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  1. I would dispute this on a couple of levels. Most of the teams had college kids at the 18u level and the Philly team was mostly AAA. With the exception of PPE most other programs allow their kids to play HS
  2. I appreciate all this discussion. I think this tournament could be really awesome if people see the opportunity
  3. Anyone have the initial placements?
  4. We participated at the 18u tournament for Central. Got bronze on a tie breaker to the west. Here is how it stacked up North Team - some college kids (ACHA mostly) some T3 kids and a mix of skill form Wilkes Barre area. Lost big to East, pretty big to Central, and beat West West Team - Similar mix bit more skill from around Pittsburgh area. Beat central 5-4, lost big to East, and lost to North Central - ACHA kids from Mercyhurst, Kids from Icemen, some AA, and a mix of others. Lost to west by a goal, beat Central pretty big, and lost 6-4 (with EN) East - Basically entire team was Jr. Flyers and Genesis. Kids said team was built two months prior and had been practicing. It showed. Our central team after two games really blended and gave them a heck of a game. This tournament is huge for the Philly area apparently. Not so much elsewhere. Central had a hard time getting kids. Lots of counties but really only four or five actually have hockey. The west has a large base to draw from but their isn’t anyway PPE or Esmark is going to let their kids play! My son and the players really enjoyed it. I didn’t like the three game format. No playoff feel. Tie breakers decided 2-4.
  5. So anyone actually answer about a goalie? Fairly certain that anything that happened in this case (based on the posts) involves minors. Slippery slope to slide down talking about minors on the internet.
  6. I agree completely. My son is playing his last year. He’s a good player. Had opportunities when he was younger but didn’t want to completely commit in his mid teens. He wanted to live a life. He works hard to be good. Off ice. Skating. Spring etc. We started in a small org that completely met the lower floor discussion. He also plays baseball and I’ve coached that for years. The difference for us has always been commitment level. Do you do at least some off-season. I’ve had baseball kids put their gloves and bats down at the end of the season and not touch them for six months. That’s okay if you are playing rec sports. It’s not okay that you have expectations of playing over others when you get older.
  7. In regards to the death Hess Ice Rink just spent four million dollars on upgrades. In the last five years their PAHL teams have almost doubled. They also added two co-op varsity teams, 2 JV, and 3 middle schools teams. Expectation is within 2 years a co-op will go pure then having 3 varsity programs. That investment was a business decision based on increased usage.
  8. There is a great coach at Hess in New Castle if you are willing to travel. I’ll share info if you want. She’s Canadian and teaches hockey skating.
  9. Yeah. It sucks. Cranberry too. Sucks the life out of the playoff games
  10. We all know his background and decisions. That being said we played with him a couple springs. He made my son a better hockey player and I had no issues with him. May we not all be saddled with our bad decisions forever.
  11. I guess they can tattle but that didn’t stop most rinks from saying they were recreation facilities and not bound by the 25. Teams were expected to abide by whatever rules. It means PIHL and PAHL may go back but tournaments and “scrimmages” will still happen 5 on 5
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