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  1. I believe there is an equipment drop off area fyi before you go park.
  2. The Russians are coming
  3. People who use public transportation are going to rent enough ice to sustain this full time, year around? Or the Pens have that much programming?
  4. What are you looking for them for? Advice on the process or some sort of training?
  5. Meaning Pens right? Seriously this brings us back to the circle arguments about what is "real" AAA
  6. When they replace Jarry with the girl from Mars and bring home a cup it will be the ultimate Karma.
  7. From the Trib: The costs of the monitor’s attendance at the games is to be paid by the Armstrong High School River Hawks hockey club. • A disciplinary hearing will be held for determination of supplemental disciplinary measures.
  8. Blaine from RMU has always done a good job as well.
  9. I admire the courage of the Mars goalie to stand tall and finish that game regardless of the bullsh*t she put up with.
  10. No worries. I'm with you as well. This is disgraceful.
  11. Read the first post in here. That's what we have been talking about.
  12. The best part about all of this is we live in a world of cameras where an NHL team can go offside 40 seconds before a goal and he called back or a baseball homerun can be 2 centimeters off and be waved off but we can't punish a bunch of rednecks calling a minor girl a whore.
  13. You should keep this up and do everything 2012 and up to u18 for those of us not lucky enough to have one (or more) "AAA" players who care about PAHL
  14. So true. Best match penalty a team had ever taken. Should give them a banner just for having some character and it would be the most important lesson they probably have learned in their life.
  15. If this happened at our high school game (by our fans) and it wasn't addressed my son would never play a high school hockey game again.
  16. By the way this is also a Safesport violation and should be reported directly to them as well.
  17. This rises to a level of importance bigger than hockey. Armstrong should be required to forfeit games or fire coaches unless the actions were addressed by them. Im not sure what a police officer could really do in this case.
  18. I guess I'm even mor surprised because the vengeance don't use parent coaches correct?
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