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  1. Don't know about masks and such as I had stopped in there in May (when they were still required) and was told that a waiver was needed to remain in the facility..... I did not "remain in the facility". Take it for what it is, just reporting a little first hand experience.... Not saying it's good or bad, but then again I no longer have any real reason to go into very many of the rinks in western PA anymore.
  2. Heard that EVERYONE that enters the rink has to sign a waiver..... players, coaches, fans, everyone....
  3. So they are finally making the changes in how to call checking that they should have made back in 2005..... I applaud the body checking changes.
  4. Too many people that I know are passing way too soon lately.....
  5. Are the rinks still using that electronic score sheet system? IIRC I think that it might be linked to MHR somehow.
  6. Thanks for the intelligent and peaceful discussion.... I really think that it's got the potential to be a lose\lose situation no matter what. Face it, the money brought in by King football and Prince Basketball goes a long way towards funding a whole lot of the rest of the university budget. Take that away and a whole lot of educational programs go away (or the price goes up even further)....... If you wanted to eliminate the scholarships entirely and start paying athletes then how do you keep them (the players) "affordable"? How about keeping them from jumping ship to another school every season? Collective bargaining? Remember it's not just football\basketball\hockey, it's EVERY SPORT...... Huge can 'o worms that would get kicked over.... Here's my solution - only half (or so) tongue in cheek: 1- Players can sign whatever endorsement deals they want, but the NCAA still has contractual control over what is allowed to be displayed during any team function. 2 - Keep the scholarships, but limit them to only the first school that the player accepts it from. If a player jumps schools they are not eligible for another athletic scholarship unless they reimburse the first school in full. 3 - Get more money for the players and schools from the gambling entities.
  7. Yeah, except where would the basketball team practice every day? Remember that both are winter sports and it costs a whole lot less to just turn on the lights than it does to keep a 17,00 square foot ice cube frozen.
  8. Wait, What? Huge Supply? You must be including all those faux AAA teams in your accounting..... LOL (I did say that I was bored and that I got a new canoe paddle to stir shit up with!)
  9. Also trying to think about this one from the bigger picture of all athletics and not just hockey...... I am not saying I am for or against this, just want to expand the conversation in this place beyond the usual faux AAA threads.
  10. OK, I'm bored and just go a new canoe paddle to stir the pot with..... this one might really upset the apple cart since a lot of the "amateur hockey industry" is based of getting little johnny or jenny a D1 scholarship. D3 does not have athletic scholarships.... Why should D1? And with the push to pay the athletes these days, an athletic scholarship is basically compensation for their play, so why is the value of an athletic scholarship not taxable income?
  11. Sounds familiar. I also seem to remember recommendations to increase neck strength to help reduce the whiplash effect.
  12. I believe that there were studies done.... I don't know\remember details anymore. It may have been a result\recommendation of the various concussion studies that recommended that we try to limit the potential of brain injury due to collision\contact based on and age-development curve.
  13. Yes, Absolutely agree..... Likely a byproduct of an ADM skills in small areas mentality and most folks (mis)understanding of the full development model.) Like I said, "We need to teach the teachers mo-better than we have been."
  14. Quad, I see that we basically agree..... I do get wound up over the folks here constantly putting down a major part of the backbone of youth hockey - "Dad\Parent Coaches". Pre ADM a lot of them simply stepped up when their kid was a mite or mini-mite simply because they needed a coach to have a team and learned as much as they could on the job. Some got good and other not so much. Over the last 40 odd years I've been a dad coach as well as a paid non-dad coach (long before I was a dad) and I've seen the full range of coaches from parent coaches to paid former NHLers. Some are great tacticians and game managers that could not teach the skills or the game to save their lives. Some of these were smart enough to fill out the coaching staff with coaches that could teach... others had egos that were too big and the kids suffered because of it. Some were very competent in both teaching and game management. These coaches were usually smart enough to choose assistants that filled roles and complemented each other. I've seen parent coaches that could not stand on skates but knew the game. They could communicate with the kids, teach the game, and sometimes manage the bench too. Others could teach the skills but had the hockey sense of a rock....... The community likes to put a saddle on the officials and ride them hard, but having lived my life on both sides of the boards I have to say that the USAH Officials education program is far and away better than the coaching program..... USAH coaching program is set up to force funnel coaches to level 4 on a time frame and in my opinion doesn't teach them a damn thing along the way. Oh the seminars have interesting speakers, but I don't recall seeing anything like some of the in depth discussion we had during upper level ref seminars. From the first seminar they should have discussions on how to teach each age group. There should be discussions of various drills that will teach skills and game situations. Discussions on how to set up practice plans to maximize ice use and avoid standing around. Discussions on setting up practice plans to best utilize full and half ice. By the time a coach gets to level 4 they should have a binder full of drills & notes, hours of discussion on how to utilize them and how to relate the skills to game situations. IMHO this is where we are sorely lacking.....
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