single thing wrong with that. Let's agree to disagree on this and that's fine. Limited ice time, 3-4 teams sharing the ice for practice or only getting 20 minutes of full ice time per week, dad coaches who only focus on their own kid, uninformed parents who have never played hockey in their lives running the show, organizations having SIX squirt and peewee teams because they refuse to cut anyone are reasons why I look elsewhere.
  8. Just to play devils advocate here, there are people who spend $30k or way more a year on clothes and shoes, or hobbies like hunting and fishing, or on eating out at restaurants for God's sake so what exactly is the difference if they choose to spend it on their kid playing hockey? I guess I'm in the minority of people here who don't mind teams going independent, mainly because I have been around and involved with PAHL for over 30 years and I can totally see why people are sick of it. I also love the traveling part of playing hockey because it's what I grew up doing. My kid loves it too. I personally would rather spend my weekend driving to NY to play 2-4 games against teams you wouldn't otherwise play, do some other "sight seeing" stuff, stay in a hotel, eat at some good local restaurants, and throw back a few whiskey sours with the other dads, than drive to Westmoreland for a 9am game on a Sunday. Then again, everyone's lives and financially situation is different so I completely understand the other point of view. I make a comfortable living to support that type of thing without the financial stress, and I am fortunate enough to have a job where I am able to get the "honey do" list done during the week. Yes, all roads lead to beer league. There likely isn't a single person on this board with a child who will play hockey professionally, but the argument that it's a waste of money to play at the highest level you can is a stupid one in my opinion. A busy kid is a good kid. A kid whos traveling for hockey every weekend is likely a kid who isn't getting into trouble otherwise. That's it. Carry on. P.s. the younger BY Preds teams all look very strong. This trend of going independent will not stop. *Steps off soapbox*
  9. Not really, I just see that they haven't won a game yet, or even come close to winning one and are ranked 40th out of 42.. I wouldn't be too thrilled about it if that was my kids team. Then again they are all first year squirts and its a learning process.
  10. I am guessing the 11 Vengeance parents are not happy. As well as the 12 Foxes....yikes!
  11. Without trying to out him here, yes he played esmark U16 and varsity PIHL. He is an undersized D man. I'd say he was upper middle of the pack but a really smart player. He went to tryouts, made the team and he has some family close to the town he plays in so it worked out. His dad isn't naive to think that his kid will play past these next couple of years, but they have the coin and his kid loves to play so they are making it work.
  12. USPHL ages out at 21. Tuition is around $10k for most clubs. Some clubs cover housing in that cost, some don't. My coworkers son is on his second year with a USPHL team after playing esmark/pihl and doing online college. He's having a great time and knows it likely wont lead to anything but beer league after.
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