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  1. That clearly says there are no plans to lift the restrictions PRIOR to Jan 4th and that they are meeting to discuss what will happen on and after the 4th.
  2. Aren't the majority of our area rinks privately owned? Can you imagine the future landscape of WPA youth hockey if even just a few of those rinks go under? You'd have to think that those organizations would be absorbed into others, which would limit the amount of kids they could place on teams due to available ice, etc.... Yikes.
  3. I am trying to be extremely optimistic about Jan 4th, but I can't help but feel like our kids wont play until middle of February at the earliest. Sure the cases may go down from now until the 4th, but you can bet on them rising again around the 10th of January (approx 2 weeks after Christmas) when people really start noticing symptoms. My pessimism for this has resulted in me purchasing synthetic ice for my basement. Not a very big area, but at least it keeps my kid skating a bit and shooting. I can't take another 3-4 months of him being depressed about not playing.
  4. I mean every thread on here turns into a PPE thread, so you might as well finish your sales pitch.
  5. PPE is more expensive than esmark especially when you factor in the cost of the excel program, because lets be honest here if you don't do excel, you don't make the team.
  6. Not defended the Preds because I have zero affiliation with them whatsoever, BUT the direction from the PAHL is only that league games and jamborees are suspended. Says nothing about practices and team events.
  7. RMU will add kids to their lower in-house levels around this time of year. Usually, those kids are graduates from the fall session of their learn to play hockey program, but I have also seen some outside kids be evaluated by one of the directors and allowed to join at a discounted price. That being said, with roster restrictions this year because of covid, I am not sure they will be doing that. Would your child be in the intermediate or advanced level at UPMC? If not, I would look at the winter session of learn to play hockey at RMU. It starts in January. I would suggest using the rest of
  8. The mite in-house program at RMU is the largest in the area and Blaine and Bob do a fantastic job running it. They offer four teams at each level from Tier 6 to Tier 1 (which are the travel Red and White teams). My son started at 5 years old there and progressed from tier 6 to 3 to 1 (red), then finally his last year of mites was with the Lil 66ers at UPMC. I regret leaving for UPMC during his final year of mites as I preferred the practices and power skating at RMU much more, and we obviously weren’t with the “in crowd” at UPMC. My son ended up missing playing with his buddies at RMU. My onl
  9. @hockeyisgreat Where were you? Because all PAHL ADM jams this season only have 4 teams. Look at the website. I am naively optimistic that we can get through this coming weekend and hopefully thanksgiving tournament weekend. I could see PAHL halting play until after Christmas. Hopefully the rinks can still stay open for practices during that time.
  10. ADM games can only have 2 games at once this season. 4 teams total and only parent per player. Around 80 total people on the ice and in the stands. I gave my kid the choice of wearing a mask while playing or not play at all. He chose the mask. Everything will be shut down again soon anyway. Just trying to get ice time while we still can.
  11. I think most everyone in WPA is under the mentality of get it while you can and keep things as "normal" as possible. My sons team has games scheduled in OH and a tournament in NY.
  12. I don't think PPE "requires" NC and excel at the 14U,15O,16U levels but I am positive it helps your chances out tremendously for making the roster. As does daddy's pockets... I think the new "prep" team is the only one that you have to attend NC for. Someone please correct me if I am wrong
  13. 1 on Penn State played for PPE. 2 on Mercyhurst both played for PPE. 1 on Bowling Green played for PPE. There is definitely a trend here...
  14. He's saying with the NHL aiming for a January 2021 start, the UPMC complex will likely be closed starting in December for training camp. Meaning, PPE will not have a home rink.
  15. My assumption would be that they do not want to be scrutinized for their "questionable" social distancing practices.
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