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  1. Pittsburgh Hockey Digest just announced that PIHL cancelled the remainder of the playoffs
  2. Wonderful. Patiently waiting for a refund from them.
  3. I thought a lot of the Icemen actually left to go play Preds ? Or was that at a different age group?
  4. 18u Central had 1 and there were 5 gold helmets on 18u West, but I think one was a Preds helmet.
  5. No, I meant that their ability to penalize the kids for any banging on the boards is annoying.
  6. The officials have always had and often exercised the right to hand out misconducts for kids aggressively hitting the boards in tantrum mode. This banging on the boards under any circumstance is just annoying
  7. Exposure camp emailed to me so I’m not sure I copied the link right
  8. Are they worth it or just another money grab? Is my kid going to learn anything valuable on or off the ice?
  9. I noticed that too. It’s a useful tool to help coaching strategies, but I guess at this level it’s not important to know which players to watch out for and which teams have solid power plays etc. 🙄
  10. I was told there was a change in pointstreak and that they aren’t entering them during the game, but from at home later. Could that be part of the hold up or is this a rink specific thing?
  11. You’re also getting into the age groups of the kids that started playing cross ice as mites. This ADM stuff supposedly develops better players. The 2002 groups that are in their final year of U16 were in their last year of mites when ADM started.
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