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  1. It may have but it’s a valid question. If this guy has no skin in the game, then why the aggressive interest and calling people morons?
  2. They’re down to one full season team (12u) and are scrambling to put together a couple teams to enter in a few tournaments.
  3. Probably not. There’s like 15 people willing to officiate between Steubenville and Altoona so yeah, the pool is lean.
  4. Both programs would be far better or combining.
  5. Hard to do when your tier 2 program draws from multiple other other organizations, unless you’re implying they can do it from Altoona alone.
  6. Good luck. More teams participating is a good thing!
  7. Used to frequently from as far as Pittsburgh, State College, Williamsport etc. Now they are having a hard time even getting interest from their own back yard. Tough to justify the cost when you have parents coaching when you’re going up against guys like Grafton, Mish, Bishop, Haines etc just down the road and guys like Bradley and McQuillan in HS.
  8. Wait. They barely have enough kids to field 1-2 teams from 10-18U and no girls but they’re going to go to BY teams!?
  9. Yep. What do you do when your kid isn’t good enough to make the team otherwise?
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