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  1. you really think danner is lying about a futures draft (not even playing)? this is ridiculous we are all too bored. if he was going to make something up it would be something a little more sensational geeeezzzzz
  2. ya right. again - Keep telling yourself that you may start believing it. very defensive on this sore spot - that’s for sure.
  3. was not meaning to reply to you. my opinion is the esmark ppl talk themselves into thinking it’s better. the resources at poe are better period.
  4. ha! ya so many kids at 16 would rather be on esmark. hilarious ! u drank the koolaid because you had no choice!
  5. keep telling yourself that pucks11. LOL. The only people who think esmatk is better are the ones whose kid didn’t make PPE early on but finally ended up on esmark. it’s. no brainer on so many levels
  6. huh?? when has pens rink been shut down in Dencember? And look again at the games played - same as most teams in their divisions. What in the world are you talking about
  7. wasn’t there already a court ruling on this. everyone thought it was some great victory. but nothing changed. that was months ago. am i wrong? that is my recollection
  8. that’s correct. and as much as i agree that so many of these restrictions are arbitrary and ridiculous i don’t get why so much energy is going in to the current bill. without it, schools get to decide and can have fans up to the limits. NO -wolf is not going to allow a school district to decide limits are more than 25/250. and if this bill does go through then the real bill that matters (indoor limits increase to % of capacity rather than 25) will get pushed aside bc i don’t think two in a row will go through. if they were going to buck the system it should be for 2832 bc it would help schools
  9. obviously 50 ppl would be way better than 25 but junior teams and prep teams almost always have more than 20 on roster. the current proposed legislation only helps public and private schools - neither of which control many hockey venues.
  10. If the bill were to pass then schools could make these decisions- but i wish it were worded more broadly so that independent organizations could make decisions on indoor gathering limits etc. As written this does not generally increase the indoor limit for non-school hockey orgs to sanction games does it?
  11. so the pahl proposal DOES still allow checking. that’s what i thought. many teams have been doing this already for the time being - making mini teams and scrimmaging. with checking but 25 ppl total
  12. can someone repost the pahl proposal documents? when i click on the attachments posted on page 5 of this thread they are not viewable.
  13. does bender’s post say anything about no checking? i am missing it for some reason. i know of org’s splitting teams up for scrimmages to stick to the 25 person limit but i personally ha e not heard of any going non-checking. is that official?
  14. how are junior teams going to handle? johnstown? youngstown? how about the national development team in michigan wonder what those kids have been doing.
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