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  1. Sounds like I will stay off the mailing list!!!
  2. Does anyone know the actual dates for the PHA Iceman Tryouts? All I can find is a February announcement for week of May 17th. Most organizations I can find it on their website.
  3. With tryouts in full swing, what is everyone seeing? I have heard that many people think numbers are down overall. Seems that some people are signed up, but are not attending as well. I have been to 3 different rinks and each place I heard the same thing.
  4. The Vengeance will have an 07 team this year. Esmark usually doesn’t work til Midgets. The exception was the 03 team which left the Renegades for Esmark at some point. Was it Bantams? I'm guessing then that the Vengance with just be the SCIR team that played independent this year. Funny that they did not play in PAHL, but were Tier 2. Would have been nice to see them and SHAHA face off against each other.
  5. I know tryouts will not be happening soon, but I figured it's just as good of time as any to look through the options. And while doing that I am a little puzzled with options for the 07 players. It seems that the Vengance have a team for every birth year except 07. Esmark also does not have an 07 birth year team. But yet they had an 06 team last year. It just seems there are a lot less options overall for this birth year.
  6. Will there be an Esmark Team? I saw the tryouts up to 06. But nothing for 07. Since the Renegades did not play PAHL this year will they become Vengance for next year? I would think the Pens Black folding would help bolster a few other teams. Just wondering which teams will start to load up on players because as we all know many of these kids will start dropping hockey over the next 2 years. Just wondering if any of these teams will remain relevant.
  7. Based on preseason post. It seems that there were some surprises and some not so suprises in the final rankings. Altoona looked strong in preseason but the regular season did not go so well for them. Allegheny took a revamped team and challenged for the title, but seemed to struggle as the season continued. Shaha caught fire and never looked back. Indiana and the Huskies appeared to be outsiders to start the year but looked competitive for the most part. Would like to hear thought or ideas on how things ended where they did.
  8. Has anyone used Sport International Hockey Acadamy? I just came across them and they look ok, but I cannot find much info about them.
  9. The 07 team is from Butler valley. They are a really nice team. They play well together, they improved alot in the past year and should be ranked pretty high for the season.
  10. From what I know several kids play on both the Mustangs and the Appalachian Elite. But they have different coaches. I know that Haines and Miller are two of the coaches for the Appalachian Elite.
  11. Is anyone familiar with kiski prep hockey? They have done very well the last several years, but they do not seem to be listed as a top tier prep school for hockey. From what I can see they have beat out Shady Side academy the last couple years, but yet Shady Side gets far more mentioned about them.
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