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  1. Amen. Let it be a feel-good story and let it go at that. Give the kids someone to idolize and think, that could be me someday. That's what it is all about.
  2. All the placements are finalized after this weekend's games, right?
  3. I agree, its pretty touch to watch sometimes. I'm just thankful people are doing it, knowing they are undoubtedly going to take a wrath of you know what from everyone.
  4. So when are preseason games officially over and when does PAHL make placements?
  5. I don't think PAHL wants that much transparency when it comes to setting up divisions.
  6. I've used pahockey.com (PAHL's website) in the past. They have a tournaments tab at the top that typically lists by the month. Its not an exhaustive list, but a good place to start
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