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  1. Brian Mueller was a Vice President of 200x85 and the Coach of the 2003 Chicago Mission. At that time there was no chance for PPE to beat them so........... they bought him and his star player whom just so happened to be the grandson of Rocky Saganiuk. Who is Rocky Saganiuk you ask? A former NHL player who also had a lucrative business in Chicago called Rocky hockey which was a great program and was 8U ADM before USA hockey joined the bandwagon. Rocky now oversees the Little Pens program and does a great job with it. Now back to the 6 figure coaching salaries. What number do you think it t
  2. I don't know that anyone on here really refutes that. The issue is how they go about their way of getting to that position. So what would you suggest that the players who fall in this category do? Take the recently completed 15U tryouts. A handful of local players who have played there for 6 years have been replaced by players from all over the US and Canada. Is your contention that these players have no reason to continue their pursuit of high level hockey because the PPE and its' associates prioritize profits over everything?
  3. Lebo has finally given up the delusion at 05BY. Preds and Icemen are on life support. Esmark will gain players and Vengeance, well..... sort of like a roulette wheel.
  4. See, the two of us can lead the way back to world-wide harmony.
  5. Losing 6-3 in the QF's is a success? For The Chosen team? With all those years of Excel Academy training? The best facility. The best coaching. All the other hoopla and kool-aid. That's not a very high standard.
  6. So at Tier 1 18U, the only team from Michigan is Meijer and there are 4 teams from the MidAm District. In the "this makes no sense" world, Esmark leads the way having been outscored 14-3 in their first two games, while Culver is a close second considering they didn't didn't even participate in the MidAm tournament. Such a great group of folks leading our District.
  7. Oh no, it's a two-fold problem. But to be honest those two entities fit together so well it's like they were meant for each other. They've both done their share of soiling each others as well as their own "reputations". One has put $$ over the sport and the other $$ over education.
  8. Cardinal Wuerl. Catholic Diocese. Bishop Zubik. You get the idea.
  9. Better yet, when would you suggest they take place? It's your assertion that right now is "incredibly stupid" and I would say while it's certainly not ideal, when is?
  10. You should put your knowledge and free time to use on your organization's board to make things just right for your wants and needs.
  11. Peter the Pr@ck has a penchant for seeing things through Peter-colored glasses. For reference, you can refer back to the Plum-Moon end of game crap-show awhile back. In that one, it was all the Plum players and coaches fault. This one it's all Arrows. So... Peter is a parent of a player that involves those two teams so Hockey365 you can work from there to determine who he is.
  12. This isn't about the game itself. It's about a player or players being ineligible to play the Team's first game next weekend to now being eligible. You tell me, does MidAm/USA Hockey referee protocol allow for a call to be changed after the scoresheet is signed? As far as I know, it does not.
  13. There they are. Beetle dee and Beetle dum. Possibly the same person with different screen names. FuFu, it's too easy with you.
  14. Notes from the playoff weekend that will have an effect this coming weekend. The Southpointe/Indiana 18U game ended in a minor brawl which had multiple players from each team receive game misconducts. A couple of North Pittsburgh 16U players were assessed game misconducts following their loss and then for some unbeknownst reason (possibly Russian collusion/interference) the refs scratched them off of the sheet. Ironically, that game was held at Baierl. If this is true, shame on all parties involved.
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