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  1. Half ice is only good for close area and skills drills, and working on O\D zone specific position\plays\schemes You cannot teach a 200 foot game in 100 feet..... No way to learn a breakout with an explosive acceleration out of the D zone and full speed transition through the neutral all the way to the net second nature.
  2. They could have presented evidence and PIHL said "Nope.... not good enough".... That's why I asked if the PIHL prez can make a unilateral executive decision contrary to (or circumventing) established rules? Might come down to how the PIHL rules are written. Could we see a re-write for clarification over the summer?
  3. SO lets spitball here: What if Montour has some written documentation from the former president in which (he) says the goalie is good to go.... Is his word law even if the proper PIHL procedures are not followed and paperwork filed? Can the president unilaterally over rule established rules and procedures? Montour files paperwork based on the "Ok: the got from the former prez (believing that there is no issue and no need to mark the transfer student check box). PAHL rubber stamps paperwork at the start of the season as they have no (check mark) to alert them to look deeper. Mistake is found (reported to them?) just in time for playoff roster audits....... Judge Wapner and Judge Judy what sayeth ye?
  4. Three - U19 Steel City Select girls But they never give the girls any credit or publicity if they aren't PPE.
  5. I have said many times that, for an unbiased tryout, they should provide shells & socks and require black or white helmets with no team logos for these "tryouts". When I coached and evaluated tryouts players asked me what they could do to "get noticed". I told players going to tryouts to get some bright colored socks that would stand out then do your best because the eye is drawn to what stands out. If they were doing good things the evaluator would more frequently\easily notice the kid in the "bright socks" - but it works both ways and definitely works against you if you shit the bed. I have also seen quite a few times where "lemon heads" were picked over players that IMHO clearly out performed them.
  6. I believe that most of PAHL is contracted with PIHO. They would need to not renew and then hire a scheduler that is familiar with the pool of officials and be respected (by the officials) enough for them to be willing to skate for them. I guarantee that the officials will not skate for less money with the amount of cash flying around hockey these days. And I guarantee that the "better officials" will have their pick what games and what orgs they skate - more so than now- so if you think you have crappy officials now, just wait. BTW - just in case you were wondering about why you keep seeing the same zebras, or maybe you think you only get the zebras that need more seasoning, there may be a reason..... There are orgs and just specific teams that many officials refuse to skate for (maybe it's the players, maybe the coaches, maybe the parents, maybe the pay rate.... everyone has their own reasons)..... part of the availability we used to fill out included the ability to blacklist rinks and teams. Your team or org might be one that they hold their nose and get the check up front. No matter how you cut it, it's a losing situation..... At least WPHOA was non-profit and actually did develop some good officials.... not saying that there were not a few under developed officials and a few lost causes that were only interested in the money..... Maybe the big bad bear will try to monopolize the scheduling of officials too..... I could see a real officials Union forming..... If that happens I'll bring the hot dogs and popcorn!
  7. When did it change from playing hockey because you love the game or your kid loves the game or you shared your love of the game with your kid to the dumpster fire we have now? In the mid 1990's we had ~130 or so HS varsity programs between West Penn, South Hills and Lake Shore HS leagues , one tier 1 org and PAHL teams were fairly competitive within their divisions. and to be totally fair: When did it go from officiating to give back to the game to skating for the money?
  8. Happy Hockey Fan, Unless you are a member of USAH district or national staff, or in a position of administration in a league, you have no right to expect to see such a list of evals any more than you have a right to see the nightly evaluations of NHL officials. AND NO, you do not pay the officials' game fees.... you pay money for your kid to play at xyz org and xyz org in turn pays money to play in abc league... It Is abc league that is responsible for providing officials for their league games and in turn pay for the officials so if anyone gets to see such a list it should be the folks responsible for running the league - not some pissed off self important parent. Just like eval lists, discipline of officials is not normally something made public. I know of two officials that received 1 year USAH suspensions and many other occasions where officials were removed from the schedule for a month or more. The leagues were notified of the actions but it wasn't posted on the interwebs to satisfy the need for a pound of flesh.... Does the HR department where you work send out a memo to all employees detailing infractions and disciplinary actions taken against employees?
  9. More and More I am happy that I am no longer involved in WPA hockey in any way and that it is unlikely that I will have any grandkids swirling around in the potential cesspool of the new system.
  10. USA Hockey will not PAY for evaluators. National staff tells the district staff that this is to be "funded at the grass roots level" which means the eval coordinator has to go find funding on their own. ANd there is the matter od who will evaluate.... We already acknowledge that we don't have enough officials to actually skate games so where do evaluators come from.... the active officials are gonna skate for the bigger bucks and the retired officials are so disillusioned with USA Hockey, and the attitudes of the parents, players, coaches, and YES the OFFICIALS THEMSELVES that we don't want any part of it anymore..... And generally speaking, the evaluators are supposed to maintain a low profile so they might be there and you never know it.
  11. Slight correction on PIHO .... Yes ,Zach is\was the director - or whatever title - I don't know exactly how it is set up (corp,LLC, etc) but Zach and IIRC at least one other local official founded PIHO and he basically "owns" it. Do your own research on this, don't take my word for it..... It was basically a hostile takeover of WPHOA. Same officials for more money with a minor increase to the officials pay rate.....
  12. Yup and before that, they played out of the Golden Hole as Eastern......
  13. Just to clarify the "badger confusion" a little, the Allegheny Badgers were created when the old Eastern org slip into two factions - AHA Badgers and IIRC Am Pens? Oh, and speaking of AHA Badgers, when Center Ice Area was bought by Black Bear I was told that one of the first things they did was pull 30 years of AHA's PAHL banners down and toss them in the dumpster......
  14. Has someone PM an addition to the ladies list: Mira Rolin, Concordia Ann Arbor (scored first 2 goals in program history) Lexi Hooper, Northwood
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