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  1. Departure of Dave Weaver and the corruption that ensued following his departure. They may be slowing regaining some footing as some younger age groups are getting their teams constructed.
  2. sadday4hockey

    PAHL Bantam AA Major and AA Minor

    https://www.lcahl.org/ https://www.wnyahl.net/page/show/105310-home It's done that way in both of these leagues. When the numbers begin to dictate that it's feasible, why not do it?
  3. sadday4hockey

    PAHL Bantam AA Major and AA Minor

    Looking at the AA Minor standings, it appears the death knell of the SCIR team were a bit premature. It's also interesting to see Westmoreland quietly sitting there was just one loss. Still a lot of season left to play but the standings thus far are intriguing to say the least.
  4. sadday4hockey

    Pens Elite

    Rico, Mr. professional evaluator that you are, why didn't you mention the the ties and the loss that occurred? Did they not actually happen? Were they a figment of someone's imagination? I don't know if they're a mess, but the word inconsistent certainly applies.
  5. sadday4hockey

    14uAA Wildcats vs Shaha

    The lines of defense toward preventing stupidity on the ice and keeping players safe are as follows: 1. The parents - you spend the most time with them, teach them. Don't make excuses for them. 2. The Coaches - if they can't control themselves, sit them on the bench 3. The players - It's not the 1980's. Learn the rules and how to play within them 4. The referees - player safety is most important.
  6. sadday4hockey

    14uAA Wildcats vs Shaha

    Momhockey has on the same goggles she wore when she thought she met Prince Charming.
  7. BHD, while your post raises some interesting talking points it also provides a lot of inaccurate information and also undermines it's own credibility while rambling incoherently. For instance, being ranked that low is not good but it's not like they haven't won any games like some local teams of the past few years. The blowouts by Gilmour (notice the correct spelling) are pretty bad but this next part of your post makes zero sense. What the hell does this mean? Undermining credilbility again. Gilmour Academy is almost exactly 2 hours away. Amherst and the Regals? Pretty comparable competition and what 3-3.5 hours away? Wayne, NJ is 6 hours. Is the coach an insurance agent or what does this mean? You have some valid points but your approach needs refined.
  8. sadday4hockey

    Tell tale weekend

    #fakenews ? If it's posted here, it's Gospel. So as far as I'm concerned SHAHA went 2-0.
  9. sadday4hockey

    New Forum Kind of Quiet

    Having watched the QV-Armstrong game last night and the one this past spring in the PIHL playoffs, I find it very peculiar that the QV coach refused to shake hands with Armstrong Coach in the spring but was willing to last night. What's wrong with this guy?
  10. sadday4hockey

    New Forum Kind of Quiet

    JT, take your time and re-read the post. Try to comprehend what it says. If you feel you understand, then respond accordingly.
  11. sadday4hockey

    New Forum Kind of Quiet

    CLASS 6A (9 teams) Conference 1: Butler, Canon-McMillan, Central Catholic, Hempfield, Mt. Lebanon, Norwin, North Allegheny, Pine-Richland, Seneca Valley. CLASS 5A (24 teams). Conference 1: Baldwin, Bethel Park, Chartiers Valley, Moon, Peters Township, Upper St. Clair, West Allegheny, Woodland Hills. Conference 2: Albert Gallatin, Connellsville, Franklin Regional, Gateway, Latrobe, McKeesport, Penn-Trafford, Plum. Conference 3: Armstrong, Fox Chapel, Hampton, Kiski Area, Mars, North Hills, Penn Hills, Shaler. Not sure that I'd agree with such a blanket statement.
  12. sadday4hockey

    Status of girls hockey

    Based upon the quote below from Scooby Doo, I wouldn't listen to much of anything that they have to say. They say to skip "club" college hockey yet in the prior sentence they recommend ACHA D1/D2/D3. The ACHA is by definition a non-varsity or club team league. https://www.google.com/search?ei=UgC2W76OLZLH_Qa1zoGICA&q=ahca+hockey&oq=ahca+&gs_l=psy-ab.1.7.0i67l3j0i131j0i67l2j0l2j0i67j0.6442.6442..8523...0.0.. As the ages get older, the players remaining on those teams will be more serious and more competitive and want to win (speaking of AA and AAA teams). There are TONS of college hockey opportunities for girls at D3, ACHA D1/D2/D3 and they are all very good and competitive. I would personally skip "club" college hockey as that is basically recreational college hockey and there will be zero financial incentive to your player to play on a team like that.
  13. There's no game center information about this game on Monday but apparently there was a major incident late in the game resulting in multiple lengthy suspensions. Anyone have ACCURATE information about this?
  14. sadday4hockey

    Increasing number of teams placed in AA

    The Foxes are the happy place for mediocrity. They don't care about higher level teams because they don't the ice to support the practice time and any games other than the PAHL schedule. Their model works for them and the rink they play at so why try to change it? They have more than enough teams and players so if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it.
  15. sadday4hockey

    Pens Elite

    Don't know. Only heard two other parents discussing it but it sounded like another of the many ridiculous "power struggles" that exist in today's world of youth sports.