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  1. With as many teams that play out of RMU already ( along with RMU's program being resurrected and their in-house programs) I can't see this happening.
  2. You are not worth the time or effort. Run along and go find someone else and bore them to death.
  3. Clowns like you look in the mirror and admire themselves while talking out loud about how much they know about the game since nobody in real life could stand listening to you in person for more that two minutes. We all know your story, what you know, who you know, who your kid was, what programs are faux, which ones are real while indirectly talking shit about kids that don't fit your message while you change the subject when you get called out for being wrong. I never said ANYTHING about the NAHL kid - zero, nada. Nothing about him playing NAHL or PIHL. You are projecting to try and make a point which is important to the likes of you. Keep patting yourself on the back, since nobody else can stand you long enough to do it for you.
  4. Well, he did not play on a NAHL team at 17 years old because he is 16 years old. Math is not that hard. He did not play for a PPE team ranked in the top 5-10 but he does play for a team that beat your beloved PPE. Sure you saw him play last year. Sure.
  5. And I quote - "Peters doesn’t have anyone near this kids pedigree or talent. This kid has played 1.5 seasons in the NAHL - Pihl varsity aaa is going to move so slow compared to what he’s been playing." Proving once again you have no clue as to what you are talking about. You've seen PT play? Seen some of their best players that are two years younger than the NAHL kid on the SHAHA team that is currently ranked in the top 20? Of course you haven't. But keep on keeping on - that is what you do best.
  6. NP has always been one of the more transparent organizations with regards to their program / details. https://www.wildcatshockey.net/page/show/6437168-frequently-asked-questions
  7. Bro you are so combative on this thread - why? Do you think I was referring to some kind of jamboree in Cleveland? For heavens sake and everyone else's here - move on.
  8. I said “showcases” in my post - do you need a direct quote? “If a player plays in the right tournaments / showcases and is of higher level talent, he will get noticed.” Oh never mind.
  9. “Being at Esmark matters.” Posters here have laid out where Esmark currently lies at each level. One of the guys you mention? His team is ranked 45th at Tier 1 and 5th in MidAm out of ten teams. Call me underwhelmed. In prior posts on this forum you said things become important for players at the checking level. Then it was U16. Now it is only U18. Keep moving those goal posts. If a player plays in the right tournaments / showcases and is of higher level talent, he will get noticed.
  10. I am sure the powers that be at BB are listening and are aware of this.
  11. Good lord we are now back with the “AAA faux” bullshit? Parents will drive their kids an extra 15-20 minutes for a better coaching / development experience if that is what other programs are offering.
  12. Take a typical LTP program as an example: - 40 kids per group @ $175 per kid for each 50 minute ice slot = $7,000, now divide into ten ice slots = $700 for an hour of ice time including an ice cut for an entire LTP season. They are making hand over fist on ice time, and isn't the equipment donated by Dick's?
  13. Pens LTP can range for $140-$220 for ice time - everything else is free. And to see other rinks / groups get involved at this level is encouraging as Pens have been the one and only since its inception. I see BB acquiring rinks such as Rostraver is a huge win as it keeps it in the hockey community as opposed to selling to an outside group and converting to a church. We have PLENTY of those already. And if BB puts together a competitive league to PAHL, even better.
  14. "I'd also like to know what your qualifications are to make such a statement." Oh god here we go again. Be careful of what you wish for and I can quote point by point on his "qualifications" because he has stated them here on this forum a hundred+ times, while talking down others that disagree with him. Indirectly he has called levels, teams and players "garbage." He's quite the guy.
  15. Aww, how cute. Another swing and a miss. We have heard your story and your kid's ad nauseam but keep drinking the PPE Kool-Aid. The straw must be really, really long.
  16. No mention of U16 Tier 1 and what is developing there with local talent - how convenient.
  17. ”None will be in the top 40 by December and are not legit AA in my opinion.” You seem to have pretty strong opinions on teams I am betting you have never seen play.
  18. The sarcasm on this thread is thick and heavy…….I kinda like it.
  19. Never said I cared what local team he was on - reread my comment. I just found the authors reference of “I think he is on that SHAHA team” with an emphasis of “I think” was rather humorous.
  20. “I think he is on that SHAHA team.” Lol Thanks for the recon SHAHA dad.
  21. It appears the bloom is clearly off of the rose for the Pens 06 team which is now 5-6 and got handled yesterday rather easily by NJ 5-1 in one of the many "consolation games" from the USHL tournament. https://myhockeyrankings.com/team_info.php?y=2022&t=3895 In looking at their roster and seeing where the players are from, maybe they should change their 3rd alternate jersey from the current version pictured here to say the following: FL MI AK CA NY NS ONT PA
  22. Many players are opting to play High School hockey only, more so now than any time I can recall.
  23. All good points, which reminds me of this past years March Madness where 15 seed St. Peter’s defeated two seed Kentucky……….
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