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  1. There is definitely an overt action by the coach who Rock has highlighted. That left shoulder is the key.
  2. Can't disagree with that. It's a societal issue that everything always has to be someone else's fault.
  3. The match penalty is obviously not for holding. It's for removing the helmet of another player. The hierarchy of responsibility for a player's actions on the ice go like this. Period. 1. Player 2. Parents 3. Coaches 4. Officials
  4. Such a sad day for you. Living so vicariously through your kid's 12U team. And yet, it was not so long ago that you arrived on the scene telling everyone else on here how much you knew about youth hockey and where they should play, how to spend their money to take lessons and from whom and so on and so on.
  5. I can name a couple but you'll have to PM me for the info because the organization involved has a history of being able to circumvent the 1st amendment.
  6. The "rankings" do not support that statement. Esmark is far ahead at 18U this year.
  7. And one says to the other "let's get started early this year"
  8. Settle down, tough guy. It's called a joke. I didn't realize you were the joke police, dad.
  9. I believe this is what the bleeding heart liberals call Quid Pro Quo isn't it?
  10. It's okay at the Jr Levels of NCDC and Premier with NCDC being "tuition free" and Premier being full pay to play. However, at the 15U-18U levels it's a complete mess due to the number of Prep schools in New England and the split-season teams and so forth. There is a youth component for 14U and younger but it's not great either. There are 1 or two top 40 teams in each age group but the Boston Jr Eagles set the standard in New England and in the country.
  11. HPHL is very good due to strength of teams, regional location and limited to 3 Chicago and 3 Detroit. T1EHL tried to get too big and too widespread plus let itself get diluted. PPE leaving definitely hurt the league at the 14, 15, 16 and 18 levels but at the same time they hurt themselves at the younger age groups with no league to play in. Time will tell on these new leagues. Little Caesar's has left the T1 and the HPHL within the last 10 years but the 4 Clubs is more of a scheduling agreement than an actual league. The Northeast Pack? Who knows? The people at Mount St Charles people are the ones who up and left Selects Academy at South Kent. If someone offers them more $$$ they may leave there although I'm not sure any could offer more. The other 4 teams are all amateur organizations, so all Prep/Academy doesn't make sense. The NAPHL? It sucks. Period.
  12. Another "commitment" for PPE announced yesterday. They continue to roll in but if most of the information on this thread is correct, you have to wonder how many of these will actually come to fruition. There are SOOOO many people making SOOOOO much money on hockey players all the way until they are 20 years old in many cases, that it really seems that it may never be worth the expense. Which means that it's better to make sure that they learn to love the sport and the competition of the game.
  13. Negative. Just know at least one left and others are leaving. And since it's a 15 team, the only option to add players is 2004 BY players.
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