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    Ever wonder how there came to be two associations in PAHL with the BADGERS nickname? According to the links below, Allegheny adopted the name in 1992 and Beaver adopted the name shortly thereafter in 1993. Both associations were proudly honoring the late Badger Bob Johnson of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Badger Bob coached the Pens to their first Stanley Cup in 1991, but passed away shortly after the victory. Beaver Badgers history: https://beaverhockey.teamsnapsites.com/history/ Allegheny Badgers history: https://www.ahabadgers.com/page/show/2101767-about-allegheny-hockey
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    How do you even gauge an 8-U team as AA???
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    I just don't get why everyone is so quick to bash other organizations. There are plenty of parents whose kids love hockey and want to play and practice a lot. So, they aren't the best kids but the parents would rather have them on the ice more than other programs offer. Maybe the parents enjoy watching their kids play hockey regardless of whether they win or lose. More ice is better than playing video games. The Viper Stars do have some decent coaches. When you spend time at various rinks you quickly realize that not every coach knows what he is doing. Let alone have the ability to "coach." Every organization has some teams that are lousy. Some, have more than a few. At least the kids are still playing hockey. The people that I know (parents and kids) that are on the Viper Stars are quite happy.