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Paul Baxter

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  1. To save you all time --- they have two programs and here are the accepted ages: Regular Program (2013s - 2009s) Elite Program (2008s - 2003s)
  2. Paul Baxter

    What happened at the renegades ????

    Wish I could have pulled over the old content, but the old forum provider claimed ownership to all content on their forum software (yes, it's a crazy concept). :)
  3. 1) Skyline Chili. This is GREEK chili, not as hot as the chili you're used to, but different and very good. And the prices are a bargain. 2) Waffle House. Best breakfast food and super quick service anytime. Wish they had locations near Pgh.
  4. Paul Baxter


    Sounds interesting... please don't crosspost in the future though.
  5. Paul Baxter

    PAHL preseason groupings

    That's a lot fewer than I would have expected. I think the idea to have both a 16u and 15u "aa" viper stars was not a good idea for the first season. They probably should have taken the best lot and made a single 16u team
  6. Paul Baxter

    PAHL preseason groupings

    How many players & goalies were on the 16u VS team before it disbanded? Why did the team disband? They marketed the crap out of that team at the PIA rink.
  7. Paul Baxter

    PAHL preseason groupings

    Thank you @FlamesCoach Much appreciated.
  8. Paul Baxter

    PAHL preseason groupings

    @hockey07 or anyone - can you post the PDF of all the preseason brackets please? Thanks PB
  9. The new forum has advanced capabilities of tagging someone (or several) people within a post. If you know their username, all you need to do is type the "@" symbol followed by their username. As you start to type the username it will do an "AJAX" lookup and show you all the usernames that start with those letters. Select one of those usernames and keep typing your post. The person (or people) that you tagged will get a notification that you tagged them when you make the post. I find this a very handy feature. Check it out!
  10. @Polar Great idea! Thanks for the thank you as well.
  11. Great avatar LOL

  12. Paul Baxter

    Good Dates to Visit PGH

    @champeen the numbers you are quoting in TX are far more expensive than any AAA team (or any other PAHL team for that matter)... AA costs in the PAHL are roughly $1400 to $2500, with most under $2000. The other thing you have to consider is that there are likely less players at high levels in TX so when you come here you may find it a bit more competitive to make a good AA team. At some of the larger orgs you may find a lot of players trying out for AA teams. Some orgs do their AA tryouts a week ahead of the standard tryouts. All the tryouts start right after nationals.
  13. Paul Baxter

    VIP Forum

    As an FYI, there is a new VIP forum for posters who have posted a total of more than 100 posts/comments/likes. When you hit the threshold, it will appear under YOUTH HOCKEY. This forum is not visible to anyone under 100 content items.
  14. Paul Baxter

    Brand new default theme added

    Today I deployed a brand new, robust theme which is now set as the forum default. This them is call ORTEM. It has the ability to show lots of forum statistics and is much more robust than the built-in theme that came with the software.
  15. Paul Baxter

    Mobile version

    Just as an FYI, the new forum has a fully optimized mobile browser version. No app needed...