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  1. Based on the scores, it would seem as though Pierre Creamer could have coached them. This will only make sense to folks who followed hockey before the 1991 Cup Championship.
  2. Why would a supplemental tryout be necessary? To fill the team or to actually field a team?
  3. Didn't realize all of the teams were co-op in that division. My mistake.
  4. Gonna have to disagree with you here Hoser. Not sure how a co-op team is allowed to participate at Nationals. Not trying to crap on the kids but the adults screwed the pooch on this one. From top to bottom.
  5. You are. Not funny. Besides, if you're in need of the hockey scholarship to play AAA hockey here are two things to consider 1) How do you plan to pay for the other expenses? 2) Have you considered another sport or just rec hockey?
  6. The problem that I see though is that a lot of these organizations have multiple people making really good money. There are presidents, hockey directors at each level, skills directors, and more titles that squeeze even more money out of the families than necessary. And let’s not kid ourselves…a lot of coaches and directors are making more than $500-$1,000 per kid. This is the most accurate statement that has ever been written and it sums up at least two local organizations and it fits the big one to a T.
  7. https://www.cbssports.com/general/news/stanford-usc-georgetown-coaches-among-50-indicted-in-college-admissions-cheating-scandal/ When you read this story all the way to the end, you see it may have ties the IMG Academy. Just the first of what you can be sure will be many scandals like this when you mix for profit business with education and athletics.
  8. Anyone with a pulse. Save YO money and spend it on a camp that isn't run by a corrupt and outdated enterprise.
  9. Likely, but that was the sentiment last year and the 16's choked it away against Esmark. I just don't think you can measure the extra incentive a team can muster in a one game Final and you know Yuri will have his troops prepared.
  10. You have to be joking about both of these programs at the 06 level. Do you think the Preds or SHAHA are going to drive across town instead? Esmark at the Midget level, yes. Icemen at any level is probably not the answer.
  11. The other question is, how and why did the Mt Lebanon rink end up with both the 14UAA Major and Minor divisions?
  12. List of playoff champions by association. 20 different associations won playoff banners. Many of the smaller associations were represented on this list so that's good for the game.
  13. How do they assign the officials for each game and how do they decide who wears the stripes? Is it based on merit or the old buddy system?
  14. Just out of curiosity, why did you decide to compare the 08 teams when the poster was promoting the 09 team? With that said, Columbus, Cleveland and Buffalo can all be made into day trips if you get the hosting teams to work with you and in return you do the same for them. Galactic Ice is home to a PAHL organization so I'd hardly count that as a travel tournament. Unfortunately, the aversion of local organizations to schedule games against each other is a problem for the growth of the sport in this city.
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