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  1. I always feel like baierl is one of the most well kept rinks in the area when I'm up there. To think that baierl and alpha used to be identical is wild now with how rough alpha is.
  2. I don't necessarily expect the preds to be the top team. But basing it on games already played, they have been competitive with teams who will likely be near the top. All you can really go by for now. As you said, time will tell.
  3. I think you mean shaha and not preds. Preds have a very solid AA group
  4. While I agree that people will leave to chase the extra A regardless of what PAHL does, I can also say that I know they have driven good AA players away. I know of at least a dozen players who were perfectly content to play local AA hockey, but instead played on subpar AAA teams because of the fair play point system. It has essentially turned PAHL into a non-contact league for fear of losing points for a ref making a judgement call and giving a 2 and 10. For anyone who would like to play either juniors or club hockey, it's hard to play non-contact through all of bantam and midget and then have to learn how to take a hit by a full grown man.
  5. I'm not saying that Esmark isn't a legit AAA team at u18, but hard to make the early comparison to PPE and think Esmark is better. Esmark has played mostly weak opponents and PPE has lost to powerhouse programs.
  6. I'd think alpha will force everyone to use their guys at a fair rate for this season, then will jack up the price year after year. Those clubs won't have any other option aside from trying to find ice at another rink.
  7. As goofy as it sounds, I think it was for items like pucks, bottles, helmets, and gloves. I know there are a lot of teams who play out of alpha that don't get uniforms from them so not sure if that was part of it too
  8. This doesn't surprise me at all. A couple friends who have kids who play HS there said Alpha did the same thing last year. If they didn't buy their team supplies and equipment from house o hockey, Alpha wouldn't sell them ice.
  9. SV has had a coaching problem for a while now. Almost always have top end talent but are badly outmatched against schools like Peters when it comes to coaching.
  10. I saw Canon Mac had a long running post up looking for a new varsity coach. Hopefully they found someone qualified and the new guy can turn it around. Another down year this season would likely bump them down to AA.
  11. Yea the new coach is a great guy and I wish him luck. Still kind of a shock to see them knock off two AAA teams though. I know they have gone through a lot of coaches during their freefall from AAA to AA to A. I'd bet he will have them back in AA sooner than later.
  12. Most of these results seem in line with what would be expected, but quite shocking that butler knocked off BP and Latrobe dominated Canon Mac
  13. Alpha is well known for cutting corners on just about everything they do. However, it's still a much better facility than places like frozen pond or PIA.
  14. That thing is going to be a mess. I'd be surprised if they make it through the whole season without folding
  15. They probably just stole the boards from the the no good new ken rink 😂
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