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  1. This amazes me. PPE covers like 5% or less of the kids playing hockey in WPA and this board seems to focus 95% of its time on PPE. Have at it of course it’s just amazing to me. My kid never played PPE. Coming from a smaller non Pittsburgh organization I didn’t even really know what it was. When we figured it out it just didn’t appeal to us. In all reality my kid probably wasn’t good enough like the vast majority of local kids.
  2. I’m not sure on that. They have a trampoline park over there now. I don’t know how busy it is. They also lose teams at the older levels in PAHL because of Ohios split season. We had some kids play in our home rink that were there for the first few weeks and couldn’t come back until near the end of the season. Not a lot of PA going to Youngstown.
  3. I don’t understand why more teams don’t do a hybrid of independent/PAHL. My son’s team did it for two years. Added tournaments and some home and homes. Had great season. Cost was higher of course but everyone knew that coming in.
  4. This 100%. Good luck getting into an exposure camp without an adviser. Had a friend whose kid had NAHL talent went to some camps and not a call. Hired an adviser and next camp got multiple main camp invites. Ultimately decided to go to college but the point still stands
  5. I didn’t compare them. I made a statement that coops are prevented from playing pure under the assumption that they recruit. You can’t say that and then have pure schools that can pick anyone from anywhere.
  6. Pure schools are defined by kids from one district. I’ve seen it said that coops can’t be pure because they can recruit. Meaning a child’s family changes public school districts. Not the easiest thing to do. But a private/catholic school can be pure despite the fact that any player can enroll with no physical movement of the family. Sounds duplicitous doesn’t it? Ive advocated that a co-op school should at least have a choice to play up to be eligible for the Penguins Cup
  7. That could be said of any of the pure Catholic or private schools
  8. My son played last year and will play this yeah. We did well even against the stacked Philly team. It was a fun weekend. That’s all it is. Think it’s a money grab? Don’t play. There I fixed it. BTW our team last year was mostly ACHA D1/2, few AAA (have fun defining that), and the rest mostly AA. Roster who tries out. As large as the central region is it’s basically beaver/Lawrence and Erie with some central pa. philly shows up with genesis/jr. Flyers
  9. I coached 3 on 3 summer for a few years. Huge mix in talent. B up to AA(AAA). All friends. All having a blast. Didn’t really care about who won .
  10. We played AA from Bantam on. It was appropriate for his dedication level. He had talent to potentially play higher but not the passion. That’s fine with me. He had a blast. Made great friends. Played two other sports. Went to proms and homecomings etc. Hes going to play either D1 or 2 ACHA depending on his dedication level. I’m fine with either one. AA tended to cost us around 3K in fees. A couple years we played independent and PAHL so more travel was needed but everyone understood that. Some years we did 3-4 tourneys with 1 or 2 in town. Some years we did 6-8 mostly out of town. From Bantam to midget we lost about half our kids. Some to whatever AAA. Some to school full time. A few just had enough and focused on other sports. Had my son worked harder and wanted some level of AAA I would have supported it. To me hockey was red about an expectation of NHL glory. It was about the time we spent together. That was worth every dollar. He played travel baseball for a while and my daughter played travel softball. I spent a lot of money. The same I would have spent on a nice vacation every year. Adults make decisions. I’m glad we do have some intelligent discussions that newer parents can get info from. I often wonder why the bulk of this board is slamming PPE or “faux” AAA but to each their own. The fun part is my grandson played his first year of mites this year. I have the experience now. I also laugh at the ridiculous mite parents although my wife reminds me that was us 12 years ago. if your kid is playing now then cherish the time and understand they probably aren’t going to play in the NHL. Understand that there are great camps and skills development but also understand that their are people out there who will tell you anything for dollars. Sit back and get your joy from the joy your kid has. Isn’t that what it means to be a parent? If you are constantly pissed off about coaches/playing time etc. really talk to your kid. Are they really pissed off too? Ultimately listen to your kids. Understand what they really want. Fill that need if you can. If your kids aren’t playing anymore than relax and offer sage advise. Don’t just say xyz sucks. Tell them why and don’t say it if it sucked for you because of whatever. Give them a little more perspective.
  11. Good luck to these boys. It’s a long road!
  12. I’m a D2 dad and I don’t disagree. D2 teams mostly dont have the depth as the higher levels. In our case the closest AA program is an hour away. I’d like to think my sons team would have been able to compete in A. I dont know about AA but definitely not AAA. Our team had a handful of AA/AAA kids with a majority playing high A. The bigger schools may have many AA/AAA Congrats to these boys. I’d assume most of them loved playing school hockey. It’s cool to have students and fans at the games. No other travel hockey has that.
  13. The struggle with the B division is two fold. First they don’t get the attention the pure schools have and I don’t expect that will change. In most sports AAAA gets more press than A. The other is the belief (and it’s somewhat fair) that the top scorers see lower level goaltending. The ceiling in B is pretty darn good but the basement can be pretty darn low.
  14. I think there is a co-op style division. Idk the selection. I know it happens early in the season.
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