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  1. Not “way too excited” about the result. My original post was in response to yours where you claimed: “I would also suggest that at the one younger age group where the parents of a lot of top players thumbed their noses at the "Elite", they are also getting their asses handed to themand that would be at the 08 age group. I would bet a LOT of dough that they won't be reaching out to play the 08 Vengeance team at any timeother than a forced matchup at MidAms.” This duplicitous crap that is spread around this message board, by adults mind you, reeks of jealousy and simplemindedness. Thats why I originally posted and the dim witted responses are exactly what I expected. Oh and btw, if we are truly comparing apples to apples, PPE 08 is 4-1 against Vengeance 08 over the last few years. BoBo Out.
  2. I’m not upset nor offended. Amused actually. Saying something positive about PPE is akin to throwing chum into a fish tank filled with idiots. Tappin’ out.
  3. Why do i have to make the same points twice? Go have another IC light and think about what could of been for your il’ johnny. 🍺 🤣🤣.
  4. And you sir sound like an 80 proof, angry, disenfranchised parent who attacks the messenger instead of the legit points that were raised. I bet you were a real treat to be around on the car ride home from the V/PPE game. Maybe now you could go back to attacking the leak in the UPMC roof or the cracks in the steps. 🤣
  5. Your right I didn’t cross reference 55 games. Thats why I asked.
  6. To be fair, I did not claim they were “super skilled” just said that they out skilled and out muscled the V who this board and the original post I responded to claimed superiority over the PPE 08s who were “getting their asses handed to them”. The PPE coach scouted the opposing team for 2 periods and took copious notes & developed a plan his team bought into? Thats not a good thing? That sounds like good leadership to me and completely explains my question on my initial post about the Vs being out coached. I checked last years & this years schedule. What teams out of the top 20 have the PPE lost to? I unfortunately don’t have a dog in the fight anymore. Just paid my $45 and enjoyed a few games over the weekend. I am just callin’ it like I see it and what I saw in no way reflected the overwhelming theme on this board that the Vs have the best kids and the PPE are a bunch of spoiled, compromised, rich kids. It was a well played game by two teams who have lots of talent. Hopefully we’ll see another game b4 midams.
  7. First post here but I felt compelled to respond to this with some truth. This past weekend the PPE 2008s won the USHL Fall Classic 14U by going 5-0. They beat AAA powerhouses including a Minnesota all star team comprised of talented kids from the Blades & Lakers, Mount St. Charles & yes even the highly touted and talked about 08’ Vengeance in a game more anticipated than the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight. I am a “hockey guy” with no dog in the fight and went to the game played primetime @ upmc. I must admit I was surprised because of postings I have read on this board. The PPE outplayed and outmuscled the Vengeance even their star forwards who looked shell shocked and frustrated and their bigger D who looked like they never faced a team that moved the puck. The PPE team was organized and efficient while the V’s looked disheveled and unhinged. Maybe coaching? Overall, PPE just plain way out skilled the V’s at every position including goalie. PPE seemed to be a deeper more talented team who used skill and speed to overwhelm and frustrate. I’m not sure if this game was organized and scheduled by PPE or USHL but kudos for playing it at the Lemieux center. Fun to watch.
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