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  1. I am trying to give him "second chance(s)". We will see how it progresses for him. If he cleans up his act he can stay.
  2. I will second this and thank you @one97one00 Thanks @Rodd Seifarth you stated your reply very clearly. = @Fca31 and everyone else, Co-Op situations are not guaranteed (as far as I know) to keep going in perpetuity. Things change, and sometimes that is ok as well.
  3. Congrats, you just earned a warning for this! I have no idea why you have to keep taking cheap shots at people and at me. I am close to my limit with you so you're now on notice!
  4. That is awesome and I might have to do that sometime! Thanks for this post.
  5. @The King This is a quote from you in the locked thread: "My kids have never played hockey around this cesspool. I never had to live vicariously through my kids. " Why exactly if your kids haven't played around here, are you spending your time on this message board? Why do you care about what people post here if you have no stake in Western PA hockey, unless you have something to do with coaching one of the local teams or ties to an organization. I mean, I couldn't give a crap about Minnesota youth hockey, so I don't go troll their youth hockey forums.
  6. Don't pat yourself too hard on the back. They only reason that some of the threads have blown up lately is to rebut a lot of your fluffy attacking posts. You do realize that if you would remove all the attacks and other rubbish your posts would be half decent? But you constantly have to call out people in your posts and thrash them when this is not necessary. One more thing, by the way, the traffic "increasing" doesn't put a single penny into my pocket, so don't think you are doing me a favor. I'd rather have a more civilized discussion board where every other post wasn't a personal attack.
  7. Are you nominating yourself for a ban? Please stop the way you're acting and attacking people on this board. I'm still reading through all your long and insulting posts in the other thread. Why you have to jump down everyone's throats like you are the hockey know-it-all, I have no idea. But it's getting really old.
  8. The next time you mention me like this, You're GONE.
  9. 2:50pm EST 6/3/19. I have completed my review of this thread and removed a few useless posts and otherwise left it stand. This topic is now CLOSED and LOCKED. **Do not start a new thread to rehash this same topic or it will be immediately deleted. **If you see or hear of a SafeSport violation, you should report it. I shouldn't need to tell you that. **I have no idea about the exact facts of what supposedly happened here and since this is an anonymous board with no way of us verifying information, there's no need to let this go further as this has now descended into a shouting match. I have repeatedly said we don’t have to explain why and what we moderate on this board yet some people keep calling us out. It’s not up for discussion. PB
  10. WOW! That is not good news for kids in that area... lots of teams (club and high school) use that ice. What a shame.
  11. Note: I have removed a few off topic posts from this thread. Best of luck to NC as they work on building their program. -PB
  12. @The King Please do not post this sort of thing on the board as it serves no purpose other than to possibly fire up other members. I did not find any issue with the posts of the users you called out. These sorts of posts have been made regularly over the past 10+ years and it looks like to me they are stating things from their perspective. I may be missing it but I don't see where they are showing NC "in a bad light". People can have their own takes here and that's what it looks like to me. We went down the same road with you and Esmark and being critical of posts/posters, which (unfortunately) resulted in me having to clean up that whole thread. For example, @fafa fohi posted "I heard that NC will be fielding a Varsity team in the fall. Congrats to the school and to the program. I don't know if they have enough players for both a JV and a Varsity but it is good to see local school hockey growing in western PA, especially with a program that is going on its 4th year and was dormant for so long. " and you @The King replied "Guess we know where this guy’s money is going!" That was a completely below the belt reply and unless you know @fafa fohi how would you know (or even care) how he spends his money? @fafa fohi post looks completely legit to me and I am grateful more kids will be playing hockey through their school. I don't see anything bad at all about his post. As soon as you made that reply post it resulted in a flurry of back and forth action. Had you not made that reply things wouldn't have dropped to where they are now. For a while you ( @The King) were making posts with good thought and insight, however some of your posts in this thread seem to only be intent on whacking the hornet's nest and stirring up action. DO NOT post requests for us to moderate content publicly on the board. You can PM us. Do not put my name in a post and ask us to do things. You are NOT a moderator. PB
  13. I fail to see how such a presumably innocent topic can escalate like this... State your take/opinion and move on and leave the personal angst on your side of the screen. It's ok to disagree with someone's take on an issue without going into any form of personal attack.
  14. Thanks for sharing. By the looks and description, this is strictly going to be a skating rink, not a hockey rink. (see all the pics and descriptions). If the building is ~300 feet long, and a regulation rink is ~200 feet, it will never fit in the building as depicted in the drawings - the rink is shown as square and less than half the length. It's just a public skating rink.).
  15. @The King I agree with your first sentence. Some of your posts do indeed appear to be insightful. However, I haven't made a single post in this topic in regards to the Esmark Stars, which is what this topic is about. This board has been around for at least 10 years and has pretty much operated the same way over the years. I have never said that I am perfect and have never made mistakes. None of us are perfect. If you operate within the topic at hand and engage in a insightful/logical manner - where the topic at hand is discussed, rather than the integrity of the poster themselves (which is where things stray sometimes), we pretty much will leave you go. Questioning how we moderate is a line that shouldn't be crossed by the users of this forum... We try our best and that's all we can do. the less time we have to spend fixing/editing/reprimanding (ANYONE) the better for us moderators and will keep the various threads more on target. Thank you-
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