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  1. someone was saying at the hockey store today that this team is going to try and field a team next season too......HOW?
  2. then maybe first off should not have fired the first coach, and once that happened. Pgh should have just folded then.
  3. sounds like the player didn't care for the daddy coach either if the team folded due to player commitment ONLY
  4. are the level by looking at you tube is slow to mid c level over all. BUT hey the con man coned them into thinking it was pro level hockey lol....... All it was was travel beer league.
  5. AND Finally this train wreck oof a team has folded up shop. With their 2 forfeits today the league had finally booted the con artist out!!!!!! Shocked it took this long to do so....
  6. higher level scouts for u18aa team? lol this isn't Chicago. highest level even looking would be a pay to play........
  7. no idea but judging by the YouTube feed I would say lucky to have 100 even
  8. na Jake is a heck of a player himself.. the CV and SF onees though for sure deff shouldn't be on but is what is
  9. they ran into a hot goalie. they had like 40. something shots on the kiid..... TJ was the best in the west to represent pgh
  10. the whole league is a joke tbh.... how many name changes this season alone. 3 already....
  11. ii am willing to bet and, and they are losing most of their fire power this season. as they are mostly seniors
  12. TJ was the best team in AA for the last 3 seasons... congrats TJ
  13. I sure he will show up at mid ams in Toledo again this year and try his usual tricks
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