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  1. That was sarcasm, I'm well aware of the real culprit. What's his name? You know...... the guy. You know, the one with the teleprompter and fake Oval Office set. Damn it, what's his name?
  2. And that preceded Putin's price hike. Just imagine now. Gas - gouge Hotels - gouge plus tourney kickback Food - gouge It's probably closer to 22-23 now.
  3. But that 20K would have included and provided a far better education than the 4 hours a day at NC. Excel will NOT put anyone into the NHL. The player themselves will. That's who "makes it" the ones who are completely focused on making it happen. Recent ones bear this out vividly, Voit, Cooley, Humphries, Mooney. What do they all have in common? Uncommon work ethic, the willingness to sacrifice a lot of things that 99.99% of others are not. They love the game and love being on the ice at all times. So that's why a Prep school route is more valuable in the long run.
  4. They've decimated the Yetis en route to their current standing, which is Yetis plus an A.
  5. Like I said, I think the coaches pool is starting to dry up now. Let's see in 3 years how much a non-parent coach for even a AA 14/16/18U National Bound type commands, my guess in the neighborhood of $7500. Hopefully, I'm wrong and there have been a lot of college grads who played at least ACHA who have recently entered the markets locally. Maybe they'll fill the void.
  6. The next pool that will dry up is the Coaching pool. At least the refs don't have to hear the parents after they leave the ice. The Coaches always get to hear their unsolicited opinions. Glad they are finding willing participants and hope they stay willing participants.
  7. And judging by your screen name and avatar.........
  8. Completely disagree. Unless you have a meathead coach who won't (ie is incapable) teach puck possession.
  9. I was shocked this year at how quickly players at all ages adapted to the new off-sides. Even at the youngest levels with average experience were making plays with the puck so as not to go off-side.
  10. So should we all still be driving a model T? Times change, the game changes. Those that oppose it are free to do so but I haven't seen any damage done by the new off-sides rules or the icing changes. So, it makes it more difficult to kill a penalty. Isn't that a good thing that might actually discourage taking penalties even more than the "beloved" FPP?
  11. This was most of the sentence. My reading comprehension tells me that you are specifically referencing the Pittsburgh contingent to which I say as do all of the historical data show that no way all of those players are USHL or NAHL level. The over/under on the number of those players that ever play regularly in either of those leagues is one and a half.
  12. They are NOT all prospects for those levels, some not even close. You'd think some of the delusion would have subsided by this age.
  13. I count 5 (1 goalie) on last season's team and one that lives here now that daddy works there.
  14. Prove he has a pulse would be a start.
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