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  1. We don't have that problem where I'm at. We have a very healthy board with mostly general consensus.
  2. Ice should be laid down on Labor Day on schedule, We have practices scheduled in rink 2 starting 9/4.
  3. Rostraver/CFS Bank Center should be getting ice on Labor Day as well as the second sheet at Printscape Arena. Right now we are on schedule and have rink 2 practices scheduled in Sept. Our first one is on September 6th.
  4. Some of these posts are quite amusing. From a view on the inside, here was no internal sabotage. The person in question has two other kids in the organization and is a head coach of his youngest son's 2010 team. He was also part of the group that did the rebrand/rename from Rink Rats while I was doing designs. I think he just asked his oldest kid which team he wanted to play on and it ended up it was the one his friends were still at. Every other family that declined made their own separate decision.
  5. Well at every tryout, we had well behaved parents that didn't interfere with the evaluators. So thank you for that. Some board members did want to close off tryouts completely, but they were open last year. We just made the area smaller to 1/3 of the bleacher this year so evaluators could sit in the middle and watch both ends of the ice equallly. We had about 5-6 evaluators that were board members (not on the team) + coaches (not on the team) + there was one outside coach. We just ranked them according to ability and skill. So the roster was the best players from the tryout essentially. Sorry I wasn't in the room for the decision process. I see that there is someone who disagrees with that above. I've also heard complaints that there was too much turnover from last years team. Everyone has their own opinion. It's hard to know what exactly goes behind the scenes with every family. You'd think at this age level, the kid probably knows more of what they want to do... and the parent just listens to their kid. Yeah they just want the best for their kid.
  6. We had open tryouts. From the bleachers, we had 1/3 open for parents to watch then you could watch from Bubbas at Printscape. From our perspective, the number of declines brought this team down. It was a pretty awesome lineup from a very competitive tryout. We had 11 declines and exhausted the alternate list. It was just a cascade of events and panic from families that didn't want to be left on a shell of a team. Our process was coach calling the roster and getting verbal approvals then posting the roster list (pinnie numbers) then they have 48 hours to decline to receive back their commitment fee. The 48 hr timeframe now seems too long + I like what North Pittsburgh is doing by cashing the commitments on making the roster. Some joker sent their decline email one minute after the deadline. We decided to just let it go. Sad lol.
  7. Well we had 50+ kids tryout and there was an original roster of 18 skaters and 2 goalies. Post tryout, there were many withdrawals because players only wanted to be on this team so a general tryout did not seem feasible to assemble a second team so general tryouts were cancelled. Then with the original roster, we had called everyone prior to posting to get verbal agreements... then after posting, there was so many roster declines by the deadline + supplemental tryouts did not bear any qualified players to make it feasible to continue on. The bad situation just snowballed as families got nervous about the team status. We tried what we could to alleviate the situation, but it became untenable. We are disappointed that we weren't able to continue with the team, but this seemed like the best option for the families that remain - many of which are playing their last year of youth hockey.
  8. Thanks! At South Pittsburgh Rebellion, we currently have the following needs in order of priority. 18U 2005/2006 AA Thomas - we are looking for some more skaters to fill out our team. We have a supplemental tryout today on Sunday, 30th at 2:15pm - 3:50pm. Email VPCoaching@southpittsburghhockey.org to be considered and more information. 16U Daddea - we are looking for another goalie, we have one. This team will play A Major. 10U Squirts - 1 or 2 skaters at every level below BY to fill out teams.
  9. At South Pittsburgh Rebellion, we currently have the following needs in order of priority. 18U 2005/2006 AA Thomas - we are looking for some more skaters to fill out our team. We have a supplemental tryout today on Sunday, 30th at 2:15pm - 3:50pm. Email VPCoaching@southpittsburghhockey.org to be considered and more information. 16U Daddea - we are looking for another goalie, we have one. This team will play A Major. 10U Squirts - 1 or 2 skaters at every level below BY to fill out teams.
  10. No, it will play in PAHL AA with 20-30 independent game schedule. It will be composed of 2005 and 2006's. Link has team plan. https://www.southpittsburghhockey.org/18u-aa-2005-2006-team-announcement/ There might be a team 2 at 18U. Seeing that possibility with registration.
