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  1. Kiski and Greensburg salem so I’ve heard
  2. Is this different than the u16aa tryout on April 25 and May 3 that’s listed on the website. There’s no u15aa listed on website
  3. @ViperStars who is the coach? I thought before it was listed as kevin check?
  4. I’ve heard esmark is the same way. The kids wear the shells and stickers even if they are asked not to
  5. What did they do for the 2010 and 09 they just had tryouts yeah?
  6. Rumor has it some 08 Renegades moving to the Huskies
  7. Why is this on the scir website and the 08-10 and midget on the vengeance website?
  8. Did they keep the same goalies or change
  9. Some kids that made it before not making it
  10. Heard there were some shakeups at the Squirt tryouts for pens elite already?? How much truth to this?!
  11. How was the turnout for the 08-10 vengeance tryouts this weekend
  12. Interesting. Vengeance 08-10 has their fees listed but scir birth year does not. What’s the cost on that
  13. Is vengeance having an 04 team still without him
  14. Is there not a 2004 vengeance team for next year.
  15. Any news about Renegades tryouts. Weird they haven’t been posted and it’s March
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