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  1. 3 points
    King is definitely right here. USA Hockey is a propaganda machine and spews out this kind of stuff all of the time. Explain to be too how the ADM, which is geared primarily toward the development at the Mite level, but has practice plan ideas for Squirt and above helped Turcotte after his 12U season? Also, the direct quote says that after he was "taken into the program" he fell in love again. Well of course he did since he was in the National Program. Its not like he had a coach he didn't like and went to another amateur organization and found ADM. Each year is making it harder and harder for even regular everyday dads to be a coach. Just look at the fact that now SafeSport trainings have to be done yearly as opposed to every other year. What does that solve? Is someone going to forget in the off-year from watching those hours of videos? And as we all know, just because you watched videos, it doesn't make you a good person or prevent you from a future crime. Add too all of these rules now being forced on officials, and the way they want them to call them (banging the boards) and you are going to see fewer officials not wanting to jump through the hoops. And lets not forget limiting players with an example of MidAm placing the 2007 player rule for Middle School limiting the number of kids that can participate there. We all complain about those that chase the extra 'A' and what it is doing to AA hockey and further down to the house level. In my opinion, USA Hockey is doing the exact same thing where these rules and regulations just further limit those that can play and volunteer.
  2. 2 points
    Aww, so so cute. You get off by “likes” and people agreeing with you. Being a pompous ass towards others doesn’t make a thread more interesting - genuine thought does. You make some valid points, unfortunately it sometimes gets lost in your hostility and constant marveling at yourself. i would hate to see the mirrors in your home, all crusted with a glaze-type substance.
  3. 2 points
    I have to go with King on this one as well. His post was spot on. While it is nice that one person credited USA Hockey, it is still just one. I am so glad that my kid is now out of this mess. For me it started when they moved checking from Peewees to Bantams. They younger you get them playing contact, the earlier you can teach them the right was and the responsible way to initiate contact. For me it was a bad move. Now with this years resolution there are even more useless rules.
  4. 2 points
    The king is correct on USA Hockey.
  5. 2 points
    "Hockey propaganda" - now you have gone full Trump. I see a lot of similarities between you and him - keyboard warrior, always right even when facts stare you in the face, thinks you are smarter than anyone else in the room. SNAP! I will take the word from a family that went through the process and had a kid drafted 5th, rather than angry dad who has admittedly not have one single kid play hockey in western PA. I never knew diarrhea could actually come out of a persons mouth then transformed into words on a thread, as I thought it was medically impossible - congrats for proving me wrong. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz........... ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz........... Your filibustering does nothing other than make me laugh. Wake me when it's over.
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  7. 1 point
    If anyone saw the draft coverage when they interviewed Bill Daly then you saw him basically sum all of this up. He talked about the huge investment that the NHL undertook in USA hockey roughly ten years ago and how that has lead to what we saw this past weekend as far as the number of US players drafted in general and the NTP players in particular. What he didn't say but anyone can figure out is that this also means the NHL owns USA hockey. Not on paper, but they own them by telling them exactly how things will play out and how their amateur programs will do whatever they want whenever they want. This is the case in Buffalo, is slowly happening in Detroit (Little Caesar's) and well we all know first hand how it works here. I think Minnesota is probably the last bastion where hockey is still mostly non-corrupt.
  8. 1 point
    Aww, how cute. “Grapehead”....you just can’t help yourself by insulting me and others when it comes to challenging anything you say. I provided an actual quote, not opinion or conjecture and this is your comeback? If there is a dissenting opinion different from yours you immediately get on your soap box, insult others and insist you are right. Have you ever thought about just accepting the fact everyone doesn’t agree with you and move on? “Stay in your lane”...........at least you are good for some laughs in between your anger management med treatments.
  9. 1 point
    USA Hockey has begun the systematic elimination of any high level development out of the reach of their greedy hands via the new SafeSport and sportsmanship initiatives. It’s not dissimilar to how Allegheny County has attempted to eliminate the small contractor by way of their contractor licensing practices. What began as a necessary and immediate response to serial abuse has become a method of control for Colorado. Talk to anyone that has a clue in this area and they will tell you how these initiatives will sooner, rather than later, drive the remaining qualified and motivated coaches out of the sport. The coaching ranks are under attack by out of touch and elitist parents and administrators who can’t cede control of their children for the 2 hours they require to teach the players. USA Hockey has seized the day by ensuring that the talent they deem worthy will be channeled through avenues they control. Money, power, and influence are the motivating factors here. Think about it, if you are a USA Hockey admin in any capacity, you have had a very easy life doing very little work and the bit you did, you love. Then you see an increasing number of American born NHL draft picks who credit everyone but the National Governing body of the sport and paid everyone but said body to get them there. You start to wonder why. Theres a reason Kehller was on TV beaming at the 1st 7 Americans off the board. What program did they come from? Who gets promoted by every national TV outlet? Are there only 25 NHL quality players in the US? Now, back to the plan to eliminate the competition. If you make it impossible for any coach to do their job the right way by keeping them under constant scrutiny and legal action by the general public, you’ve basically narrowed the coaching competition to the ones under Colorado’s immediate control. They’ve put parents the peers of the coaches by way of their SafeSport and Sportsmanship initiatives. So for an area like Pittsburgh, who is short on competent and motivated coaches as it is, and who’s parent situation is one of the worst in the nation, you can get used to a major drop off in any NHL talent coming out of this cesspool
  10. 1 point
    Elite mites aren't eligible yet or we would have seen a much higher number.
  11. 1 point
    Quoting rtruth "Didn't BV's "NEW" board run tryouts this season? I'm glad you didn't put hat under the FACTS paragraph. You talk about posting negative and false posts,your kid must have been the one that didn't make the "Mite Elite Team"! " I'm sure you know this but, here it is for everyone else. I was referring to previous years tryouts. BV's "NEW" board did not run tryouts this year. They had an outside group of individuals (PHA ran tryouts ) so as to end the long-standing BV tradition of hand selecting a certain team, ie the 04 team. Another fact, this group of parents was so upset about there actually being fair tryouts that they asked the rink ownership if they could just put their team together .... a clear violation of USA Hockey rules (closed tryouts) .... you would think the Pahl president would know better. Once again, please feel free to confirm this with the rink management. More facts, I never had a kid play or tryout for any BV team, so there goes that "sour parent" tune you are trying to play. I did have a kid play for Fritz several years ago. Besides his over the top ego, he's not a bad guy. Speaking of sour parents, based on your very few posts, you seem to know a lot about the 04 BV team. Now, your post makes perfect sense.
  12. 1 point
    Is it? At the 05 level, it may even be A Major. Maybe.
  13. 1 point
    Didn't BV's "NEW" board run tryouts this season? I'm glad you didn't put hat under the FACTS paragraph. You talk about posting negative and false posts,your kid must have been the one that didn't make the "Mite Elite Team"!
  14. 1 point
    The Bantam birth year team at NP is a good group hockey players. Will be interested in where they play and how they do.
  15. 1 point
    No, I meant that their ability to penalize the kids for any banging on the boards is annoying.
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