  11. Things are good yes. It helps when you visit the rink for tryouts you can see progress happening from both lobby levels. We are adding a few more teams based on the current tryout numbers from what we anticipated which was initially 4-Squirt, 5-Peewee, 4-Bantam, 4-Midget (16U), 1-14U Girls, 1-16U Girls, 1 - 19U Girls, 1 - 18U Midget.
  12. In the off season, it would convert to a multi-purpose facility for their other events like the reptile, gun shows, etc. But not during the season, it would remain full ice. I don't think they can do lacrosse any more.
  13. Second sheet should be open by Labor Day weekend. Work seems like it's moving along. There was work going on the weekend while we were doing our younger BY 2011-2014 tryouts, They should have bleachers in the lower corner where the cage was. That's the end closest to the entrance from the lower lobby. I don't think they can put bleachers in the balcony area due to a capacity limit. I would assume yes that the second sheet would be used mostly for practices and game overflows since there's more capacity in the main rink.
  14. What's his hockey history and birth year? Usually you will have played on some travel hockey teams before having a chance to get on PPE. At this point, you may not know his skill level and how he rates with the rest of the competition. It sounds like he has a lot of development to do first.
  15. I see another topic very similar this... it's hard to pin it down to a certain organization. We have a very great group of families in our birth year and have moved as a core group every year since mites. We have attracted some players from other teams that did not have a great culture. Some players departed because they were looking for a higher level of competition. A lot of the expectations for the season are set by the coach. Within the organization, there is always some drama with different teams... usually it's due to parents that weren't happy with the season and head coach and tried to interfere with the coaching plan with usually bad results. It's usually the exception and not the rule. I would assume it's the same thing everywhere.
  16. It really depends on the coach at each age level... then how long have they been at the organization so you know that they have a core group that have wanted to stay season after season. Each coach has a coaching plan which will drive the commitment and you pick what's right for you.. practices, games, tournaments, travel. You want to get put on a roster where you feel like you belong and the competition is good... so you may win slightly more games than you lose. At the end of the day, you feel like your player developed and got better over the course of a season... and wants to come back. Then also distance to the rink should be a consideration.. you should really consider organizations that are within 30 mins or less from your household. I'm guessing you are a parent of a younger player so you have a wide spectrum of options to choose from. I've been pretty happy in the organization I've been in and it's local to our community so we have been there for five years and counting. Our player is a 2011. There are many hard working individuals across many youth hockey organizations. The competition is good for the health of our sport.
  17. Yes that is correct. Also btw, the second sheet construction has begun.
  18. Yes, it will be 2+ weeknight practices per week/70+ team practices per year and at all levels. We probably won't need to buy extra ice at Hunt Armory or WesBanco this season. In addition we will have TK Training Academy included - every other week (10U, 12U, and 14U). These sessions will be run by Tyler Kennedy and his coaches. Last season, Tyler would come to our team practices maybe once a month at these levels.
  19. Nothing planned yet for Rebellion teams for next season. Currently the SPHC board as a whole does not feel like it's in the best interest of our families to do so nor are we getting any pressure from BB to join. Yes, there will be some of our girls teams during full or partial seasons in AGHF. There may be a Rebellion team that may want to buck the trend and go AHF, but it would have to be a team decision made by coaches and parents. It's going to be a lot more travel in AHF and maybe not in the best interest of the player's development.
  20. It's for the entire Esmark club... they have 2 slots per week at Printscape. It's like us buying extra ice at Hunt Armory and Wes Banco arena.
  21. Yes that is correct. Esmark is not Tier 1 at Printscape Arena. We were told by BB that they were doing 2 practices a week this season at the rink. Esmark games would only be allowed if it was extra ice we did not purchase.
  22. First of all, I designed this flyer for the announcement. Before everyone goes crazy on the Tier 1/AAA comment, we are looking to expand and accommodate more teams at all levels. Most likely we are not adding tier 1 this season, but if a team came to us looking for a home at that level. We would take it so that's why those words are in there. As of right now based on discussions with Black Bear, we are still their top customer at the rink and will be given top priority to buy ice and then to their internal programs. Then to third parties like tournament companies and Esmark.
  23. We also rent ice at Hunt Armory as well... our team has been going out there once a month. We definitely want more ice.
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