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  1. Youve bashed “smaller” (see inferior) organizations repeatedly on this bored, while acting hokey and as if people can’t see through your thinly veiled act as to who you are and what you’re advocating.
  2. Obviously you have an ax to grind with smaller organizations. Shouldn’t they opposite be true? If an organization can field 7 teams, wouldn’t they have more money and resources?
  3. It sounds like you’ve just completed your first level cep and had your head pumped full from the good idea fairies from usa hockey. kids get better by playing the game. Not by constant whistles and stoppage of play. There is no proof that automatic offside has made anyone a better player. It’s simply there because it’s easier for newer and unskilled officials to make the call than managing the numbers of delayed off sides. Same with icing at all times. It makes it easier to just call an icing regardless of game context. Creativity on the penalty kill is about the last thing you want to be teaching young players. Positioning, reading passes etc on the other hand…
  4. The diligence this team took is what it takes to be moved. Whining, using one game score etc won’t cause a team to be moved.
  5. In theory, sunshine, rainbows and magical skills. In reality just one whistle after another, no flow and even less continuous play.
  6. Ive found the exact opposite to be true, where one or two good players cause an entire team to be bumped up several levels above their ability. So it’s a case by case scenario.
  7. I’d say as a whole they do a pretty darn good job. Is it perfect? Far from it. There usually is a team that’s probably too good for a division and a team that has no business being there…that being said it’s a far far cry better than it was competitive wise than it was 10, 20 and 30 years ago.
  8. https://www.pahockey.com/teamplacement As it’s been said on here already. The likelihood of moving from the initial placement to a different division, let alone appealing after final placement is extremely low.
  9. This is pretty much what this whole post is calling for. Creating a whole new AA division, specially catered to 1-2 teams because mommy and daddy can bear to have their kid not called AA for a season. Listen, if you’re that worried that your kid as a 11 year old can’t even share the same sheet of ice with a 12 year old, regardless of level, that’s a big problem. Regardless if programs want to go full independent to avoid it, that’s their choice. An expensive and busy one but who cares from anyone in the league or not on the predators pee wee team. We’ve given about 100 scenarios why it’s generally a bad idea and what might work but RJ only will accept the creation of a new division to cater to one team, allegedly in the name of saving pahl hockey.
  10. Maybe ask them and find out why they are leaving instead of speculating on here? A few BY teams leaving for a season isn’t going to affect PAHL in the slightest.
  11. At this point I think the league would have better success focusing on making Eastern and Western divisions at the non AA level first, then worrying about parody. Nobody wants to go to Johnstown, State College or Altoona and vice versa for 4-6 hours round trip to play a 1 hour game.
  12. Which leaving to go to another program isn’t always feasible due to cost or travel. So idk what the best solution is. I think true parody won’t really ever be achieved across the board, and that’s sort of the business pahl tried to get into with these placements and dozens of division levels.
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