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  1. Let's get something straight @PawlBaxter, we DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER TO ANYONE. This isn't your forum. You are in our "SPACE". So if we don't like the way you post or the content of your posts, we will remove your posts or remove you. Such is the way any forum on planet earth operates. Just like Facebook, Twitter or any other online provider what you post is subject to review and removal. You have a total of 5 posts, none of which are very constructive or helpful. Since you're "new" to this forum maybe you ought to spend time reading posts and acting civil instead of the way you acted in some of your 5 posts. The posters you are having an issue with have been around a LONG time going way back to the old forum site before it was moved to modern software. They understand how the board operates and how to act appropriately. Keep complaining and you'll be gone. How we run this board is not up for discussion. Next person who registers with a name similar to one of the board admins - will be banned. Another post with references like "..Have failed athletes like themselves at home and raised weaklings that couldn’t keep up.." will get you banned. THREAD CLOSED
  2. Now that we're halfway through April, how are tryouts going? Any good stories or horror stories to share?
  3. When a user has been politely warned both in public and in private multiple times and does not listen, then we will do what's necessary to make this an enjoyable and useful site for people. This is the first (and hopefully the last) time that I've ever banned anyone. Usually a warning does the trick, but it didn't help here, and then this user opened a new account and continued the same behavior like they never listened to a word the moderators said about correcting their behavior. I have no idea why that user couldn't have a friendly debate on a topic and disagree, but things always escalated immediately to name calling and useless diatribes that served no purpose. Let's move on from this topic please.
  4. Wampa and PBsooks are one and the same. Both accounts are now banned. This user has repeatedly been warned to tone it down but they don't have any self control.
  5. A Big Congratulations to the PPE 14uAAA girls and PPE 16uAAA boys teams for their 2019 banners!!
  6. @Wampa1 and @Hoomie Wampa, you are 9/10ths of the way to earning a ban. Stop being so aggressive towards other people on here. I have told you before, state your TAKE and move on. Your takes don't have to descend to the level of attacks on anyone who disagrees or counters you. Hoomie, back off on the repeated "LIAR" accusations. Not necessary to go there. A simple "I disagree because..." will suffice. If everyone can't take a deep breath before they post and stop bashing each other, I will lock this thread, and permanent bans may be forthcoming. It's getting tiring going through the same thing with a few posters over and over. TONE IT DOWN! You have been warned.
  7. At least we have this information on file for next season. I've never heard of this.
  8. Post the link(s) to the site(s) here and let's get some feedback.
  9. @Wampa1: You can disagree. Other people had other takes here after you. While I don’t agree specifically with the word idiot, I do agree with some of that post. I also don’t think it’s necessary for us to have to micromanage every aspect of this forum and moderate every single post. i am going to remove the word idiot from the original post. If you have a helpful reply to the goalie mom, chime in, otherwise move on to the next issue that comes up.
  10. I read his post above about goalies and I feel he is correct. Unless the goalie is an absolute superstar, as in pitching shutouts routinely and saving way above .925, any solid AA team will be fine at that age. Ask and make sure the prospective team has a regular goalie coach or take him to Shane Clifford to help develop. Size of goalies is certainly an issue when it comes to older goalies (14u, 16u, 18u) and for CERTAIN more talented smaller goalies are often passed up in favor of man sized children who have less talent. Also a note to everyone, stop asking for someone to be suspended. PM the moderators or use "report post" if you have an issue. Suspensions are not for public debate and discussion. Further public requests for suspensions will result in the requester getting a suspension.
  11. @Wampa1 has been issued a 1 week suspension and 2 point warning. This is a forum for solid interaction, and while we can tolerate negativity done in a constructive manner, we don't need 3 posts in a row like was done above that serve little purpose other than to hit the hornet's nest.
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