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  1. Tryout and be good enough to be part of the top 20-25?
  2. Shouldn’t the eastern part of the state be basically open class based on that?
  3. You should share the team. The league. The coaches’ backgrounds and the cost.
  4. Neither SF or Armstrong are that good tbh. I’m sure this will catch a lot of butthurt responses but they won’t be good enough to compete for a state title.
  5. Just stay away from Mon Valley, Cambria, Johnstown, Altoona and State College. Usually the biggest clownshows come from there. Inter-city within Pittsburgh you should be alright.
  6. Can you elaborate on the choice they play for part? I’m just trying to figure it out in the state. Thanks!
  7. Can you share with us the rules differences between the two sides of the state? I had heard the Eastern side has a distinct advantage in eligibility and player pool.
  8. I agree. But I also don’t know of too many HS programs that will turn their nose up to having a AAA player on their roster. Not saying it’s right.
  9. Possibly in the past. Not true now unless they’re playing without “permission”. Can’t share names here nor would I want to but it wouldn’t be too hard to compare rosters.
  10. Not entirely true for PPE players. My understanding is they can’t play HS and miss PPE practices and games but can still play HS. Now whether or not they would want to us a different story. I think some of these programs to include even some tier II programs are playing 60-90 games plus practices, with most weekends being 3-5 games in 2-3 days. That’s an insane amount imho- but if that’s what people want to do, more power to them. I just don’t think for overall development it’s the best nor should people feel compelled to. The body and mind can only take so much.
  11. I don’t want anyone here to miss their opportunity for their kids to play AAA mite.
  12. The lowest game total on McCort’s roster I believe is 14. That’s not a mistake. 10. Would be a mistake. Repeatedly doing it is negligence. Paid representatives of the league enter this information as league representatives. Unless you’re telling me the job description is to do little more than pure data entry? No. Note paragraph 11 below So yes. We can all applaud Latrobe moving forward. With about 3 days to scramble to find ice and prep for the next opponent. Does the responsibility of the action fall on McCort? Absolutely. Does the responsibility of facilitating the league and playoffs fall in PIHL? I guess not? We shouldn’t just say oopsie and “boys will be boys” and keep making the same mistakes over again. That’s insulting to those paying for it and to those trying to make some legitimacy to local hockey. My overarching point is McCort should be held accountable. The responsible league reps should be held accountable. Those who supervise the league reps should be accountable. Finally those who are entrusted with the total operation of the league should be held accountable. Or not and just keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result
  13. To be clear, I am not absolving responsibility in any way shape or form in McCort. What I am asking is, what did the league do in the timeframe from the last day of the regular season with the information they received? Just use it as a coaster for a coffee mug? The whole league looks bad that this wasn’t reviewed or caught by the league before the game was played. So what else is being missed?
  14. Maybe it’s an unreasonable expectation that an organization who his paid by its participants and member organizations to facilitate a league actually provides that service and enforces its rules and bylaws, oh maybe before the fact, not after. Had this not somehow been caught, it never would’ve been known. The second and third order plus effects of this goes beyond a forfeit of a single game.
  15. All I’m saying is the league owns a lot of this for not monitoring this game by game and allowing the waste of time of a playoff game to even be played that had to be forfeited. ALOT of money goes into allegedly doing what wasn’t done. You all are paying for it that has kids in the league. You’d think there would be some more calls for accountability from the league here on this one as well as the school.
  16. What I mean is they should know who is eligible to play and who isn’t before game one of the playoffs. You do in midam. You do in any other respectable league. Besides. Who entered it into the Pihl website that they had enough games? Teams don’t do that themselves and every player on the team showed over 10 games. Sounds like the league DOES have some culpability in this.
  17. Shouldn’t PIHL have already vetted playoff rosters before they even started?
  18. I’ll bet my paycheck that none of this will matter come this time next year.
  19. Ah great. Now it’s time for the faux high school hockey discussion.
  20. Fair warning. If the weather turns or a game gets cancelled for other reasons, it’s rarely updated.
  21. This board has basically turned into “which AAA team is faux today.” Time and place for that? Yes. But it’s getting pretty stale. It’s expected though. That’s the self created pinnacle of these people’s existence when it comes to living through their kids.
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