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  1. Unmarked suv with internal light bar and plain clothes gentleman.
  2. Was at Baierl today. Someone called Covid enforcement and they came. Talked to them on the way in when they asked me about what was going on inside. No idea what the outcome of that is but everyone was minding their p’s and q’s so idk what the problem was.
  3. Is the requirement still 10 games to qualify? Just wondering if they wouldn’t try to minimize that requirement or if that is the justification?
  4. Idk which I’m more shocked about. The above or the fact they actually updated their website.
  5. https://www.mcall.com/coronavirus/mc-nws-coronavirus-wolf-virus-dec30-20201230-5rsqcsvwlfb4zem43hkvucinmu-story.html
  6. There’s been more than a few entities out there who have gotten heads up before the rest. The latest I’ve heard is that Jan 15 would be the reopening with very strict control eg (25 people again).
  7. I wonder if they’re still clinging to the belief that it makes players more creative and better puck handlers.
  8. They might be down on enrollment but they’ll make up the deficit through the taxpayer. SRU is not a private institution.
  9. There’s been virtually no decline in cases or hospitalizations in the past week that isn’t coordinated with a similar decline in the amount of tests given. I don’t see how the restrictions are lifted in anyway in January.
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