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  1. You can goto the elite prospects website & find any team.
  2. You have your kid in the wrong sport. You can get more than one extra A right here!
  3. It’s really up to you guys. Do you want to keep spending money ? Is your son mature enough to go away to school ? What is the end game ? How is your son’s grades ? Does he want to goto college ? rmu, pitt, Cal U & IUP I can’t think at the moment, but there are others, these are just the ones I hear most about. If someone has the time or knowledge to list all the acha schools that are a reasonable distance for western pa players, with coaches contacts it would probably help a lot of folks here. Possibly start a new thread. Coffee just kicked in a little - mercyhurst, Duquesne & right across the border Wvu. I’m sure there are more. Over in Ohio you have Ohio U, kent, Miami & others. It’s really just as simple as sending a coach an email stating your son has interest in the school. They will have the kid down for a skate at some point & let you know if he has a chance to make the team or not. if your son is serious about his academics, don’t pick a college just because they have hockey. There are many different factors with the college experience & education. Choose wisely what is best for your child, don’t make the hockey team the priority.
  4. Some do, a lot of kids just go right to college when it’s over. Some piss around in tier 3 or get a quick stop in tier 2. the top 4-5 kids keep pushing.
  5. Kind of, but most PPE kids in the end land in the ACHA.
  6. If you’ve ever been to Dallas - just about every rink is called the “stars center” with a Dallas stars logo. This NHL team invested in youth hockey for real, the penguins truly only care about themselves.
  7. https://www.wtae.com/article/armstrong-parent-demanding-change-after-she-says-her-daughter-was-attacked-in-school-for-being-trans/38192105
  8. Catching up with some folks & talking about this incident today - earlier this season Butler sent a letter to PIHL about the behavior at Belmont, so this is really strike two against armstrong this season in that rink. I also learned last year Armstrong had to forfeit a win to Moon for a roster violation, though unrelated to bad behavior, I’m not surprised. Get it together up there! Control your parents & students! PIHL should have done more knowing Mars was not the first incident this season. If PIHL would have handed out discipline for the Butler incident, this doesn’t even happen to Mars. the more you know.
  9. Football trumps all - if true, I’m not surprised. If true - I guess the principal’s post can be disregarded, just doing PR. Look what TJ did last year with covid cases, all to protect the football team.
  10. I don’t know the reasons but if I had to guess - insurance, liability, the cost to rent ice etc. hockey has always been treated like a second son when it comes to western pa HS. When is was young an playing we practiced at 1am on a Saturday night. There was only 3 rinks If I recall in those days. The schools like to act involved because they all give the teams a few bucks every year. It just gives them a little control if they need it with out the liability of the sport in my opinion. These HS will drop a few hundred thousand a year to resurface football fields. There were two schools last year not reporting covid contact on the hockey teams due to the football playoffs starting. There are obviously plenty of rinks now, it’s time for the schools to take responsibility and start running the teams. Eliminating all these boards run by parents would remove a lot of nepotism and give the coaches better control of the teams IMO. can anyone share how NA is running their hockey program these days ? It’s my understanding they are the only school in western pa that runs the hockey team. It took some sort of incident for them to take it over a few years back.
  11. Actions like this have plagued western pa hockey for 20 years. It will never change. The schools need to take over the teams. NA is the only school district to step up I think. it took somewhat of a similar situation for them to do this but my old mind is failing me anymore. I’m sure someone around here can post the exact reason. Regardless, varsity hockey would be in a much better place if it was a official school sport. no more boards, no more parents running things.
  12. It appears someone from the armstrong board has entered the conversation. This is the mentality of their school and Pahl teams there. “Old school hockey “ it’s the culture in that area. I once shared a story on here about a little kid (5’5 or so) jumping up in the air to cross check a bigger kid in the head. Nothing was called. That little kid played for the river hawks. look, I’m pretty old, even I know that wasn’t taunting. That was verbal abuse of a sexual nature. No place for it. Taunting is chanting the goalies name when they give up a goal, the occasional “you suck” getting yelled by some kid. But guess what ? Yelling you suck these days is starting to cross the line. Times changed. The game changed. Adapt. That’s what intelligent people do.
  13. Like TJ not reporting covid cases for the football playoffs ? 😂😳
  14. Trego is an awful ref but you can’t put this on any of those guys. They have enough stuff to deal with on the ice along with looney parents from time to time.
  15. Holly shit, this message board might have got someone’s attention for once that can make changes. If the above is legit (armstrong hs principal), good on the armstrong school district.
  16. Looking at last year there is a few teams missing. Moon, Hampton & plum appear to have moved down.
  17. It does sound like a fun event but he’s not wrong, that’s what sucks.
  18. Jim black is still around ? I thought he had to step down due to conflict ? He is part owner of a rink PIHL sells ice to. He’s the epitome of corruption in youth sports - a politician taking kick backs. what happened at armstrong is fd up but the armstrong team should not be punished. Those kids are just playing the game. Blame the crap parenting and crap school district. Suspended the student section for a few games.
  19. What he said. Some of the northeast usphl teams get 20k a season then you pay billet fees on top of all that.
  20. Covid screwed them up last year. Canadian leagues not open. I haven’t followed the cuts since covid, I’m sorry I don’t have the answer. In the past most tier 2 cuts would happen at the end of October.
  21. Yes it’s low. A decent amount of usphl Midwest teams are running on the low side. Wooster didn’t have enough kids at tryouts for a normal 4 line team. Some parents are starting to wise up I suppose. These tier 3 teams will also wait for kids in tier 2 not playing to get cut and hope they can pick them up for the season. This happens every year. normally these tier 3 teams will start off with 20-21 or so skaters and end with 28-30 skaters once the tier 2 cuts happen.
  22. All the years traveling with my oldest around the country, my experience - the majority of parents yelling at refs & other parents were drinking. Heck, a parent I was very friendly with who never said much - one game he had a few beers. Embarrassed his own kid and got tossed. I’m not saying this is the case for every parent causing problems during a game, just in my experience alcohol seemed to be a major contributor.
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