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  1. yea thats pretty sad then, I hope the kids are going there for the education then, but till seems like a waste of a shit ton of money.
  2. no this is on use hockey website: COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - USA Hockey announced a reduction of the minimum game count to qualify for the 2021 USA Hockey-Chipotle National Championships and District Tournaments for Youth Tier I and II teams, from 20/10 to 14/7. To qualify for district and national tournaments, all Youth Tier I and Tier II teams must have competed as a team unit in at least 14 games, while each youth player must have played in at least seven games during the 2020-21 season.
  3. not a fan especially at the midget level. all other levels sure.
  4. Season is done, just face it. Cases are worse then last year. USA Hockey has already started pushing back Nationals.
  5. Well I guess the shutdown doesn't apply to a local organization. it is confirmed that the Esmark teams are all traveling to Dallas Texas this weekend to continue to play. HOW are they even able to pull this off since EVERY team seems to be on a pause BUT them? Wonder if mid am knows about this?
  6. yea I know ice castle was open during the lock down. Son skated there alot.
  7. rinks will all close but Harmer like normal... few teams will buy ice out of there like before and im sure some tier 1 teams will continue to play games out of there....
  8. I don't know if that is 100 percent true, some local tier1 teams have games out of state next week and plan on playing them. doubt any repercussions will come of it. Once the cats out of the bag of which team(s) do next weekend im sure more will follow after that.
  9. I hope your kidding?!? IF NOT thats a darn shame!!!! PA is turning in to the new Michigan
  10. The company that use to run the Nations Cup ( Legacy Global Sports) filed for bankruptcy earlier this year and they folded. Their top guy there now is pretty high up with 200x85, whom runs all the CCM Invites. Also, maybe someone has the know. BUT im hearing rumbles at for Tier1 Districts that they are taken top 8 this season? As oppose to the top 6 like every other year? Is this true?
  11. Not true, their u15 team is currently in the District Tournament.
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