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  1. there are Gold PPE 09 players that didn't make gold again this year and some PPE black 09 players that didn't make black again this year. Has to be very tough to swallow. I know for me it would be, and I've had a lot more years on me of facing disappointments in life and learning to shake off the dust and move on than these young kids have had.
  2. I take it to mean that the kid is playing at a level too high for what he/she is capable of. There are some kids that clearly are on a much different level and a kid trying to compete at a level he/she is not ready for sticks out like a sore thumb. It isn't good for anyone- especially that child - but also for the teammates and the team as a whole. I imagine it frustrates a lot of parents too to have a kid on their child's team, especially with the amount of money that is being shelled out for some "elite" experiences.
  3. Content removed by Moderator DO NOT make negative comments/evaluations of individual youth players on this site, especially when adding identifying information
  4. I'm going to echo what a previous person (Ynot02) wrote in the hopes that you have already done this or will do because this is absolutely NOT OK and needs to be addressed using the appropriate channels. Please make sure to report this immediately. What you have described is exactly what I have underlined in blue text below. I'm pretty sure every player is supposed to sign a code of conduct form that prohibits them participating in this type of behavior (bullying or harassing anyone). Don't let this go. Report it. It's wrong and it needs to be addressed. This is from USA Hockey SafeSport Reporting Policy ( https://www.usahockey.com/makingareport): USA Hockey’s Reporting Policy is a key part of its SafeSport Program and an effective reporting policy is crucial to preventing abuse. Section IV of the SafeSport Handbook contains specifics on the Reporting Policy. The Policy requires that every employee or volunteer of any USA Hockey Member Program must report (1) actual or perceived violations of the USA Hockey SafeSport Program Handbook, (2) any violations of the policies prohibiting Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Bullying, Threats and Harassment, and Hazing, and (3) suspicions or allegations of child physical or sexual abuse to the appropriate USA Hockey representatives. To make a report to USA Hockey, you may do so either by: (1) clicking on “Report to USA Hockey” and completing the Reporting Form, (2) emailing to SafeSport@usahockey.org, or (3) calling 800-888-4656. Reports may also be made to the Affiliate SafeSport Coordinator. To make a report to your Affiliate SafeSport Coordinator, please click on the link for the contact information for each Affiliate’s SafeSport Coordinator.
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