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  1. Hershey u10AA beat North Pitt wildcats 3-2 in OT
  2. I assume he is talking about the Vengeance not having midget teams
  3. There are 2 Lehigh Valley team, black and orange. Black team is the better team. I am surprised they are ranked #11
  4. Yep, I think they were playing philly blazers that game when the sticks went flying
  5. I know that one of the teams we played were the viper stars and that were at the lower end of their standings. I don’t recall the other team, it wasn’t, shaha, maybe arctic foxes?
  6. It is set up to showcase top 3 teams at AA level between pahl and dvhl. My experience is dvhl fields top 3 AA teams per standing but pahl did not. Last year my sons team was one of 3 top teams at u14AA in dvhl. Only one of the 3 pahl teams was top 3 the other 2 were not and got blown out. Mt lebanon AA was legit and won the whole thing.
  7. DVHL takes top 3 teams in divisions. They wait until season is 3/4 done. My son plays in dvhl and this is how it was done the past couple years anyway
  8. I don’t have a kid playing Tier 1, how does the usphl stack up to previously mentioned leagues?
  9. I agree, been going to TK clinics for the past 2 weeks and my son is getting a good skate.
  10. Sadday4hockey, Do you know why the off ice turmoil? Coaching? Player personalities?
  11. Thanks for all the input, I appreciate it. I am looking at TK and rmu. On TKs website it says his skills clinics are for up to bantam ages, not midget. My son is a first year midget, any other midget age kids go to him?
  12. Any rink east of Pittsburgh would be best but not really picky.
  13. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone knew of any skills clinics during the regular hockey season? I am looking for private or semi private later on weeknights or weekends.
  14. Hey ArnoldSlick, why are you so worried about where he is trying to work? Aren’t you and your son happily situated with the Armstrong arrows?
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