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  1. Idk if I agree with this. I’ve seen a ton more baseball players and football players go D1 NCAA straight out of high school than be able to name a single hockey player do it. It takes an inordinate amount of time and money to navigate to simply any level NCAA hockey over most other sports.
  2. This is a good reminder to all that a player doesn’t have to be on a AAA team from day one to be able to play AAA etc. There’s a lot of FOMO that if someone isn’t there by 12u it’s going to be all over for them. Not the case.
  3. According to elite prospects there hasn’t been any that’s gone on to play at those levels recently (not sure if any of them got drafted but didn’t sign etc). The Preds have had two go on to play professionally but are late 80s birth years.
  4. Congratulations to those who were selected but also an opportunity for people to see the chances of advancement out of this area is extremely slim. Keep working but enjoy the ride because for most, all they’ll leave with the experience they had.
  5. There was PPE at 196 and 238 were the only others I saw from the “area”. https://ontariohockeyleague.com/draft/2022
  6. I think that’s a good idea - definitely has potential imho.
  7. I’m sure people won’t agree with me, but I’ve seen more development come from quality camps, lessons and training than arbitrarily playing on the next higher A team. Obviously there’s a point where you don’t want to be playing way below one’s skill level, but saving that extra 2-10k per year and investing it into the aforementioned will get the best bang for the Buck.
  8. That’s a blast from the past. I believe when WJ had a team, that’s where they played out of.
  9. This seems to be the going norm now. Advertised tryouts seconds after they’re eligible and endless rounds of supplemental tryouts throughout the summer.
  10. This brings up a good point that a majority of parents in WPA just aren’t knowledgeable. Mostly not their fault, but makes them extremely vulnerable and fomo and some ego are often to blame. Caveat Emptor.
  11. You definitely do not need “exposure” or to play AAA to play t3 juniors.
  12. There was a period of time Cal played out of BP Bladerunners I believe. I’m assuming it would be a less than desirable move back given that it’s down to one sheet now and a further trek - but potentially necessary.
  13. I I have a feeling teams would have tryouts in December-January if they could.
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