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  1. @Pa Hockey If you all need help with your websites I can give you my POC who does great web work. Just PM Me.
  2. @powderfinger consider this a verbal warning. This isn't needed on the forum.
  3. @Pa Hockey it would save time if you'd list the ages/skill levels for this event.
  4. Sorry about the outage since 6pm last night 6/17. Our hosting provider was upgrading their entire network. We are back online now. The site should be up to 3X as fast now. Thanks all- PB
  5. @fafa fohi no problem at all with this sort of post.
  6. Thanks for the post and thanks @forbin In general I'm not a fan of paywalled sports sites, like The Athletic and DK Pittsburgh Sports. To each their own...
  7. This thread is now locked. We have now set a world record for number of threads locked in a year, and we're only in April. Way too much mud being slung here that is not verifiable by the general public. It's one thing to have an opinion and another to go to the level where @Clonbur has gone. @Clonbur you have been publicly warned and I am DONE with the posts on the Vipers organization. We understand you don't like them. Leave it at that. I have NO PROBLEM with anyone who doesn't like an organization to talk about it, but it needs to be diplomatic and not like this thread has gone. I deleted around 20+ posts here because it was just totally going off the tracks (another record for me). Like I have said before, it is NOT my full time job policing these threads. I am thankful @forbin helps out here, but we cannot verify the accuracy of every thread. So give us moderators a break here. PB
  8. That's the way to step up, @fafa fohi. Love the Shawshank reference!
  9. Please post a video of both, would like to see the penalty and the winning goal. Thanks PB
  10. It's not you. But thanks for the message. PB
  11. This thread is over and locked. Feel free to start a new thread but I am not having any more of the "so and so is trying out here". I AM TIRED of policing this thread. My patience on this has run out so the next infraction of the rules will get a suspension. I can't be clearer than that. PB
  12. @Danner27 and @Pa Hockey Can I please have a little break here on the back and forth between you both? I don't want to have to send either of you for a timeout to sit in the corner, so can we move past the he-said-she-said stuff please? It's obvious you both think you're correct (or the other one is wrong). So it is what it is, we don't have to rehash the same thing over and over. Thank you for your kind consideration, PB
  13. Where I would likely draw the line here is when posting possible private info about a player, such as a private tryout with PPE (how are we supposed to validate that??), etc. I certainly don't mind discussing how good a particular player is, but you have to be a little more selective about posting info that might be private. I edited @Danner27's post because I didn't feel that some of the info in there was really needed in this post, plus there is no way to validate it. If someone wants to post something like "I talked to #4 after the game and he said...", or "I talked to #4's parents and they told me..." that is (to me) a little more substantial than posting info that we don't know the source of. If a post like that is made, we know the origins of it because you're stating the source. When you post "heard that XYZ is trying out here, etc." I have to decide whether or not to keep that post based on it's merits... which is not a good thing for me. We're on a balance beam here trying to make sure we stay on the beam and not go too far one way or another. Thanks all- PB
  14. This is the LAST time "ROCK" is going to post here with this total lack of respect for the forum rules. I cleaned up this post, and that's my last time for "ROCK". Learn how to make posts without using spicy adjectives or don't post here at all. PB
  15. I received a note about the video link above and how it shows the player (and everyone else) involved in this fracas. My take is since this was already posted publicly - and is available both on Livebarn and this Facebook video, it's in the public domain and it is what it is. It's probably making its rounds on Youtube and Twitter by now, so there is no need in my opinion to suppress the video link here. In fact, I think the more publicity that this incident receives, that hopefully it will serve as a deterrent for this to not happen in the future. In today's world, everyone has to presume that everything you do will be recorded in some fashion. The topic of this incident can certainly be discussed, but we won't discuss specific player names on this thread as per our normal policy. PB
  16. No issue whatever with your comment above, or in this thread. Personally, I feel the same in regards to your comment above. @fafa fohi you're a valuable contributor and thanks for your input. The issue I dealt with on this thread was specific to one family and one poster, and that has been dealt with. It is fair game to talk about this sort of "poaching". I have heard of AAA and AA teams (mainly AAA) doing these shenanigans at the end of the year, so that is not new to me at all. What needs to happen is people need to be made aware of this situation and think twice about patronizing teams - specifically in my mind - that cut players on 12/31 (or thereabouts), and swap in another player. That is very wrong in my opinion, unless there was some medical issue that the player was done for the season. Cutting young kids on 12/31 to swap in another player in my opinion is harmful to all those involved but USA Hockey will never look into these issues. If my player was busting their butt to play on an AAA team and then suddenly gets cut on 12/31, that creates a horrible situation for that player to find another team and be eligible for playoffs/nationals/etc. Midam and USAH really should review these cases individually and grant waivers where needed to prevent these players that were cut at the last minute from not having a team to play for immediately.
  17. I need everyone participating this thread to tone it down a notch. I've already removed one over the top post and if needed, I will either delete this whole thread or lock it if the crap continues. You can have disagreements and dislike other people / coaches on this forum but over the top bashing isn't needed OR PERMITTED. STATE THE FACTS and move on. Remember, me and my moderator will be the judges of what is unacceptable. We will not tolerate peoples KIDS being dragged into discussions. Honestly, I can't blame ANYONE for taking their child to wherever they want to play. It's not your business why so and so takes their kid from Org A to Org B. Let it go and let them do what they want. PB
  18. 12/23/2021 to ALL- it is a REQUIREMENT for you to have a valid email address on your profile. If I get a bounceback from an email that was spawned from this site, to you, and then bounced back because your email is invalid, I will direct message you and tell you to update your email. If I get further email bouncebacks that are tied to the email address on your account, I will prohibit you from posting until your email is fixed. In general, this is only happening to a small number of people on the site. If you're one, you'll get a message from me at some point telling you to fix your email. Since NOBODY except ME has access to your email address, the requirement of a valid email should be a routine thing and this is just like any other site where we don't show your email address to the public or other posters. PB
  19. I think this thread has lived a good life. It is now retired.
  20. Obituary https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/mcall/name/branson-king-obituary?id=31890299 Scholarship fund: https://securelb.imodules.com/s/1854/interior.aspx?sid=1854&gid=2&pgid=418
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