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  1. @Pa Hockey If you all need help with your websites I can give you my POC who does great web work. Just PM Me.
  2. @powderfinger consider this a verbal warning. This isn't needed on the forum.
  3. @Pa Hockey it would save time if you'd list the ages/skill levels for this event.
  4. Sorry about the outage since 6pm last night 6/17. Our hosting provider was upgrading their entire network. We are back online now. The site should be up to 3X as fast now. Thanks all- PB
  5. @fafa fohi no problem at all with this sort of post.
  6. Thanks for the post and thanks @forbin In general I'm not a fan of paywalled sports sites, like The Athletic and DK Pittsburgh Sports. To each their own...
  7. This thread is now locked. We have now set a world record for number of threads locked in a year, and we're only in April. Way too much mud being slung here that is not verifiable by the general public. It's one thing to have an opinion and another to go to the level where @Clonbur has gone. @Clonbur you have been publicly warned and I am DONE with the posts on the Vipers organization. We understand you don't like them. Leave it at that. I have NO PROBLEM with anyone who doesn't like an organization to talk about it, but it needs to be diplomatic and not like this thread has gone. I deleted around 20+ posts here because it was just totally going off the tracks (another record for me). Like I have said before, it is NOT my full time job policing these threads. I am thankful @forbin helps out here, but we cannot verify the accuracy of every thread. So give us moderators a break here. PB
  8. That's the way to step up, @fafa fohi. Love the Shawshank reference!
  9. Please post a video of both, would like to see the penalty and the winning goal. Thanks PB
  10. It's not you. But thanks for the message. PB
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