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    I think this is what he's looking for... PRESEASON 1920 Groups_Game Slotting 12U_14U_16U_18U.xlsx
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    14U https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRy72oUZqwCiJ7sW82K3IwCSpebQP9dEldHflaksqpGK-eK6s2yXBSFYse3p5I2P_jjEziGuOGP5YRI/pubhtml 16U https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSm4YjmqoZgrFBHY1bDm-pJcj3w652CaMHA9cep55S3wW-D2cDRPvd1-WKTt9ZMafEBkm3gSWcNePtZ/pubhtml 18U https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSqnaNSkI2rw47z1YLWzaZGODC0FmHdzww3bjp_Ew-raa5Y6K2dyHfztPalPiHfJiTehMUO5Mmi_Jg5/pubhtml
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    @jmmartinprov1 Your son is very talented. And he will definitely see more shots this year. Good call on your part.
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    Herein lies the problem that most of us have. AAA is supposed to be the top teams in the country. If you give each USAH District 2 teams and then allow hotbeds and larger metro areas some extra teams, that probably tops at 25-30. For giggles let's say it is 50 teams. Anything beyond that is not AAA hockey. Now, if you want to pay the same amount to play against the next group of 50 teams and justify it by how much the coach costs, and the gym fees are,etc. knock yourself out. Those of us that think it is a money grab figure you could have the same hockey experience for less money, less travel and less stress. It is your money. Unfortunately, this is the state of youth sports today. It is a $15.5 Billion market. Enjoy your sportcation this summer.
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    Here in lies the problem. I don’t blame you for this, it’s sounds like this is your first time through this. Uneducated Hockey Parent my oldest son is not playing ncaa d1 he’s playing acha d1. There is a big difference. You also contradicted yourself. You stated the players on your current predators team played in the Pahl AA championship but then reply that Lebo team is still together. In fact one of the few changes on the Lebo aa team was your son getting cut for the vengeance goalie. Spend your money however you like, it’s yours. I’m just calling out a money grab when I see it. The U15 “AAA” predators are a straight money grab. Plan and simple. On fees you forgot to included the $800 for gold ppe wanna be Helmets & predator gloves. Add in another 3k or so in travel expenses. These players could take half that money and use it on private instruction through out the year that would help develop them much better than getting stomped by mid level aaa teams. If you want your son to see more shots, he definitely will! Hope his confidence doesn’t get broken, I’ve seen that happen to goalies when they let in 8 goals a game because the team in front of them has no business playing at the level they are.
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    I heard a coach tell one parent this and I agree. Just because your kid plays AAA doesn't make him a AAA player.
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