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  1. your player may have to compete for an open spot or 2 just like everyone else that isn't already picked...
  2. Yuri does camps at PIA and ive always heard great things about them
  3. been going to PIA for 3 years most of the time at night most of the time 5 plus nights a week with 2 boys. been to sheetz just about every time. haven't seen or had a single issue at the rink, or at sheetz.. lets be honest, it isnt the best town, but every town has junkies, robberies, and bad people.
  4. i heard the plum coach got 5 games as well. again tis is what i heard not sure the truth to any of it.
  5. yes, that is what was explained, he flew off the handle in the middle of the hearing, lost his temper and was arguing with the meeting officials i agree it is hearsay, was posting to get more validity. was wondering how true it was myself. I also heard the certain child has quite the list of priors as well. no ice who the kid is, would say if i did, but i do not.
  6. so i heard the hearing for the plum players went south pretty quick.. one of the players lost it during the hearing and they immediately gave everyone involved in the incident from plum 5 games.
  7. https://www.msn.com/en-us/video/other/hockey-coaches-allegedly-pushes-10-year-old-girl-following-game/vi-BBY0A07
  8. I disagree, though i do not think the action was supper malicious, or obvious, the middle coach or the 3rd person on the bench in order of handshake, is the one that knocks the child over. you can tell by her reaction it was not a simple hand tap.. his shoulder, as he taps her was much firmer and actually did dip towards her unlike any of the other hand taps. the 2nd coach does turn to see what happened, but he wasn't the one that knocked her over. if you watch it close and focus on that third coache's shoulder you can clearly see him shove her. completely un excusable.
  9. facts are facts, not sure what your trying to stir up with this.. the kid played for the trackers and mid state mustangs..guess we should just ignore truth. sounds like your trying to change the narrative..
  10. yes i believe so, i am pretty sure, but not certain this is just a friendly scrimmage.
  11. agreed, the poor kid missing a couple shifts picked by the coach at this level, is stupid. i don't see any reason for it. make the kid that committed the penalty sit in the box, or don't put a kid in there if you need/want that kid removed entirely.
  12. thanks for the fact checks guys, i couldn't find anything at a quick glance.
  13. this weekend, i heard that 38 middle school teams folded this year because of this rule. i have not fact checked that, i do not know the schools or the locations, but it came from a boards president. i tried finding a list of teams last year but i couldn't find standings anywhere seems that pihl site does not let you look back at past years.. i counted 39 teams this year. not even sure if that 38 teams is all pihl.. just passing along info i heard.
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