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  1. There is a great coach at Hess in New Castle if you are willing to travel. I’ll share info if you want. She’s Canadian and teaches hockey skating.
  2. Yeah. It sucks. Cranberry too. Sucks the life out of the playoff games
  3. We all know his background and decisions. That being said we played with him a couple springs. He made my son a better hockey player and I had no issues with him. May we not all be saddled with our bad decisions forever.
  4. I guess they can tattle but that didn’t stop most rinks from saying they were recreation facilities and not bound by the 25. Teams were expected to abide by whatever rules. It means PIHL and PAHL may go back but tournaments and “scrimmages” will still happen 5 on 5
  5. Because like all federal rulings it will be appealed and a stay will be issued. Current rules stay in effect until the Governor gives up or it gets to the Supreme Court. Neither of which will happen any time soon. Those who filed this had no expectation of a quick answer but are trying to set a constitutional precedent as to government powers.
  6. If Wolf knew for sure that his veto would be overridden it makes no sense for him to jump on it immediately. It’s a loss for him. I apologize I don’t have it handy but multiple D representatives that voted yes are now “studying the issue. Leadership positions within the caucus, campaign funding, submitting for state appointments, and other things are all part of the arm-twisting. If any of this surprises you then you really haven’t paid attention to current or 250 years of American politics. I offer no guess as to if this veto will stand or not but I’m fairly cert
  7. I guarantee you, and I have a fair share of experience in state politics, that some of the Dem representatives voted yes to assuage their voters. They are being arm twisted and promised to change their votes right now.
  8. I’m sure as a member your could request to look at the books and have that question answered outside of this board.
  9. I’m looking forward to the angry snitching Karen and Kyle’s to make sure the health department knows all the comings and goings. Youngstown’s rink is going to make a killing.
  10. Why not take a drive and see? Then you can tell everyone!
  11. I think the push should be pods as defined above. Football is okay with 22 players on the field. Pod 1 - Home team bench (<25) Pod 2 - Visiting team bench (<25) Pod 3 - Ice 12-13 i agree on people fleeing because you won’t get any kind of a discount Assume 3 lines (3 D pairs) 6.5 minutes in a 20 minute half 45 minute game 15 minutes or so a game That’s a significant reduction in ice time They did this in 3 on 3 9 skaters Lots of kids just didn’t play
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