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  1. Nothing at all. What is wrong is being so cutthroat about all of this. My point is in the end, what does it get you?
  2. Funny. All this just to have your kid pay to play club hockey for Slippery Rock.
  3. It may have but it’s a valid question. If this guy has no skin in the game, then why the aggressive interest and calling people morons?
  4. They’re down to one full season team (12u) and are scrambling to put together a couple teams to enter in a few tournaments.
  5. Probably not. There’s like 15 people willing to officiate between Steubenville and Altoona so yeah, the pool is lean.
  6. Hard to do when your tier 2 program draws from multiple other other organizations, unless you’re implying they can do it from Altoona alone.
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