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  1. Guess I'll wait for someone to post the players number and team here.
  2. If you watch them play, it's clear 28 is the guy. 18 is very good as well, just tough when you are limiting it to 6 across all schools. Just speculating here, but hard to believe 28 doesn't land in the USHL or NAHL next season. 18 will probably return to peters and likely be in the stellar 6 next season.
  3. Damn that's a shame. Always hear about some of the great venues teams travel to for nationals, and these players will wrap up their youth careers at delmont.
  4. Would be interesting to look at the numbers to see where some of the Western PA schools would fall if they were in the east. I'd think a handful of AAA schools here would land in single A over there.
  5. I'm no PPE fan, but I'd say the at large bids they got this year were all justified.
  6. I was simply trying to point out how people are quick to jump on the "nobody cares about HS hockey theme". HS hockey isn't an overly high level here, but the kids still care a ton (even the AAA ones). If you watched any of the hockey over the past 2 days it's pretty apparent that the AAA guys were out there to play and not just going through the motions.
  7. Some of the parents here are pretty damn funny. The defense by the Montour parents was that noone cares enough to cheat in HS hockey. Then they were outraged when they didn't get to compete for something "they didn't care about". Armstrong parent runs their mouth about how great winning the pens cup will be. Then backtracks after losing saying that noone cares about pens cup and all that matters is states.
  8. I'd probably rule out alpha as it's not any closer to the city than baierl or southpointe. There are lots of options in the south. You never know from year to year, but on a general basis I'd say you are more likely to run into crazy parents at the preds than with shaha or mt lebanon. Foxes would be a good option north of the city.
  9. Do you have a general area you are looking to move to? That would help narrow down the options right away
  10. I agree. Pretty wild to think their Head Coach fired for "poor performance". Then was rehired and won states, and is now in a decent position to do it again.
  11. I haven't seen much of USC this year, but just checked out the numbers from the regular season. Looks like they might not need all their players, just the right 3 players.
  12. I 100% think the icemen should just rebrand as the snowmen. Love the idea haha -Snowbucket
  13. No idea if there is any truth to this. But if true it's pretty wild that Montour cheats and all the parents do everything they can to defend it. McCort cheats and gets away with it, just to have their own parents turn them in.
  14. I'd recommend you copy and paste that quote a few more times. Seems you only posted it 3 times in the last hour and a true Montour backer would have put it up at least 5-10 times.
  15. Nice try, but if you look back through many of my posts ive actually leaned much more anti SV. Peters has the best run program/coaching and also has the player base to back it up. Cant imagine anyone knocks them off but I'd still like to see good competitive games. I'm probably a Peters parent as well according to you
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