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  1. Perhaps you have the one who learned and the one who was best backwards?
  2. Once you get the tender in the first place is the first obstacle. After that, performingbto the required level is up to the player.
  3. Yes, that worked. It's updated now.
  4. Icemen seems to be a landing pad for the disgruntled, at least more so than Vengeance. I can't see where they'd compete with Esmark.
  5. I'm sure they don't invite any of the other local options. For different reasons.
  6. They also played on a much larger ice surface that complimented possession.
  7. The bottom line is to remember that even a Garnett Hathaway or a Martin Jones. They're bottom-of-the-barrel NHLers, yet were so beyond their peers that they made it. And hockey, unlike football or basketball or baseball, you're literally up against the best players throughout the rest of the world for a spot. It's probably safe to say that your kid isn't making it.
  8. The new checking rule appears to be: If it's loud on the boards or glass- 2 minutes If the kid being checked falls- 2 minutes If the kid doing the checking is bigger than the one being checked and one or both of the above happen- that's a two and ten It's ridiculous.
  9. The automatic offsides is the stupidest thing in all of hockey.
  10. Those 3-4 hours drives will seem like nothing once the kid hits his mid-teens, and burned out on hockey, decides to have nothing to do with it anymore, and decides to hang out with his girlfriend instead. Like all the PAHL & PIHL kids.
  11. Because then they aren't "better" than A major. Never mind that they aren't AA and will probably be in for a long season. But the water cooler talk must not get that in-depth.
  12. The thing with this early age birth year stuff is that yes, you have a few standout kids on the team. After that, everyone is more or less interchangeable. You also have some kids that are noticebly better in tryouts than some of the birth year players, but the birth year players aren't going anywhere because they've been on that team since 8 or ten years old and some of those players that are better are coming from somewhere else and aren't even going to be considered. Go to some weekend draft tournaments and you can see how interchangeable a lot of the players are.
  13. That situation is definitely a black mark on the Pens organization.
  14. This is hilarious. Wonder what other ELITE 5 year olds they'll be up against? “Here comes Little Timmy down the boards, picking up steam. He has those $900 skates, really paying off here. He dishes it to Baby Boy Jonathan in the slot, HE SHOOTS.... oh, it goes wide as he shits his pants and starts crying for his mommy. Oh, my. The crowd is letting him have it, with chants of 'get off the ice' and "get back into your crib" as the coaches get him cleaned up and back over to the bench."
  15. No one said that it didn't have its benefits.
  16. Oh, I'm not saying the client's are paying 15 an hour. That'll still be 50 or more. But the perception of value will be there, and people will do it. I guarantee I can find some young guys that just aged out of AAA or ACHA that would take the job, too.
  17. I'm guessing here, but they might want to run their own skills sessions, with employees they can pay 15/hr to, instead of outside coaches making all the money.
  18. An increase could be justified, if say they actually clean and maintain the place. My biggest concern would be them pushing their own teams and league, and these organizations being pushed out or dissolved. I know some skills coaches have already been pushed out.
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