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  1. Personally I would skip Puckmasters since it isn't on the ice. More of a shooting clinic on synthetic ice. I think Cliff Loya (National Elite) has some weeknight clinics at Baeril. Maybe Tuesdays? Also, they have instructor ice at Pittsburgh Ice Arena in New Kensington.
  2. For those of you that don't have young kids, a lot of the better young players (squirts and peewees) play other sports in addition to hockey. They may have two hockey games and a baseball game on the same day. Or they may come straight to hockey practice from baseball. Yet they still find the time to take clinics or lessons. The difference between these kids and other kids is the amount of time that they have to run around outside. This is because they just don't have a lot of free time.
  3. I think that a lot of kids that are Squirts and Peewees still do a lot of clinics and lessons during the season. Seems like as kids get older they stop doing them for whatever reason. I agree that skating is important but I also feel that skating can be worked on with pucks. A good skill instructor can work on both stick handling and skating in one lesson.
  4. Up to you and your kid. I think kids get better by taking lessons and clinics. But some kids don't want to be on the ice that much. The other things is a couple of lessons don't really matter. You really need to make a commitment. Probably need to do something almost weekly.
  5. I think Eddie was making the point that the only way to have college paid for is to play Division 1. If either of my kids want to play hockey in college I think it would be great if they could play Club or Division 3 hockey.
  6. The Renegades have to move down too. They lost to Lebo 5-1.
  7. Erie was AA last year. Maybe they have a strong squad coming back and want to play AA again. Not many legit AA teams this year. SHAHA, Foxes, Badgers, NP, Altoona and the Huskies. Next would be the Viper Stars. Lebo and Preds aren’t that strong this year. Renegades only have an 08 team. Indiana? I still think NP 2 could sneak in.
  8. I think they are trying to get out of AA. Lebo already played the 08 Viper Stars. They tied them. So, has to be 07 Viper Stars. NP could be either 1 or 2. Essentially showing that they don’t belong AA.
  9. Just a guess but I guess the PAHL games lower their ranking which means fewer teams want to play them. Also, isn't it easier to get into some tournaments if your are a AAA team?
  10. Tourney Machine is an app that we have used for tournaments.
  11. Renegades are not playing PAHL. Depending on how many teams PAHL wants in AA a second NP could sneak in. My guess is AA is SHAHA, Foxes, NP, Altoona, Allegheny and Huskies. After that I am not sure. Viper Stars, Preds, Indiana, NP 2, Lebo?
  12. My kids are still pretty young so they don't pay attention to myhockeyrankings.com However, I know that parents often look at the rankings when we play an out of town team to see if the game will be competitive.
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