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  1. HockeyDad23

    Travel & Pens Elite Tryouts

    Thanks all great advice. All makes sense
  2. HockeyDad23

    Travel & Pens Elite Tryouts

    Thank you i appreciate the feedback. I guess its a delicate slope either way.
  3. Im new to the forum and learning a lot as a hockey parent. My son is a 2009 birthday. He really wants to try out for Pens Elite. Last year at North Pittsburgh he dis not make a travel team. A lot of coaches that know my son from ADM and summer league told me they were he didnt make travel. Soooo we opted for the NP in house league. In a matter of a few games he is on Line 1 of 3 and for the most part is noticeable in a good way on the ice. Needless to say he became a stronger skater since tryouts. i want to give him the opportunity to try out at Pens elite to see what it takes to make it as I dont think he would make it. Any advice on this? Is it a waste of our time? Any advice for preparing for North Pittsburgh travel tryouts? Thanks all!