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  1. Well, that calendar is going to need another update. They are on March 25-28 now.
  2. So many thoughts..... which direction to go? Non-sarcastic answer - you can't just switch from a Tier 1 roster to a Tier 2 roster and that's that. You have to play 14 games as a team this year (normally 20) and each player 7 games (normally 10) to be eligible. Whether it's even allowed to switch Tiers at all is doubtful since you have to declare before the season. Sarcastic answer - if you're going to drop down, shouldn't you get it right the second time and declare A Major Black? You can call your team whatever you want to, AAA, AA or even 7000A. The bottom line is it's what
  3. Back to the vaunted Icemen teams 15U - 9th out of 9 teams in MidAm 16U - 11th out of 11 teams in MidAm 18U - 10th out of 10 teams in MidAm Now one would think that these might be the worst teams in the country at their respective age groups and yet we have the following to prove us wrong. 20 teams at 18U ranked lower 17 teams at 16U ranked lower 7 teams at 15 ranked lower
  4. Of all the places...... they've been the tightest on restrictions and someone turned them in? So many people must have so little joy in their lives that this is how they find happiness? Such a sad state this country is in.
  5. And yes, it affects the PAHL greatly at all age groups and all levels. Other than a few independent teams, the same teams will be in States as are in the PAHL playoffs. Changing the dates would help all of Western PA youth hockey.
  6. The corruption there needs to be investigated. I think there is at least one lifetime member who resides in Florida. Shouldn't you have to at least live in the District you "represent"? The website is a joke. Go to any other District website and you will find information galore, MidAm? Bring your miners helmet because finding info on there is a chore, if it even exists. Considering the King has a lawsuit against them, you would think that they would at least attempt to get their act in order.
  7. Un-believable. Was just informed that there was some sort of MidAm call with all the teams registered to participate in Districts and States. Now, they had the opportunity to change the dates and chose not to and apparently did so despite currently not having a host for 14U and 15U Tier divisions. Impeach them all!!!
  8. I said elected morons. I didn't specify any party. At least he lived his life on his terms and not on those of the double-standard bearers. Erie County New York and Allegheny county have a lot in common. Beginning with political corruption and ending with political corruption.
  9. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/democratic-new-york-official-hockey-hypocrisy Rules for thee but not for Fafa and his Comrades I honestly have no idea how any person from center left to far right can't see the double-standards and hypocrisy of these elected morons.
  10. What possible reason there be for two people to give this post a thumbs up? While I also anticipate an extension, I'm certainly not happy about it.
  11. That was a complimentary post and you calling anyone a snowflake is astonishing.
  12. Please, please!!! Do not question this guy about HS Hockey. His entire world has revolved around it since they let him carry the water bottles for his beloved Churchill team in 1977 or thereabouts.
  13. God I hope the post above is being sarcastic but I fear it's for real.
  14. What they don't realize is that they WILL lose students over this and in this economic environment for colleges, they probably are on a razor thin margin right now. Especially as a State school. Someone mentioned on a thread about the ACHA D4 and D5 divisions. RMU started their D4 team last season simply for the promise of getting roughly 20-25 students to enroll and play. 20 kids at 45K is an additional 900,00 in revenue for the school and since it's pay to play it benefits them by collecting the ice costs on the back end as well.
  15. Picking up pucks is hazing? Anyone who believes that should melt away with the rest of the snowflakes from last week. How about teach them to have the respect for the upperclassmen and offer to pick them up?
  16. Numbers are down. Two days in a row. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=64406053052
  17. Good thing this guy ^^^^^^ wasn't invited to the Reverend Jim Jones' little party. He had some seriously strong kool-aid!!!
  18. You guys should call the morality police on them. Start with Rachel Madow and Anderson Cooper then sprinkle in a little Joy (Behar and Reid) and then let Whoopi scoop them up and throw them all in jail.
  19. Catastrophe. You Snowflakes sure love to use words to try to scare people. Try these two words. Natural Selection. We all learned about it on National Geographic's Wild Kingdom but apparently some can't accept it.
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