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  1. You're both clueless. Both of those rules force Coaches to teach their players how to make a play WITH THE PUCK on their stick instead of teaching them how to get rid of the puck for absolutely no reason. And by the way, what the hell do either of those posts have to do with this thread? SMFH
  2. So, if you are a family that is currently a part of the 09 Black team, I wonder what thoughts are going through your mind? Seems like a lame-duck sort of proposition for 2020-21 and even if you do decide to continue on, you can't be certain that the tryout fallout won't produce the same type of mess as they encountered at 07 Black last year. Tough situation to be in for an 11 year old kid who just wants to play hockey.
  3. It's been nice knowing you guys from the Dawg Pound. Good luck with this adventure.
  4. Bitterness or factual information? That's the main issue with a lot of the posts on here. How do you tell the difference?
  5. But you're missing the point, no one with kids that age care if they can Coach or not. It's a name to drop to their friends.
  6. Gilmour 16U plays like 8 games. Nothing like their Prep team, which oh by the way is actually a team from a Prep School. Such a novel concept these days.
  7. And therein may lie the biggest problem with Pittsburgh youth hockey. What percentage of parents at PPE actually do believe that they are currently in some sort of minor league system that will lead them straight to the NHL Penguins. I'm not talking about the kids (although they probably have a better grasp of reality) I'm talking about the parents. I'm going to give my guess by age group. Little 66ers - 90-95% - I will follow your every instruction 10U - 85-90% - It costs how much? No problem, it will be worth every penny 12U - 80% - Wait, my little superstar isn't on the 1st line 14U - 70% - You're bringing in players from where 15U - 60% - But we've been playing here for 8 years 16U - 50% - I guess not everyone makes the grade 18U - <25% - Reality finally sets in and holy s*** there's no money left for college
  8. I just can't see them giving up the income of players not attending NC. It's not in their MO. The other intriguing question will be this, "how will this team travel to their events"? Teams like Gilmour and Shady Side and I assume the vast majority of the NE Prep Schools get on a bus and mommy and daddy have to let go of their little babies. Will this team bus to away events or will they require parental transportation?
  9. PIA has it's issues but it's not like the rink is in downtown New Ken. It's a New Ken zip code but it basically sits right on the border of Burrell.
  10. Where did I say something wasn't true. I stated an OPINION, which I believe we are all entitled to, that your history on here provides evidence that you have serious issues with both the SCIR and the Alpha Ice Complex. And that's your prerogative, Bobby Brown but shouldn't you be in Iowa helping them count votes?
  11. You're right. I misread your post. Apologies to you. I guess my panties were in too much of a bunch due to hockey1.
  12. Yes, I did. That is a fact. Yale Bulldogs are an amateur team NOT a Prep team. Esmark and PPE, amateur teams. Gimour and Shady Side, Prep teams. All of the Yale amateur players play at their Prep schools after their amateur season ends in early November. Do you understand the difference between amateur teams and Prep School teams?
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