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  1. So the high school coach who has won the most games in all of pittsburgh the last 4 years is lazy? And your qualifications are?
  2. You know why you where on the 4th line because your team didn't have a fifth line
  3. Bishop Canevin was terrible new coached turned them around and did the same thing at Mars and other schools and amateur teams he coached Lors of good coaches out there people have no idea how much time a good coach puts in that's what makes the difference
  4. Bishop Canevin coach they were terrible did the same thing at Mars turned them into a great team and other teams he coached Their are some great coaches out there until boards and crazy parents chase them away
  5. That AA coach has a really good track record
  6. Wrong about number of AAA players on Canevin You shouldn't open your mouth if you don't know the facts there is no way you played at Canevin
  7. If you took the top 10 skaters and a goalie from each of the 4 divisions all 4 teams would be pretty equal your not better because of the division you play in high school in AAA high school isn't like AAA tier 1 like amateurs
  8. Your not in AAA because you are good it's the size of your school they do try to move schools to different divisions to be more competitive but they don't look to see how many seniors are leaving from year to year Every year there is 2 or 3 good teams in each of the 4 divisions any of those teams could beat one another on any given day after that there is a big difference each division is top loaded BC beat CV this year and CV went undefeated BC tries to play other schools in different divisions but they don't want to play it doesn't look good if you lose to a D2 school I get it BC did pretty good at AA 8 pens cups just because they are small now doesn't make them not a good team When BC plays TJ Lebo CV Baldwin USC ect in summer league they never have a problem winning granted it is summer league Nobody has done there homework on how many D2 kids play at the next level? Way more than the other divisions Burrell Neshannock Bishop Canevin Carrick Ringgold
  9. How's the book sales Number one on the New York times ?
  10. Canevin has a middle school team but no middle school and never a jv team they only have a high school so there is no feeder team And middle school team consists of mostly kids that will play for there public school in high school
  11. 38 kids in the freshman class so won't be going pure anytime soon 8 pens cups not bad
  12. Canevin had half there players for that game And you hired the worst girl referee I have ever seen for that game it was hilarious Preference why Canevin doesn't play in that tournament anymore You really shouldn't bash teams not good for business If you didn't try to pay 35 dollars to ref a game maybe your tournament would be better
  13. Open Teams play 1A Once again you just don't sign up Next year things will change Where you at nationals expert?
  14. I wouldn't call losing to top teams by 1 getting outclassed without having some of there best players because they where out of town for the holidays
  15. Or do a all star game in each division and play each other
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