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  1. Rancho1. The Sheriff of the "you weren't there police" What an absolutely absurd post.
  2. Oh, NO!! Spear, what are you thinking? You've stepped on the sacred ground and hallowed halls of Churchill. I hate to see what fate may become you now.
  3. Maybe he and Fetterman and Levine should have thought about this before they jumped the gun but they were probably all too stoned from sharing hits from their hookah.
  4. Just like real-life politics, USA Hockey and Mid-Am along with I'm sure many other District governing bodies are full of long-term members. These members lose sight of why they originally got involved and before you know it they become part of the status quo. New members come in with the desire to effect change but they then realize that they themselves can not take on the majority so instead of beating them, they join them. It's a sad cycle that can only be changed if/when these lifetime members have limits put on their tenure so that new ideas and processes can be enacted and the stale ways
  5. I can't wait until January 20th when the Dems will be madder than the day that the Republicans freed their slaves.
  6. Fafa and Quinlan are well-known Snowflakes. They are more than happy to be told what to do by everyone. Politicians, spouses, children, Uber drivers....... the list goes on and on and on
  7. He cut a kid from the 16U PPE team who was playing a regular shift in the USHL the following season. He's a good person but as a Coach, not so much.
  8. You won't see any lawmakers that actually believe in the Constitution and our freedoms saying whoa.
  9. Typical Mid-Am nonsense. Suspend him, but then turn around and have him as a presenter at their Coaching clinics. #cleanhouseatmidam
  10. Suicides are up. Drug use and overdose deaths are up. Mental health issues are up. Way up. You know why? Because Americans DO NOT want to live the way the f@#$ing liberals want us to. Quinlan, move to Cuba or Venezuela now. You are not going to like what happens in the next few weeks/months
  11. Just stay home. Forever. Shrivel up and.......... well, you know.
  12. It doesn't appear that many if any, former players or families of players are rushing to defend his {lack of} character. BP hockey, SHAHA and the Pittsburgh hockey community are all better off. I had heard that there had been numerous previous attempts to secure his ouster, but that he had an iron-clad contract which prevented it from happening. I'm sure the lawsuit papers are already being drawn up.
  13. Wouldn't threats of withholding funding or whatever else be considered blackmail, extortion or some other crime?
  14. And there you have it. A booger-eating moron in charge of an entire State.
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