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  1. The Tank

    North Catholic/Excel Hockey

    There are kids (families) that send their kids to "specialty" schools in varieties of different sports/dance/arts etc... Many kids go to Shattuck or private/prep schools known for their hockey despite not playing on the top prep teams.. Education and athletics tied together not a new concept!!! Again, it is a family/child decision but I bet there are not many Gold Pens kids playing school hockey. If they are, why is it of concern... they are enrolled not specifically to play for NC but if they do why is it any different than kids that participate in amateur hockey as well as HS? Believe it or not, kids will still take pride in their school and being a part of extracurricular activities to wear the crest or colors of the school.
  2. The Tank

    North Catholic/Excel Hockey

    Do all Excel Academy kids play for the Pens Elite program? Or are there participants that go there to be able to get the additional ice time as education/athletics are set up in these programs to enhance the balanced development?
  3. The Tank

    BV vs Preds

    Everyone needs to tone down the rhetoric... watch most of these kids off the ice. They are friends and actually hang out together, inmost cases have played together, or go to school together. Parents, coaches, and refs need to control and contain situations. 14 year old brawls... that starts off the ice with parents.. It's a game, these kids can learn many lessons for later in life regardless of what level of hockey they play.. commitment, team work, time management, and collectively need to be taught how to deal with difficult or emotional situations.
  4. The Tank

    New Forum Kind of Quiet

    Would like to see more in the AAA ranks.. Latrobe, Mars, Upper St Clair give two divisions of 6 teams... there is enough talent in the area that the AAA class should only be 9 teams.
  5. The Tank

    New Forum Kind of Quiet

    5A & 6A school districts should not be playing any lower than AAA hockey.
  6. Where did everyone go?? Things are so quiet?
  7. The Tank

    PAHL preseason groupings

    This is a good bracket to do this as you have a large size and maturity discrepancy here as well as checking being "officially" introduced. IMO