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  1. number 2 is spot on its a great teaching rule for sure... parent love to complain when in reality it is good but daddy coach can't teach a simple re group so they complain about a rule
  2. one thing WE can all agree on is NONE of theirs BY teams are no where close to being a aaa team. mediocre at best aa teams. King Ralph is laughing all the way to the bank
  3. the 2005 Vengeance team got smacked around all weekend not to mention being out shot 2-1, and one game 4-1.... One daddy put both teams together.....
  4. that's all fine and dandy, play8ing your own age bracket as long as possible but say when BY A is the minor and BY B is the older may A BY will be cut and NOT make u18AAA when it really matters.
  5. yes left. no need to bring up the past.....if your aware of what happened fine if not o well
  6. they never had the support, this isnt a NCAA hockey town and never will be.
  7. it doesnt even attract the best kids, most of the best kids for west where at the chowder cup
  8. hopefully all the school that play there pull out after this season and take their teams to Southpointe... hit them where it hurts the most , their wallets
  9. wow dont let you kid go play JR hockey then, bc you would wanna bankrupt every team then bc not this but there is alot of goof ballness and other stuff thats border line as well...
  10. they have their goods and bads just like any other organization......
  11. didn't they lose a decent amount of players to transfers ? Something like 7-10 kids and it was the better ones too.... Guess a bunch of club kids will move up for a season. BUT who in their right mind would wanna go there after this rug pull?
  12. WOW some people really hating on kids..... NO MATTER WHAT TEAM WE TALK ABOUT ( PPE,ESMARK,PREDS OR WHOMEVER) THERE IS ALWAYS PEOPLE BITCHING ABOUT WHO IS AND ISN'T ON THE TEAM...... WHO REALLY CARES? Everyone of them will all be beer leaguers by 26-28 years old... Enjoy the current rides with your kids bc before you know it it will be over. Then what are you going to grumble about?
  13. I would say they need to try to field half decent AA team or 2 before trying for AAA. OR could it be that Esmark moves down there with a name change ?
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