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  1. sadday4hockey


    You need only sit down and watch a NHL game on any given tonight to see poor officiating. Just like this afternoon's Penguins game. This game is on Nationally and viewers get to see two guys watch fouls committed and not make the calls. Then they decide that what happened in one post-whistle scrum is far more egregious than the previous 3 even though they were pretty much identical. If the NHL players are whom players strive to emulate then one would assume that the same is true for the officials and so youth refereeing basically mimics the game on TV.
  2. sadday4hockey

    North Catholic/Excel Hockey

    This has nothing to do with the MS team, JV team or future Varsity team(s). It simply means that you can participate in Academy and not play for PPE. If you want your Gold bucket, you had better pony up for the Academy. Let's try it another way, it's hockey's version of Scientology.
  3. sadday4hockey

    North Catholic/Excel Hockey

    Think of it in terms of sets in Mathematics. All members of the Excel Academy are not part of the PPE set, however all members of the PPE Gold set are members of the Excel Academy. Does that make sense?
  4. sadday4hockey

    North Catholic/Excel Hockey

    If you are talking about the Golden Days of recruiting players such as Chuck Chiatto, Lynn Sipe, Mike Blum and Tony Taylor then the Excel Academy is certainly the way to go about it. If you are talking about actually building a program such as Central Catholic, then they aren't doing such a great job. They went from a Varsity team last year to only JV this year and just as one would assume, they placed that JV team in Tier 3 so they could beat up on teams just like the MS team did last season. The reason they only have a couple of MS wins this year is because of the way they ran the MS team last year. Same thing, play Tier 3 MS and beat up everyone. That does NOT help you improve. Question to pose, how many of those MS kids from last season that were in 8th grade actually enrolled at the school? The link to last season's MS standings http://pihl_hs.wttstats.pointstreak.com/players/players-division-standings.html?divisionid=95780 The link to this season's JV team standings https://www.pihlhockey.com/jvstandings The similarities are mind numbing.
  5. sadday4hockey

    Pens Elite

  6. sadday4hockey

    Pens Elite

    So if they had to kill 10 penalties, that's 20 minutes of PP time out of a 39 minute game? If they went into a defensive shell, isn't that contrary to USA hockey and PPE principles of teaching systems?
  7. Elite. How that word is used throughout USA hockey is simply amazing. I think it started in New England. Still smfh that the PPE call their teams Elite and Black and don't think that it's offensive.
  8. All the trash-talking about the 16U team and yet they beat the Icemen top team 4-2 on Saturday. Maybe, just maybe they took the right players?
  9. It's actually the 10U.
  10. Departure of Dave Weaver and the corruption that ensued following his departure. They may be slowing regaining some footing as some younger age groups are getting their teams constructed.
  11. sadday4hockey

    PAHL Bantam AA Major and AA Minor

    https://www.lcahl.org/ https://www.wnyahl.net/page/show/105310-home It's done that way in both of these leagues. When the numbers begin to dictate that it's feasible, why not do it?
  12. sadday4hockey

    PAHL Bantam AA Major and AA Minor

    Looking at the AA Minor standings, it appears the death knell of the SCIR team were a bit premature. It's also interesting to see Westmoreland quietly sitting there was just one loss. Still a lot of season left to play but the standings thus far are intriguing to say the least.
  13. sadday4hockey

    Pens Elite

    Rico, Mr. professional evaluator that you are, why didn't you mention the the ties and the loss that occurred? Did they not actually happen? Were they a figment of someone's imagination? I don't know if they're a mess, but the word inconsistent certainly applies.
  14. sadday4hockey

    14uAA Wildcats vs Shaha

    The lines of defense toward preventing stupidity on the ice and keeping players safe are as follows: 1. The parents - you spend the most time with them, teach them. Don't make excuses for them. 2. The Coaches - if they can't control themselves, sit them on the bench 3. The players - It's not the 1980's. Learn the rules and how to play within them 4. The referees - player safety is most important.