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  1. folks are starting to realize the bill of goods promised is a bunch of bs. Having to go all over the country to play 20-80 ranked teams, and playing in a sub par naphl just isnt worth the time anymore. look at iceman they didn't last in the aa league very long.
  2. how can anyone ever trust this program again,espically after that rug pull... looks like recruiting is sub par nahl and ncdc kids. not very many USHL kids will trust to come to RMU.
  3. call it how it really is. Pittsburgh is not a hockey hot bed like alot of folks think it is. the best kids once they hit midgets leave bc there is nothing else for pgh to offer them and the really good ones that stay end up for the most part usphl premier or ncdc.
  4. great another thread complaining about spring summer hockey.
  5. how abuts there anyone who isnt trying to get their money??????
  6. yep guess we are back to the crazy squirt and peewee parents bs.
  7. its summer hockey who cares, local yes, high level. highly doubt that aa at best
  8. and If you think the top kids on tier3 teas are paying to play? I can tell you they ARE NOT
  9. 39 rounds enough said, what draft has 39 rounds?
  10. finishing in the basement of mid ams does take its toll every year
  11. if he was in the Chicago Minnesota or Detroit market he would have probably been drafted. All the faux AAA has killed this area for talent. its to spread out.
  12. im sure your referring to the one that plays for shah. No, and he is a hell of a player too.
  13. that's where the REAL talent is and where it goes too
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