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  1. Speaking of tournaments, has anyone registered for any Hockeytime events in Pittsburgh this season? If so, you may be inclined to contact them and see what city they plan to ship you off to instead of Pittsburgh. The reason being that several teams that I know families with players on, had their event next weekend moved to different cities such as Detroit, South Bend and Cleveland. It's also been rumored that the Black Bear group will not sell them any ice in town so do your due diligence.
  2. Wow!! The Luftansa Heist looks like a child's play compared to these guys.
  3. Silly, huh? Like there's any more than 20 percent of topics and posts on here that someone couldn't consider silly. I mean we're all alleged adults and we do what we do on here in regard to a youth sport. It could all be construed as silly. Yet, there's always that group of folks who doesn't want you to look over here or talk about "topic A" but rather let's talk about topic B instead.
  4. I don't think it can be referred to as "left" when you are banned from the place of business where the team practices and plays. Why the desire to bury the truth may I ask? Karma finally came calling as it always does.
  5. Not surprising if you consider CC hasn't had winning season in ?? 5 years?
  6. Spoken like a parent of of the families that left and went to Esmark. Let's see how they enjoy it when the Igor and Sergei are getting all the PT and Johnny and Joey get to watch.
  7. Look over here everyone, look what we're doing for diversity in hockey. Pay no mind to the 10 years and counting for those folks who were told the old Mellon Arena site would be redeveloped to help their community. You think they care about an ice rink that's 3 bus rides away? Me thinks they'd much rather have what they were promised.
  8. It's never coming back unfortunately. Good on those students for using their voice. That guy screwed over a lot of kids.
  9. Isn't that exactly what PPE has done over the course of their existence? From "Elite Mites" to leaving the T1 Elite League and creating the "Northeast Pack" and finally the Prep Team that isn't really a Prep team. Shinny for the peasants is a great call mucker.
  10. It's all about big business at those places now. I've heard a lot of people complimenting what's been done at Palmer but at what long term cost to the consumer? When they purchased Southpointe, they immediately sent the hourly rate through the roof as there was nothing that those teams could do except quit the season. They've only increased the costs "moderately" so far at both rinks but that's probably not going to continue past this season.
  11. They should add copper or aluminum so everyone gets a medal. It's shameful that one team gets excluded like that!!
  12. Why would a player from Hershey be attending the MidAm camp? Hershey is in the Atlantic District as far as I am aware.
  13. And like they'll probably be doing again at the 2007 level after what transpired at the MidAm camp. Uh, oh! There it is. The kitty just got loose from it's constraints.
  14. So this would now become a "school team" which really isn't recognized/acknowledged by the school itself. Sounds a LOT like WPA High School hockey. Only a lot more expensive.
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