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  1. Ask the players. As much as the parents like to think they know who the really good players are, they usually look at the players and teams through a colored lens. The players know who belongs on various teams and who does not.
  2. Wes, is this the right bracket format, or am I finding the wrong tournament? https://cdn1.sportngin.com/attachments/document/7322-1586068/PLAYOFFS_Seeding_Charts_ODSETs_9_Team_Format_rev_1.pdf
  3. That is a great question. My thoughts on it are that the movement of lacrosse, basketball and even soccer are similar - move to space, setting picks, set plays, fast breaks, slow breaks, etc. These are all concepts that are taught in those sports that directly contribute to on ice awareness. You get to see those things in different spaces, with different numbers of players, taught by different coaches.
  4. Knowing what to do in tight space and when you have pressure is still a skill. You teach it using small area games. If they are not doing small area games at your practices, then there is a problem. Doing these types of drills will also help with IQ, or what I think Denis was referencing as the IQ that coaches want to see. But, it is more than space and opposition. It is awareness, pattern recognition, seeing the ice, knowing where the play is going. That is much harder and many/most can't get there.
  5. It is hard to coach IQ. There are lots of coaches who can run drills out of the Coaching Manual. There are fewer coaches who can actually coach proper skills. There are fewer that can coach IQ. If you want to increase IQ, play other sports. Basketball, soccer and lacrosse. Even with great coaching, many kids will never develop IQ.
  6. That seems crazy. Nationals are not for another 7 weeks. You can get another whole season in before then.
  7. Is this your district tournament to determine who goes to Nationals?
  8. I call them "mediocre days and bad nights". Sometimes it is just what is going to happen.
  9. I guess I should just be happy that we are playing and back to arguing over which 12 year old are the best in the world. Do you two even understand how the scores are reported and how the rankings are calculated?
  10. Fair enough. My only question, if you were on the ice, do you think you would have come up with the same penalties? I lied, second question, does the kid who got boarded get an unsportsmanlike minor?
  11. Wes, do you have a link to a scoresheet? If I get a chance I'll go back and watch the first. Agree that there should have been at least a 2/10 for the hit that started it all (check from behind or board).
  12. Watched the 2nd and 3rd periods. Video kept cutting out. Do you guys posted scoresheets in the west? Would like to see what they called at the end. Looks like they restarted with 5-4 man advantage for the dark team. That looks right. Honestly, in a 2 man system, as long as they got the board/check from behind which started the scrum, I would be OK with it. The officials seemed to get in pretty quickly and protected the guys down on the ice. They can't see who else did what. Looks like they put everybody on the ice in the box with at least roughing calls. Not sure what else
  13. Just had the Bishop Kearney (Rochester) go through. Really nice team. They were on day 7 of a road trip. Headed back to NY. 4 more days/games to go.
  14. Thanks. You are correct about co-ops in the East. They play regular season games against teams in their division as well as league. They have divisions playoffs, but do not advance to Flyers Cup. With the exception of AAA, divisions here roughly match up to PIAA leagues and have teams of different sizes (AA, A). AAA is the good, no-boundary schools and they play themselves as well as other size schools. Glad the teams are back on the ice.
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