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  1. Word on the street is that an official from the NAHL/NAPHL event this past weekend has tested positive and that all teams and officials are encouraged to get tested.
  2. Likely--it is going to be difficult enough trying to communicate with players. Since it is not a USA Hockey rule, the responsibility lies with the organizations. Many officials have decided not to skate because of the mask mandate.
  3. Officials will not be addressing masks at all. It is up to the associations, coaches, team managers, and players. If someone does not have a mask on, we will not say a word; the opposing team/organization can then reach out to the league.
  4. Very good point--why should the professionals be exempt? Stay safe!
  5. I was simply trying to give a perspective in terms of game management and such.
  6. Okay, from an officiating perspective, this is horrible for us. *electronic whistles = absurd *mask = arbitrarily absurd *communicating with coaches, scorekeeper, players for offside, easy on the boards, etc. = absolutely absurd
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