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  1. Just saw this posted on Facebook, the video in the page looks really nice. https://www.nhl.com/penguins/news/penguins-city-and-ura-to-cut-ribbon-on-seasonal-ice-rink-at-hunt-armory/c-328221550
  2. My son is a 2nd year squirt and he likes to rewatch the film as we bought it on YouTube. He finds it really interesting and he's starting to learn what you can and cannot get away with for body contact. Seeing all of the local teams definitely helps. On a rewatch, he noticed a game where you are playing Rochester (ROCO) since they were at our tournament this weekend at our age level in Niagara. Whenever we get to that age, what are some checking local camps to try out? I assume this would only be available after our last season as Pee-Wees. Brian
  3. 6u program lol.. competitive program for advanced 5 & 6 year-olds... wow.
  4. I think it's difficult to say if an organization as a whole is good or not... usually the politics will reside with the coaches and parents of a particular team. It's best to do your research and get to know the coaches possibly the parents before you make a switch. In a head coach bio, you might be able to find out how long they have been in an organization. It's not even clear what age group you are in. Sometimes it will not always been greener on another organization. We had a really good experience with our head coach and parents last year, when in previous years, you would get a few kids move on to the Predators or PPE year after year. So we all came back this season or at least tried out for the same team. This is our team 1 for squirts at South Pittsburgh Rebellion at Southpointe... most are 2011, 2nd yr squirts. I know a few parents on the 2011 Predators team and they have been positive about their experiences there + I like the facility and that they have two sheets of ice.. we usually go there for Quest summer league.
  5. I think it says a lot about the documentary when the kid is as engaged and fascinated by the film as the parents were. I will tell our team to check it out.. I've been telling them about reading Pee-Wees, but now I will tell them to also watch this.
  6. I bought the film on YouTube so I could watch it again whenever I want.. my son is a 2011 2nd year squirt, but he was really fascinated to watch the film and it's difficult to get him to sit down and watch anything nowadays - so that's a plus. I think it should almost be required viewing for kids crossing over to Bantam. I thought it was really interesting and definitely an eye opener on what's ahead. A follow up on girls hockey with the oldest sibling would be also a compelling story to tell.
  7. Looks good, nicely cut trailer... will watch soon.
  8. I absolutely agree with you. I lobbied to keep the Rink Rats for Mites only, but it wasn't in the cards. They did opt for a different chest logo for mites versus Squirts and above. There is a flag for the Whiskey Rebellion which had an eagle so I used different versions of the eagle in the Mite design. Of course with all things, they didn't pick my favorite one, but I think it looks decent. I really like the Rink Rats logo, but I think it was time for a brand that appealed to all ages in the organization and that's what they wanted. It can always be brought back in some form. I went for the simplicity of nhl logos in my design. As someone that doesn't do design on the job, it was a fun exercise... hope to do it in some capacity again.
  9. Yes it is... very loose connection with the imagery. Couldn't have muskets or booze lol.
  10. There's a lot of stuff you can do with Raiders without Native American imagery..... If they need any help with that... I have experience 😉
  11. No, I just lol'ed when you said Carolina Hurricanes because you were partly reading my mind. Here's some more info on the rebrand. https://www.southpittsburghhockey.org/south-pittsburgh-hockey-club-rebrand-organization-update-the-rebellion-begins/ Here's info about the game socks. >Game socks will be invoiced through our organization as well. KO’s will have socks available for sizing. 10U-19U are moving to a fabric sock this year (as opposed to the knit) sizing with >shin guards is important. Team managers will get the socks when they come in and distribute to the teams.
  12. Yeah, that's kind of what I was going for lol. I helped with the rebrand and we had to stay with the same colors. ;-)
  13. Guess it depends on the age level. We were in the Squirt A Major 3 division last season and Altoona and State College teams were at the top of the division and would give us a hard time. Also at the top was Crawford County Flames. I am guessing that was their top Squirt team with lower numbers of kids. We are in Squirt AA this year so not sure if we will see them then.
  14. Any idea what will happen to the RMU Island Sports Center then? If they don't want to pay for the facility upgrades, I'd imagine they would sell it at some point. The FB page says they aren't going anywhere... but with the way the D1 hockey announcement was conducted, I wouldn't be surprised to hear anything now in the guise of saving money.
  15. I dunno... but considering you just joined on Sunday to bring this up... do tell and what's your background? Which team did they leap to?
  16. Does he still work for IC Hockey? I don't see him listed. Looking here, http://ichockey.net/coaches/ Just wondering how to contact. Looks like he coaches the 16U Preds so probably still at IC.
  17. Thanks, that sounds like my kid. I was a little bummed when he didn't want to do baseball this year since they switched to kid pitch. He likes hockey all the time. We've been doing TK for about 2 years in various mini camps + just did the TK South team at Southpointe. We've enjoyed doing it as a supplement to the PAHL season + the drills are challenging and varied. I don't have any experience with IC Hockey (Ice Castle) or NE (Mount Lebanon). Yeah, I've heard about the second sheet of ice... I guess there is a new ownership group + a re-brand is being floated + they want to add the ice probably where the sport court is located. I think it would be a great idea... it's very convenient for us plus it's a good location and nice building.
  18. Just curious, what age group is your son @forbin? My son is a 2011 squirt and we are also doing the TK/NE offering in spring. We're live around Southpointe + also looking for ideas in spring/summer. Right now we have that plus Quest summer league.
  19. Wasnt sure if that was still in effect.... that probably settles it.. keeping it local.
  20. Our Squirt team is looking to schedule a tournament in the next 2 months. Was just curious about the state of interstate travel for youth hockey in the next 2 months for different states. I tried looking online but didn't see anything definitive. My initial impression was that only things in WV and OH were possible at this time. Coach has given us options of Lansing, MI, St. Louis, MO, Cleveland, South Bend, Detroit, Columbus, Chicago. A few of these were cancelled last year.... so didn't want to try anything that wouldn't be almost definite. I didn't think MI was a possibility. We've mostly done local tournaments this season. Any insight would be appreciated.
  21. can we keep discussions in this forum related to western pa hockey? this + well wishes for Gov Wolf + politics should be moved to facebook/social media imho. Seems like recently it's gotten derailed and needs admin moderation. Yes, Covid-19 is a serious pandemic, but come on seriously guys.
  22. Printscape is the same rule... got an email from Southpointe Rink Rats. Effective immediately, and until further notice, all coaches, players, and anyone inside Printscape Arena must wear a mask at all times. This includes coaches, officials, and players on the ice.
  23. anyone know what happened in today's pahl meeting? Assuming similar outcome as pihl?
  24. In Quest summer league hockey for 10u at Ice Castle, we dealt with 10 skaters, 1 goalie for each game. As a spectator, it was one parent per child. We got LiveBarn as a result which has been fine for us. Our team ended up picking our 10 skaters for each game trying to rotate the players so everyone had an equal chance of playing. I heard stories of other teams rotating the players between periods. I'm hoping to be able to play with similar restrictions if that means playing or not playing. Any idea when the PAHL is going to finalize a decision? Also for those suggesting that some might leave the PAHL - what other options are there? Especially at 10u other than moving? Got no idea.
  25. So noticed that these two rinks don't offer Live Barn yet - just recently got a subscription. They have it at Ice Castle and Printscape. These four are usually the ones that we go to a lot. Unfortunately in addition, both rinks don't allow spectators to watch currently during the pandemic - so we have to wait outside while our son is at practice. Anyone got the inside scoop from either of these two rinks if they are in the works now? Was just curious. Thanks!
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