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  1. hey popcorn... Do some meaningful research before you start spouting shit outa your pie hole! A couple years ago (2017 maybe?) I looked at the historical girls hockey registration numbers for all of USAH for the previous 10 years. Mid-Am historically ranks very near the bottom in total girls registration numbers by district and might be dead last at the National bound levels when compared to all of the other USAH Districts. Add to it that Mid-Am's numbers are spread across 5 states..... and just maybe you can see why there are not that many teams to compete against. If I remember correctly, if
  2. Congratulations to 2021 SCS Girls 14U - Bronze Medal 16U - Silver Medal 19U - Bronze Medal
  3. Depends on whether you gauged success ONLY by winning the national championship: Steel City Selects Girls 2021: 14U - Lost in Semi Finals 19U - Lost in Semi Finals 16U - Lost in Championship game
  4. To strictly answer the question, girls can multi roster but cannot participate in both girls and boys district\nationals - ya gotta pick one but for girls it is definitely a benefit to play coed up through at least one year of checking if possible. They will hopefully learn to play more aggressively and deal with the body contact much better than if they played only girls. Pros: more practice time, faster speed of play, more physicality Cons: Burnout from too many games and too many practices (yes I said that). You could be on the ice 7 days a week with days that you have multiple g
  5. Many organizations do give coaches input in the team make up - I've been there a few times. I personally don't give a flying fuck how long a team has been together.... ANYONE can be replaced at any time..... AND Just maybe some of the "entitled core kids" and their parents need to experience that to stay hungry and keep working to fulfil their potential. I've seen many times where the kids that are deemed to be the core of the team may have the individual talent and potential, but all too often are arrogant, lack discipline, have a poor work ethic in practice that affects the whole teams devel
  6. Bender, that's just my opinion on where I would start to reform the tryout process.... take it for whatever you value it as. I think that you need to set a definite hierarchy of expected skill level with the top getting first crack at the talent.... The only thing I would change\add would be that I would have a lottery for tryout week so that teams couldn't intentionally schedule to conflict with competitors. Do that from top down. There is nothing there that says a team HAS to have open tryouts -they can fill their roster by invitation only..... they just have a specific date that they can ac
  7. The grumpy one says with tongue firmly in cheek: But, But, But........ How else can you do all summer team building stuff like off ice conditioning, and Dek, and 3 on3 and, chalk talk .... and... and.... and... Oh, BTW - we aren't saying not to go on that trip to Disney with your extended family and the kids 75 year old grandparents that they haven't seen in 10 years, but you will be missing the team pool party\cookout\parental drunk fest..... We all know how you have to fit in with the parental soap opera. People will talk about you if you aren't there. If the GrumpyOldP
  8. Good breakdown MrFreeze... A good OLD SCHOOL figures coach will be well versed in edges but if they are much under 40 or so they learned after they stopped the "patch" edge work as the requirement for compulsory school figures (edges) in competitions was removed in 1988. The newer figure coaches seem to concentrate more on how to do the jumps and spins, and less on the edges and footwork..... That said, Old School power skating is the foundation that good technique is built on. It's how to efficiently use your edges and balance. The hard pard isn't teaching them the edges and the power s
  9. Watched the whole game... This was AA???? The kid that got dumped into the box was standing straight up, if he had bent his knees. lowered his shoulder and center of gravity the Pred would have bounced off! Again, this is AA??? As for the crap in the corner.... I don't know or care what was called on the BS in the corner but you could have tossed two on each side by what I saw. Let the state police and the lawyers deal with the parents.... Until they start paying a real price for their poor behavior it will keep happening.
  10. I can confirm that officials are NOT permitted to remove\change an assessed penalty from the score sheet for any reason. What they ARE allowed to do is correct a clerical error like a penalty recorded incorrectly ie: a Misconduct penalty recorded as a Game Misconduct, etc. It can get messy if there was an incident at the end of the game and things get written down on the sheet as they are discussing the situation and deciding on what to assess. Situations like that should initially be recorded on a separate sheet of paper, reviewed and then transferred to the scoresheet when they are satisfied
  11. I said it when ADM was thrust upon us.... "Squirt is gonna be the new mite. We will be teaching them things as 9-10 yr olds." I can remember seeing mite AA teams doing perfect breakouts and neutral zone regroups with D to D passes!
  12. Talk about thread drift...... Since you brought up ADM, Do any of you remember when the USAH ADM guru/director/whatever his title was came to town to demonstrate the ADM stations type practice when they were originally shoving it up our collective ass? I discussed the ADM program with him for a bit said that I did/do agree that ADM has it's benefits and added that I was running practices that way when i could since the 80's. Two big issues that I saw with the ADM program at that point were there was no formal plan in place to transition players from cross ice to full ice when their skill
  13. I coached off and on over the last 37 years, USAH L4 for about 25 years but never bothered to make the time to earn my L5 Masters. I know what you mean about the clinics being cookie cutter useless these days. Way back when, I seem to remember them being a lot less cookie cutter... more like a day long round table. Before 2000 every coach that I worked with had played, could skate, could demonstrate drills and techniques, and could explain game situations in a way the players understood. After 2000 I always had at least one coach (or more) that had never played and could not skate. Frankly I w
  14. USAH HAS addressed the mental side..... you are supposed to buy "IntelliGym" from them. I am only halfway joking on this...... Looks like it may be useful albeit IMHO too expensive.
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