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  1. one way to solve this is to publish the actual PDF scan of each scoresheet. If the PIHL is going to pay people to do this work, it ought to be correct and the scorekeepers should be accurate.
  2. Is there no public place to see placement game scores on the PAHL site? I have found the master schedule for each level, but that google doc does not have scores...
  3. The original deadline has come and passed... ZERO applications for Moderator. Will keep this topic open until at least one moderator position is filled.
  4. According to the Huskies web site, they have one 16u team and one 18u team. I don't know how they can afford to run an org with only 2 teams. From the Vipers web site (which doesn't look like it's been updated lately...), they only have one 16u team branded as "Vipers" and the following branded as "Viper Stars": 11u, 12u, 13u, 14u, and 18u, although I am fairly sure they don't have an 18u team. It seems very confusing to have both a "Vipers" team and a "Viper Stars" team, in addition to "esmark stars" under the hood of one org. All in all what is out at PIA would probably be confusing to a new hockey parent... especially since neither of the orgs seem to have mites, squirts or pee-wees. Not sure how that bodes for the long term.
  5. Congratulations to the following area players who were part of the KSG teams that won medals. I think this might have been one of the better showings by the West in quite some time. The South is as usual, loaded with Flyers Jr. AAA players, and I don't know if one male PPE played for the West or Central. West Region 12u - (2-1 record) - Silver Medal West Region 14u - (2-1) - Silver Medal West Region 16u - (2-1) - Silver Medal West Region 18u - (2-1) - Silver Medal Central Region Female - (3-0) - Gold Medal Central Region 12u (1-2) - Bronze Central Region 18u (1-2) - Bronze
  6. Hello all- @one97one00 has decided to retire as an admin (please thank him for his service). As a result, I would like to open up 2 new forum moderator positions to help with the day-to-day operations on the board. We will be starting our busy season and will need the help to keep the forum going. Ideally, both will have a good, wide knowledge of youth hockey. Preferably, one will have experience with the younger ages (~mite to ~peewee) and the other peewee and up. What does it take to do this? 1) passion for the western PA hockey community 2) ability to log on at least once a day to check on the forums and moderate as needed. 3) good decision making skills and a patient heart 4) relative UN-biased as it relates to specific teams. You can have your own opinions, of course, but the main job is to keep the forum operating smoothly, review questionable posts (and fix or remove the problematic content). When I say "un-biased" I mean you shouldn't be on here saying how great your org is compared to others, etc. That's not your job. You job is to police content and answer questions and grow the content on the site by making good posts. If you think you're up to the task, please direct message me the following: 1) why you want to be a forum admin? 2) why you'd make a good choice 3) a brief overview of your hockey background **Minimum criteria for moderators: You must be at least 21. All moderator appointments will be at my sole discretion. Moderator appointments will now go for 1 year terms, starting 8/1/19 (this year will be slightly late). If you're doing a good job I will probably ask you to stay. If you're not, your term may be less than one year 😮 What you will get in return for being a moderator? 1) a special title on your forum tag to denote you're a moderator 2) pride in knowing you're helping the hockey community by volunteering your time 3) thank you's from me! 😆
  7. I will fully agree with the above, and not to mention it's in a lousy part of town and not easy to get to. There are a ton of rinks around. I really hope it will be moved out West.
  8. I think by playing at a rink with more than one sheet, it would be an easier sell (for the players and parents) to do 4 games. I think a championship game and 3rd/4th place game would be beneficial. My big issue with the hockey games as they are now, is that they are so gapped out, it's way too much down time. One game a day, F-S-S leaves too much open time when compared to a normal tourney. On the other hand if you do: Friday: mid day and evening game (2 total) Saturday: 1 game preferably in then morning and then have the whole afternoon off (note, or do vice versa, 1 Friday and 2 Saturday). Sunday: champ game or 3rd/4th game. I know strictly looking at it from a game standpoint, it's a harder sell for 3 games versus 4 games (which is pretty much your average tourney). Secondly, the way it is now, if your team plays lousy in one game, you're toast. If you have a champ game, that give a team that may have lost 1 game a shot at a rematch.
  9. In my opinion, it's the QUALITY that's more important than the quantity. A team with 20 "good" players, could be beat by a team with a few superstars and the rest "average". I will take quality over quantity...
  10. I 100% agree with this part of your post. That way it's 4 games for everyone...
  11. Not sure why you have a problem with the KSG, but I think it is a fun hockey event for players looking for some competitive (yes, it's competitive) summer hockey. If just a few top western PA players would join each West or Central team, they would be able to give the East a fight. As it sits now the East has been very tough in the male hockey bracket, partially because the games are basically held in their area (which will be changing). I wish a few more top players would join and play in these games. The West's 19 female team is going for a 3-peat this August - and that's because they have a good solid core of girls and they come back each year. Good luck to the area players playing in the KSG!
  12. I am trying to give him "second chance(s)". We will see how it progresses for him. If he cleans up his act he can stay.
  13. I will second this and thank you @one97one00 Thanks @Rodd Seifarth you stated your reply very clearly. = @Fca31 and everyone else, Co-Op situations are not guaranteed (as far as I know) to keep going in perpetuity. Things change, and sometimes that is ok as well.
  14. Congrats, you just earned a warning for this! I have no idea why you have to keep taking cheap shots at people and at me. I am close to my limit with you so you're now on notice!
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