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  1. It’s always 99.9% PPE kids that get pushed through to the final camp from western pa. some are deserving, others not so much. a few years back, culver went nuts on mid am & USA hockey. Culver had a big stud defenseman that didn’t get out of the sylvannia camp. I believe this kid is in the ushl right now. His name escapes me at the moment. Anyway, PPE pushed a enormous amount of kids though that year. Needles to say I don’t think one PPE kid that year made it to the all star weekend, they were all cut after the first two days. Even the guy running PPE kid got cut that first day. Some say it was USA hockey making a point that mid am let PPE control the camp, the best kids from the Sylvania camp didn’t get out of it.
  2. Admittedly we don’t know as many 2003 players and families as we do 1998-2002. 2004 is even further away for us. BUT my boys just told me the icemen goalie has been there for 3 years now, so it doesn’t sound like the team will fair any better. Like the predators, they tell me the 04s filling out the team wouldn’t make U18 AA. It’s going to be a real short season for those teams. Out of districts by October. The boys did tell me today the vengeance start up is coached by a 2004 dad as mentioned above. The story was almost verbatim to what was posted here but the boys think the vengeance will be a little better than the other 3 faux AAA U18 teams (still at the bottom of the district - out by October like the others). It sounds like esmark is virtually all returning and mainly older HS graduated 2003’s. I haven’t heard much about PPE yet.
  3. Sounds about right. I was told many 2003’s declined the faux AAA team to play on the AA team. Many astatic 2004 parents! Hearing the 2004’s they put on the team wouldn’t make U18 AA, most of them played on the predators U16 AA team this past season that finished in the middle of the Pahl standings. It could be they just filed the team with those 04’s for the money and they won’t play much. who finishes dead last in the district - icemen or predators ? I’m told the icemen have a decent goalie, that might help flip them from dead last. https://myhockeyrankings.com/rank.php?d=MM&y=2020&v=118 both teams at the bottom. 9th & 10th. This upcoming season the vengeance and Mt Lebanon have U18 AAA, correct ? It’s a race to the bottom, all four teams more than likely will be out of the district tournament by October. What’s the point ? You play tier 1 to make the district tournament.
  4. I concur. Watching my two boys play hockey for almost twenty years, I can’t even keep track how many times I’ve seen a bigger kid called for clean hits, gaining body position etc. if your kid pushes into that 6’2 & above range - forget it! Those kids can’t even rub anyone with out some sort of call. Now add this new rule, those bigger kids will be at a severe disadvantage the way refs currently call the game. I once saw a kid that was around 5’5 jump up to cross check a big kid in the head, the big kid turned around and cross checked the runt in the chest and sent him flying. The big kid got a roughing call, the runt nothing even though he made head contact. It’s how the refs treated Mario during his paying days. Just add a non checking - no contact division for players & parents that don’t want contact. USA Hockey can continue to collect their fees! This stuff is getting absurd!
  5. Cool someone running a Pahl org is posting. What happened to the U18 & U16 landscape in Pahl ? Particularly this rumor of 3-4 18U AA teams. It’s mentioned here NORTH PGH won’t have a team. In years past your org was always one of the biggest in regards to tier 2. I see you mentioned the faux icemen hurt.
  6. What does the 18’s look like ? (I’m far out of the loop these days). I was told the rats have no U18 team and armstrong didn’t have enough kids at tryouts.
  7. Speaking of PAHL, I was told a few weeks ago PAHL is only expecting 4 or so U16 AA teams. possibly only 3 AA teams at U18. Is/if true, the blame was placed on the faux AAA teams along with an independent predators AA U18 team. To me, 3-4 AA Teams at midget seems really low, but if the talk is true about all the faux AAA teams in western pa at the midget levels I guess I’m not surprised.
  8. I’ve never followed it much, seems if it was played in the middle of state (at the very least) it would help draw kids from the west side.
  9. BBS buying PIA isn’t a bad thing, that place needs work. The only problem I suppose - it can’t be relocated.
  10. For the sake of the parents and players, you could only hope.
  11. 15 minute periods at 16 & 18 ?? Guessing no ice cut on top of that ? 🙄
  12. https://dkpittsburghsports.com/2021/05/31/robert-morris-hockey-eliminated-steelers-kevin-colbert-resigned-board-jp-dk
  13. Small update on the hockey program - I was told the NCAA are the ones that wanted the rink updated. Does anyone know what these updates would have been for NCAA standards ?
  14. Sad news - a local kid on the NCAA team told us he doesn’t have anywhere to transfer to if he wanted to continue playing. He’s not on athletic scholarship. half of his tuition is covered by academic scholarships & grants, the other half his parents. He’s essentially done playing hockey. He said the top 3-4 players who are on athletic scholarships might get a chance somewhere else but the transfer portal is a convoluted mess. The limited amount of people I do know involved with the program said they were not surprised the program was folded. there has been talk about it before covid. Multiple reasons starting with a new president down to the facility losing money. I truly hope someone like black bear does purchase the facility (assuming it’s for sale) if a random developer grabs that land, kids will suffer. RMU will likely lose its ACHA programs, I can’t see a scenario that has them finding ice at Baierl or UPMC, it’s my understanding during season neither rink has much ice to sell. PIHL already has issues getting ice. PAHL will take a hit. PPE still buys ice from rmu when needed. Would beaver be the last rink standing on that side of town ? I’d expect ice fees to rise even more due to demand. If this place goes down, it will be a big hit for western pa.
  15. I was wondering this myself. It’s been 3-4 years since I’ve been to that place. Maybe the nuclear waste is pushing up into the building again. For those old enough to remember, when that place was first built you couldn’t use the water for the first 2 years. I can’t recall what but whatever landfill it was built on was toxic. interesting quote from the RMU President about sports and diversity. The AD was on the news a few months back talking about how much of a hole the athletic programs are in financially.
  16. Show up, they will take your money, it’s really that simple.
  17. Speaking of - someone just told me the predators 16u “aaa” coach quit right after tryouts ? Never heard of the guy when his name was mentioned, is this true ?
  18. That age is U15 now ? Good on esmark for not just taking people’s money and tossing a faux team out there, I’m sure they could have done that.
  19. Little young for the parents and players we still communicate with but I heard most of the 2004s left for the vengeance, maybe these younger kids are going there ? I didn’t realize the vengeance had midget teams, They failed pretty bad a few years ago trying a U18 team - finished almost dead last in the rankings - embarrassment. I figured the talk this year about midget vengeance teams was just talk but I’m sure some group of parents probably put it together. If you want to play for the predators just pay “that guy” for lessons, your kid will make it. The man was let go recently from the varsity job he had, he has to make that money up. What’s the early over / under the predators midget “AAA” teams are out of the district tournament by October ?
  20. He still has a house in Chicagoland along with Florida.
  21. I think I know the story of this coach you are talking about if the time frame was before mueller or his first year - hard to recall. I honestly don’t recall any of the black teams beating the elite teams in districts but I do remember at one of the BY under my kids there was a lot of animosity between the black team & elite team, maybe the 03’s or 04’s.
  22. I’m guessing it had to be an 03, my youngest is an 02. 99-03 are the BY i am most familiar with locally. I’m not doubting the stray kid here and there was retained at 15u, I do know of one 03 but then they dumped him at 16u. Kid is at Gilmour now. The point being many kids from the black team got pushed through the mid am camp by ppe over better players in the district, then dumped by ppe at midget. I could pm you 15 names alone from the 02 & 03 BY.
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