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  1. Locally we realize this - not so much on a national level, Canada & Europe.
  2. I agree with your recruiting assessment - so far the American kids are sub par nahl players or ncdc. I think the program will have a black eye for the foreseeable future until they can show its stable.
  3. Correct, the higher end ppe kids shot for the ushl. Esmark kids don’t get tendered to the nahl usually until U18, but we know how 95% of those work out.
  4. Despise their site - just names, not teams or area’s listed ? Any western pa kids ?
  5. Sounds to me there is a lot of lower end players in this tournament that is being discussed. I’m sure if there are PPE kids, local kids from playing out of state - they are the the ones really standing out.
  6. Prep is a joke for the most part. Just a term to pull in money. Sure the top 3 prep schools move kids, others really don’t. 5 years of hs just to play hockey - please! Go the real junior route over prep unless it’s one of the big 3 that nobody around here will make.
  7. From what I understood talking with his parents - Pitt is only slightly more expensive, cal being a state school doesn’t have as many scholarship opportunities. He would live at both schools, The kid wants to go for engineering - pitt’s program sounds like they start you at the very bottom regardless of hs classes for mathematics. Cal will let him test out of certain math classes. So it sounds like he has some things to work through with his decision. as for hockey - he nor his parents seem to have a preference with either school. Both clubs you have to drive to a rink. they understand it’s club hockey, it’s just there to keep playing a bit, make some new friends & have fun as long as it doesn’t interfere with his studies. I mentioned rostraver is up for sale, it didn’t seem to matter to them. I text a few friends from TJ - they haven’t heard anything new about rostraver, so here I am asking around this place 🙂 what schools are peaking the interest of your kid ?
  8. Not my kid, I didn’t talk much about it - school should be the most important factor. I attend a grad party last weekend, kid is still deciding between Cal & Pitt - due to placement tests, nothing regarding hockey. He will be a great player for either club.
  9. Any chatter about this lately ? I know two kids looking at cal.
  10. From time to time those 10 goal thumping’s create character. They make the player realize everyone doesn’t get a trophy, there are better players. It pushes kids out of their bubbles. If the player is serious, it gives them a measuring stick.
  11. Two Gilmour kids are from western pa. the ncdc is a mediocre junior league, to top it off 95% of those kids drafted will never play there. Usphl premier for life.
  12. Still ranked - just no number. They should just make it alphabetical order.
  13. Suck em in now, along with parents. Get them paying into the usphl.
  14. Lol, it’s to dangle the ncdc carrot while the kids pay to play in the usphl forever. Such a joke. Edit - they should have called this the advisor draft.
  15. Watch yourself on this with other parents - competition, most are only looking out for their own.
  16. They like the predators should just be what they really are. Decent AA programs, but there is is more money to make with the faux extra A I suppose.
  17. I agree - sports in general are getting more crazy by the day. I think his main point was the crazy costs along with crazy parents he has to deal with as a coach.
  18. Last year - I was thinking about not hanging around here anymore. I’ll be seeing myself out at some point soon. You can try to give advice to the younger parents but like teenagers, they just won’t take it. They will have to experience it on their own. I don’t recall when my kids were squirts & pw this level of craziness & chasing. I posted on a different thread here today about a younger, well respected coach locally. This coach told me when he has kids they will never play hockey - to much craziness, hockey is a mess.
  19. There is a very well known coach who is younger in our area that told me this, this year - “when I have kids they are not playing hockey. It’s a mess anymore.”
  20. It’s not so much about winning at PPE. It about the advancement, connections & being scouted. What age was the kid cut ? I don’t know the kids name. Bitch & complain as much as you want about PPE - it doesn’t change the FACT that 90% of the local players that move onto real junior hockey or further went through PPE. edit - I’m looking at shaha, their two leading scorers are close. I see one kid plays for peters the other ringold. Neither listed as ever playing for PPE. So this kid you are talking about was at PPE for squirts maybe a year for PW ? Nobody cares where you played squirts OR PW. Unless the player is a phenom with pro projections, That age is about pure development. If this kid is as good as others say, it appears PPE had a hand in his development. Bantam is when the kids start to really separate due to skill. Bantam is when kids start to get followed. Midget is when it gets serious.
  21. I don’t know who the kid is but - you can’t develop or teach size. 100 players with same skill set, the biggest will always get the opening unless politics are at play. real junior hockey is a serious mental & physical grind. nobody is scouting shaha. Even at districts, those scouts already know who they are going to watch. Kids already in their conversations. Kids that are under certain advisors. Good luck to him - if he does have the skill set his parents need to get him to PPE or out of western pa. yes, these days it does matter who you are paying such as an advisor.
  22. Believe it or not, when you look at the statistics it’s harder to make the ushl than the ohl.
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