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  1. Thank you aaaaHockey, you brought up some valid points. The more I reaseach and hear the more im realizing AAA hockey at age 9 isnt good for alot of reason and shows high burn out rates. Im looking into SHAHA, preds and Rink Rats. I like the birth year concept so im hoping to find a good birth year team for my boys to be apart of.
  2. Thanks Man. I appreciate the info and will explore these options.
  3. Thank you, I have heard good things about SHAHA but was really interested in seeing the talent out there at both the peewee and squirt level for my boys. I have only been in the area for a little over a year so im learning Pittsburghs way of hockey. Vengence is no good?
  4. Any suggestions for good summer camps at the squirt and Peewee levels? I have 2 boys and im trying to find some hockey camps locally coached by players not dads?
  5. Im new to this forum but im glad i came acrossed it. Great info for hockey parents. I agree with most of you, find an organization that isn't a hassle to get to and offers great opportunities to play AA and AAA if you child reaches that point. you always want to keep your kids challenged.
  6. When are tryouts for this team? I have a 2011 and 2009 looking to make the switch from mt Lebanon to AA or AAA birth year team.
  7. Anyone have any information on the preds putting together a AA 2011 birth year team for next year squirts? This may just be a rumor but im interested in hearing more. They have a group of great kids on that team and 1 outstanding kid who i saw play baldwin squirts this year. anyone with details about try outs for this team let me know.
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