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  1. I thought maybe one of the teams was playing an illegal goalie
  2. I'd think by now most everyone has decided on new coaches for next season. Anyone know who all landed where? Here is what I know of but I know there are a bunch I'm missing. Peters Twp - Promoted Assistant Coach to Head Seneca Valley - Promoted Assistant Coach to Head Central Catholic - Previous SV Varsity Head Coach
  3. I'm about 90% sure overqualified is the BC coach, so I can only assume that was a brag about himself beating up on the open division
  4. I have no problem giving him all the credit if he can do something at central. I hope he does well there as the more good teams at AAA is better for everyone.
  5. How closely did you read those contracts you guys signed? Knowing the owners history, it's safe to assume he planned on screwing people over from the start. He probably snuck something in there where you guys owe him money every time you lace them up 😂
  6. Why not just go out and watch local men's league games? It's as good a level of hockey or better and you just might see a scrap or two. Plus you can probably bring your own beer most places and not catch any hell for it
  7. There is a reason why so many hockey players develop hip issues later in life
  8. The level of play at a good u16AA tournament is certainly better than that of a u15AA tournament. If USA jumped on board and held u15 tier 2 nationals it might change the landscape, but until then play on the best team you can and take two legitimate cracks at nationals
  9. If only the 09 parents were smart enough to realize the best option is to mix with AA 08s. U15 tier 2 is just silly
  10. Last I checked, players aren't out here changing their birth years. So 09s are a problem because it's the same parents year after year.
  11. They can just play men's league. The better beer leagues around here are a higher level of hockey anyway
  12. For the most part yes, but as far as I know the coach who makes the most is at one of the smallest schools in the area. Obviously I don't know what everyone makes; I can only assume he's at the top as it's a massive number
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