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  1. Hky05


    To pass the test they need 35 right out of 50-70% right
  2. Hky05

    An examination of the Viper Stars

    as long as you keep your wife away you will be all good
  3. Hky05

    An examination of the Viper Stars

    ask someone that was on the 03 Renegades or at blade runners at that time and you will know for sure. hahaha
  4. Basically Sean McTighe is a coach on the Appalachian elite, mid state mustangs, Altoona trackers (A Major Gold u14) and Hollidaysburg and all the rosters have a lot of the same kids on all 4 teams
  5. Hky05

    An examination of the Viper Stars

    None of my kids are 05s and they are at another organization. I’m not a fan of Posey-wouldn’t play there. And just asked out of curiosity
  6. Hky05

    An examination of the Viper Stars

    What are their dues vs some of the teams placed above them? And how many hours of practice a week do they do? Have they had success at tournaments?
  7. Yeah I still don’t get why it isn’t just called A Major Black.
  8. Westmoreland is a mixed 04/05 team. Aren’t the other teams in the AA minor all 2005 birth year teams?
  9. Where could you even start
  10. 07 coach had a forced resignation
  11. Hky05

    14uAA Wildcats vs Shaha

    The game was played at Shaha. They don’t have live barn
  12. Hky05

    14uAA Wildcats vs Shaha

    It’s a conspiracy lol
  13. Hky05

    14uAA Wildcats vs Shaha

    Live Barn is in so many rinks now-that will help with any issues this year
  14. Hky05

    14uAA Wildcats vs Shaha

    Check out the 18uAA and 16uAA top few teams......and see their penalty min/fair play points vs NP AA 14u. Most have all their FPP or maybe missing 1. Not missing 6 FPPs