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  1. It's real simple. Just follow the money. In the end, the Western PA taxpayers will have paid and the machine will have somehow bled another rock dry. Think...... URA purchased the building. Where doe the URA get their funding? Penguins Foundation, where do they get their funding?
  2. High level pedigree is much more of a prerequisite for skills instructors as opposed to team Coaches.
  3. That's one of the perils with non-parent coaches, they often times regard it as "their" team and make decisions based upon their own personal agenda. It's incumbent upon the organizations to keep them in line.
  4. Right, that's it. The "crowd" is 2 sections. And that's the issue. They can't make enough money to justify it. They used to do it..... and then the $ became far more important than the game or the players or the fans.
  5. So, with all of the effort that has been put forth for this to happen is it safe to assume that the recent news of the Penguins sale was an impulse move? It seems like Burkle and 66 must have been sitting there recently and said to each other....... well, the team sucks right now and we can't sell tickets to anyone. Time to sell and let it be someone else's problem. Oh..... and just to belabor another point, I guess this group will go down in history of having completely failed the very community that they promised a complete redevelopment of their neighborhood.
  6. That he is and it's a strong possibility that he will be shearing the beard in the spring.
  7. The Armstrong players were not the problem here. Poorly-parented students, adults in the stands, security, the Riverhawk board members and Coaches all have some responsibility that they failed to act upon. The players were/are to do what to satisfy you, Sutton. This is going affect them for a long time both on and off the ice. Maybe, just maybe it's time to stop the rhetoric and start the healing process? Not saying forget it and move on, saying find ways to bring the game back to together.
  8. Sutton, I don't think anyone is treating it as eh, just Armstrong. It's just that it's a behavior that has gone on there since the 80's and possibly longer. Something definitely needs done. It will be interesting to see how it is handled at a variety of levels from the Arrows Hockey program to the School District to the PIHL and MidAm. It's difficult for me to say at what level the officials are culpable, but one thing is for sure and that is that incidents like this that will continue to cause officials to stop skating games.
  9. This is even hard to believe for Armstrong. Every year they have multiple incidents there that make you scratch your head, but this is really BAD!!!
  10. And there it is, the "fake news". They left because one of the main driving forces behind the move has an older kid there and has his deals in place. They left because a move to Esmark was going to catapult them into the top 30. Check the rankings from last year #60 to this year #64, and what do you know you are who you are. Jersey change and non-parent Coach and still the same results. You want to talk about a group who think they all have the next NHL player, that's the group.
  11. I'm not sure how much D1 hockey schools are scouting any Jr League other than USHL and the majority of those players are already committed. They are committing players so young now (although I think they finally addressed that recently) or there are some players who develop later that they are just watching those few. What will be interesting is to see how the many commitments of recent local players actually pan out. PE had quite a few at the 02 and 03 levels and some of those have already not panned out.
  12. 100% but in their minds, writing the check makes them completely educated.
  13. You think?? The CC Hockey President is also the Pens President.
  14. There is a lot of push back from the neighborhood. One has to ask a question though, with all of the hoops that are in need of being jumped through for this, what is the reward at the end?
  15. I agree with the concept, but there does need to be some sort gray area, doesn't there? Where the two sort of overlap each other.
  16. Now, we're turning the burners up to high. Mid-October, people realize that their team expectations were too high coupled with parent dreams being crushed make for great theater on here.
  17. I don't think you're following the riddle correctly. No players are involved, only politicians and activists.
  18. Exactly!! And those players aren't at that level because those "tenders" are handed out like Halloween candy to NAPHL players. That league is weak. At best.
  19. And again, and again and again. Don't forget that every year there is a new group of starry-eyed parents whom need educated.
  20. And in another week, you'll be be able to go to those teams websites which tendered each of them and see that most if not all will have been cut and looking for a place to play. A Tender doesn't mean anything other than you don't have to pay to tryout. EVERY team in the NAHL is required to tender a specified number of NAPHL players each season. I don't know what that number is but if you look at the quality of most of the other teams in the NAPHL, it's no surprise that Esmark gets a lot of those tenders for their players. They consistently have of the top teams in the 18U age group each season.
  21. Your 06 and 05 are inverted. 06 is Allegheny 05 is Steel City
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