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  1. Squirt Placement Schedules Below. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vR7lWEg-KxR2pmNd7WVUVOZkOsA0P4OFvXySXSr_Ch267JzQk8F12yx2d9zxwncViRAU4kCrzKewdyQ/pubhtml#
  2. This is true. Close to 130 kids signed up. Had heard NP was early and before RMU and Butler and therefor parents had kids try out and in event they did not make it they couls try the others. My wife heard this from another hockey mom so I am not sure if that was a reason for increase in tryout numbers. They also added a 6th travel team. hockey is thriving!
  3. Jack thanks. My son made NP. He was very proud.
  4. No problem Rico. I haveone handel. Im just a dumb dad trying to learn the ropes. I have learned a ton from everyone on the forum. For one I didnt know there were so many organizations.
  5. Oh im sorry. I didnt know. Google translate butchers stuff. Sorry Rico. I didnt understand
  6. Yes. You guys all know a lot. It was a compliment.
  7. Rico Im not sure what ur deal is. The is the second time you have gotten confrontational on the thread I started. My family is new to the area and new to hockey. I came here trying to look for advice and have a general conversation to understand hockey, politics, and the “how to prepare my kids.” For the most part it has been a positive experience. Then you spew garbage out of your mouth and make accusations. Not everyone is as knowledgeable as you. And if someone says “play above their means” how am i supposed to know what this means? Maybe Im just not intelligent
  8. Aha I gotcha. I didnt know that. Very interesting. So america in general is short of aaa talent. Wow. Learn a lot. You guys all have your finger on the pulse
  9. What did you guys means kids that make PPE playing above their means?
  10. I see. I assumed if you made a AAA team or in this case PPE the evaluators determined you are better than others that tried out. We know a few kids that tried out with my son that are top notch players but they did not make it. We will never know how they measured up with the 30 kids on PPE last year. I would assume it wouldbe tough for a player to be on PPE one year and then not make it. Wonder if any didnt.
  11. What do tou guys mean “beyond their means?”
  12. Hahahaha dunno I am lost. It didnt matter to me. If my son was good enough he would have taken a yellow helmet players spot. He didnt, and we will work to improve. But some parents that get worked up, especially with the conspiracy theorists about the favoritism and politics in sports, may see that all kids trying out with yellow helmets made it and the 15 without yellow helmets did not. Not a big deal but just an image thing. But honestly if the evaluators are judging on skill and not who made the program last year it shouldn't matter.
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