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  1. rock


    bingo! 12: trolls have to have the last word!! wait for it.. wait for it...
  2. rock


    here is what I've learned so far from you: 1. if you reply on a forum your mad 2. if you have an opinion keep it to yourself 3. if you reply more than once your really mad 4. trolls get off when you get mad 5. if someone doesn't agree with you then you should call them names 6. people know everything about you just from 1 post 7. troll can respond without being mad, they are just doing their job 8. grammar is really important 9. being polite is totally out of the question 10. don't question the troll they obviously know everything about everything 11. adding something to a post means your really really mad could you help me with one more thing i'd like to learn Wampa1?
  3. rock


    and all your responses don't reflect the same on you.. lol, im not mad bud, intrigued more or less by your thinking and insight.. thanks again.
  4. rock


    stay in my lane dope?? lol, back to name calling? .. keep it coming, i'm learning a lot from you. How many fights have you gotten into in the stands?? you certainly seem like THAT GUY to me. or are you just another keyboard warrior?
  5. rock


    Example 1/1,000,000 of why hockey parents in WPA are human garbage. These kids don’t stand a chance. These are the “men” they have to look up to. And forget the mothers. Coddling has taken on a new meaning with these twits. Officials are human and susceptible to mistakes. That does not give any “coach” (and I use that term loosely with all the clowns in this area currently coaching at the mite-pee wee levels) or parent the right to berate them and the officials should start exercising their right to punish these idiots. Look up the PA state law passed in 1990 regarding abuse of youth sports officials. I dream of the day a family is destroyed because the law did its job and hammered one of these morons that can’t get over striking out in little league or their inadequacies with their manhood. SO, lets go back at look at the original posts.. When and where did i say that the harassment was ok, or that i did it? I said it was self inflicted, which if some did a better job, it may not happen.. THEY ARE PAID TO DO A JOB... if i did my job as bad as some do theirs, i would be fired.. that isn't all of them, all the time, but some are very consistently bad.. so why do they get a pass?? they shouldn't be held accountable?? come on your not a snowflake right, cause a snowflake wouldn't call another person a snowflake.. they aren't volunteers? you quickly without even knowing me attack me merrily by they way you think i am cause i tell the truth about some refs doing a bad job.... call me human garbage, and go on some tangent that has nothing to do with anything.. You should look in the mirror my friend, because you may have some issues that you need to deal with.. like someone else posted and you attacked them for quoting, "you that you dream of the day a family is destroyed.." your so quick to jump on anything anyone says, hope that makes you feel good about yourself, cause your true colors shine bright sunshine. enjoy your trolling, glad you finally found something your good at.
  6. rock


    thanks for the clarification, like i said this place lowers your IQ.. i knew you or dazed would have jumped all over that, thanks for proving my point, and thanks for looking out for me and my kids. Not sure what we would do without people like you looking out for our well being, and grammar. your a true gentleman. thanks again. Noted, so i can be a smarter better person in the future.
  7. rock


    this entire forum lowers everyones IQ.. you all are a bunch of winey bitches that just like to stir shit up.. nothing but trolls that cant say anything without insulting anyone.. ashame really, and you all wanna talk about roll models.. lmao.. get a grip..
  8. rock


    After tryouts and placements, the teams are pre placed for placement games based on the records they keep of the kids point totals. Also some placements of the kids are based on point totals if kids have similar scores in tryouts. So yes the points do have some validity. Not saying that they are end all be all but they do have some value for the kids. This is why you go from 5 placement games to 3 from squirt to peewee.. cause they say they already know what the placements should be according to the talent on the teams based on past points. Which is garbage in my opinion. but whatever.
  9. rock


    Wow look at you and all your name calling. You are a much better role model... Guess your example 2/100,000,000
  10. rock


    they may not be sent to NCAA but they are used in placements and evaluations of kids for peewee rankings and placements.. so yeah they should be as correct as possible.. your other points are very valid.. However the officiating the past few years has been atrocious.. human or not.. they need to do a better job or at the min not be so 1 sided in there calls / non calls every game. its not difficult to call a fair game. some of them don't even bother to leave the neutral zone, they are never in position when calling a goal or no goal, won't get out of the way when a puck is coming at them and won't even bother explaining calls to the coaches.. so most of the harassment is self inflicted.
  11. rock

    Viper Stars?

    Lemmie go out on a limb here, your the type that probably doesn't have a kid that plays anymore, but when he/she did, you moved them all over the place blaming every organization that your so/daughter didn't develop, blamed the coaches, the parents, whoever you could.. and either flamed out or quit mostly because you pushed them too hard, or always thought they were better than they really where.. but its everyone fault but your own.. did i nail it??
  12. rock

    Viper Stars?

    Ahh.. so my thoughts were true.. and I've noticed you just troll every possible post.. i knew i had you pegged..