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  1. Hopefully you guys remain open for hockey and Wolf doesn't shut you down or severely restrict PA hockey today. Pulling for you from NY!! 😁
  2. Hey, you guys are lucky. Try living next door in NY with King Andy. We haven't been allowed to play games or scrimmages in NYS all season, and most organization and/or counties are now prohibiting travel outside of the state to play hockey (not that much is open right now anyway!). You guys in PA have it way better than most states and all I read is everyone bitching about how bad you have it. Be grateful for what you have. My bender has only played FOUR games this entire season - and they were all in NJ (5 1/2 hr. ride) where parents were not allowed in the rink. I'd take what y
  3. As one referee said to me prior to our game earlier this season in Michigan (with the mask mandate): "Listen, I'm here to ref the game. I'm not the mask police."
  4. What will MidAm do? Will they prohibit sanctioned games now that the limits on indoor gatherings have been restored? May be a lot less NYS and OH plates at your local rink this weekend!! I would assume that the MidAm will have to issue a position in response to this ruling quickly. What happens to PPE scheduled games this weekend? They were following the Gov's orders. Will Pens now shut down all PA hosted games? Should be an interesting day or two to see how this plays out.
  5. Heard 5 v 5 games are going on all over the state and some NYS Teams have been heading over to Erie to play real games WITH spectators. SuperSeries ran their Breakout Tournament this weekend - games listed on their website were hosted and played in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. What’s the “real deal” in PA?
  6. As an FYI.....Below is the current proposal that came out this week from the WNYAHL in Buffalo - dates will most definitely change, all schools are closed there until at least 4/20. Below the WNYAHL proposal is the release from the NYSAHA that was sent to all organization this week regarding tryouts and penalties for recruiting violations. It will be interesting to see what PA does . First time there is a proposal on the table for staggered (AAA, AA) tryouts in WNY. Monday, 4/20/20 tryouts can be for Tier 1 teams at: 13, 14u TB, 15 only, 16U TB and 18U TB along with Girls Tier
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