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  1. If you child wants to start playing hockey I would get him or her into an ADM program this season. No reason to do another learn to play session it just puts of his or her development a season. The reason I say this is that most ADM programs are 2 days a week and at the end of the day your child has to get on the ice to start developing. At this point, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the 3 programs. Pick one that fits your schedule and has a spot for you. At the end of the season you can reevaluate the situation. The only thing that can hinder your player’s development is
  2. I get it. The PPE is the big dog. However, looking ahead, it will be interesting to see how things play out. The PPE requires North Catholic and Excel. Not everyone from "Pittsburgh" lives within commuting distance to North Catholic. The out of towners know coming in that it is required. For the locals it is much more difficult decision. Anyone know how many kids from the 06 team are at North Catholic? Also, right now the 08 and 09 Vengeance teams are close to the level of the PPE teams.
  3. I think those college numbers aren't that accurate. RMU has 4 players form Western Pennsylvania. One is from Wexford. Played for the PPE. Another is from "Pittsburgh" and played for the the faux AAA Preds and a season with the PPE. And one is a transfer from UConn who is from Bridgeville. He played for Esmark and PPE. Lastly, another kid is from Moon and played for the PPE. And a couple kids are at Niagra? I am not saying that there are 50 kids playing D1 form Pittsburgh but more than 5.
  4. My friend's son is on that team. And he is quite happy. What are the other 05 options? Aren't people on this board complaining about the Preds and Lebo too?
  5. So, if the 18U Icemen rostered as a AA Independent team you wouldn't have a problem with it? I still think the kids that play on these lesser AAA teams do so because there isn't a PAHL option that they like. The PAHL organizations have to adapt.
  6. I think we sort of have a split on how we view things. Some people want to open a bit more and flatten the curve with hopes of moving toward "herd immunity". Their thinking is that for the most part if you are relatively young you should be ok if you get covid. On the other hand, some people want it to keep the restrictions in place and wait for a vaccine or better treatment. Frankly, both options suck.
  7. It was an 08. Whole family was there. Unless there were multiple families checking it out.
  8. Boarding school is all about the aid package. I know people that paid less than 10 for SSA. And I know someone that paid half for a boarding school in VA for lacrosse.
  9. My point is if you want to play at the Division 3 level or a higher ACHA Division 1 Club team you better plan on playing Juniors.
  10. Some kids just want the chance to play hockey after high school. For the most part you have to play juniors to play Division 3 hockey or even to make some club teams. You know this and the kids know this too. Lots of student athletes play all sorts of sports at the Division 3 level. They play because they want to not because they are getting a scholarship. So, if the family can swing paying for AAA hockey in high school or even low level juniors let them. It is their checkbook.
  11. The one thing that is different is the locker rooms. I think they do restrict the number of kids. Parents sometimes wear a mask and sometimes they don't. My kids have been in 3 different rinks. Most of the time they are relatively empty so it isn't a big deal. However, even if the rinks are somewhat crowded masks aren't worn by everyone. Nor do the parents stay apart.
  12. I agree with this. August or September for tryouts is the best case scenario. No idea how the potential for another spike comes into play.
  13. The Vengeance will have an 07 team this year. Esmark usually doesn’t work til Midgets. The exception was the 03 team which left the Renegades for Esmark at some point. Was it Bantams?
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