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  1. I like it. I know it's petty, but parents and teams don't like the big swing of playing AA in their major year, then back down to an A division the following year. Pendulum swinging back and forth. One year they play against kids the same age, the next year they play against bigger, older, but less skilled kids. This solves that issue and I think this would keep more of the better teams in PAHL.
  2. How's the competition in this? I can't imagine they would have many MS teams playing. Could be wrong.
  3. I think AA Major and AA Minor would solve the exact problem you mention of small programs not being able to field a AA BY team. Why do you think it's too open ended? If there is a smaller organization that doesn't want a BY team, they could put together a team of primarily kids in their major year with a few minor year kids sprinkled in. Those teams (depending on placements) would have the opportunity to play AA Major. But the AA Minor division is truly protected with no major year kids. This solves the problem of good minor year teams having to make the decision of 1) Play PAHL AA and get smoked because of size, not skill, 2) Play Major Black, but still against mostly older kids, or 3) Go independent and only play other BY teams. Unfortunately option 3 seems to be becoming more common.
  4. I can somewhat see the rationale, but wouldn't last year have been the year to play an independent schedule? If the Preds 09 would've stayed in PAHL AA this year they would've had one of the better teams, but it's not like they would breeze through the competition. SHAHA, North Pgh, and maybe Allegheny would've been good competition. The Preds 09 would've been right in that mix. Lebo, Foxes, and Rebellion 09 teams would've been a notch below but certainly not blowouts. It would've been a fun division with good competition. Having one of the better (prob not the best) 09 team leave PAHL AA hurts the whole division and can have a ripple effect. If there was an AA Minor division last year with verified 09 rosters, do you think that would've changed the mind of the Preds to leave PAHL?
  5. Why do you care how different regions handle the letters? I'm sure you're correct if you compare Western PA to GTA, Chicago, Minnesota, Detroit, etc. But we have PAHL AA teams constantly beating up on Western NY, Ohio, MD, DC, and Virginia AAA teams. And we constantly have PAHL A teams doing the same against many AA teams from those same areas. What I don't want is half of the good teams just completely ditching PAHL.
  6. I don't think this is true across the board. Like most organizations, some birth years have strong teams, and others don't. Vengeance certainly has some good teams at other birth years. But Vengeance are a completely different discussion. I'm more worried about PAHL organizations that are pulling their top BY teams and going independent.
  7. Interesting thoughts in your post. Do you think having AA Minor divisions (with verified rosters) would be a good thing for PAHL? I do agree that things need to change in the AA divisions. That's where we're losing teams.
  8. It’s completely up to each team. A lot of AA teams play their PAHL schedule but then also a few tournaments and a bunch of independently scheduled games. But any team can do this. For an ambitious team and coach I think it makes sense to play PAHL and a dozen or so independent games. I just don’t want the better teams to leave PAHL completely and I’m starting to see that trend at the younger age groups.
  9. So they are for sure playing PAHL no matter where they end up? Those are decent results against 09 teams.
  10. At the 12U level I'm aware of: Aviators 10 Predators 09 Predators 10 Rebellion 10 That's not nothing. Three of the better 2010 teams.
  11. Do you think if they had AA Major and Minor divisions at the younger age groups, less teams would be leaving PAHL? I understand you hate BY teams, but for the "umpteeth thousdanth time", that is not going to change.
  12. Finally someone was willing to say whether they thought it made sense or not! Anyone think it's a bad idea and would cause even more teams to leave? Anyone think it would hurt PAHL?
  13. Do you think having a 14U AA Major and a 14U AA Minor division in PAHL (like they have) is a bad idea? I don't think it's an insane idea to have AA Minor divisions at the 12U and 10U level if it keeps more teams in PAHL. That's the idea I'm trying to explore. Who really cares if it's "true" AA or not.
  14. Don't know for sure but it seems like they don't want to be playing primarily against kids a year older and in an "A" division. I'm just wondering if a AA Minor division would keep them in PAHL.
  15. It'd be interesting to know if there are parents or coaches of some better 2012 or 2010 BY teams that decided to go independent instead of playing PAHL, if things would've been different if PAHL offered a AA Minor division. Would they have stayed in PAHL?
  16. MHR is picky when it comes to naming minor year birth year teams. The roster must be verified with them. It's a whole process. There are more than three 12 BY teams, just not all have jumped through the hoops yet. And I think you're right about 2012 and 2010 BY teams struggling against mixed teams. One of the reasons that the Aviators 2010 team initially wanted to play PAHL AA, but after some scrimmages they realize it's just not going to happen. So instead of dropping down to A Major Black or lower, they'll just go independent. That's the problem I'm seeing. (I don't know any of this first hand about the aviators, just heard it from someone so could be wrong.)
  17. I understand your argument that you think BY teams should go away in most cases. It's a legit argument, but the BY teams aren't going anywhere. Parents and organizations have cast their vote with their wallet. Orgs that started BY teams fairly early grew and gained players. Orgs that didn't have suffered in some cases. The question is how PAHL will deal with the changing landscape.
  18. You're absolutely right. Some of those smaller organizations will have a "team 1" that is primarily kids in their major year with a few minor year kids sprinkled in. Some bigger organizations do this as well. Lebo for example in many cases. Those teams would have the option of playing "up" in AA Major. Obviously all AA Minor teams will be verified to make sure all kids are in their minor year.
  19. Lots of eye rolling and "faux" this and "faux" that. It's always interesting how quickly some people are willing to reveal their own insecurities. In terms of making PAHL AA stronger, the most interesting idea to me is to have AA Minor and AA Major divisions at the 10U and 12U levels. This didn't make a lot of sense until all the larger organizations started putting together BY teams as soon as a kid was a squirt. Thinking of Allegheny, North Pgh, Renegades, SHAHA, Preds, and many other of the larger organizations, don't they put together BY teams immediately? We can argue about whether or not that's a good thing, but the reality is that it's just not going to change. So how can PAHL adapt? I think Minor BY teams would stick around and play PAHL if they had a Minor AA division. A lot of those teams don't want to bump down a division or two and play mostly kids a year older. What would be the negative impact of having AA Major and AA Minor divisions at the 10U and 12U levels? I know there are some negatives. But keeping teams in PAHL may outweigh those.
  20. And I think you need at least 8 teams to have a fun division. It gets old playing the same team over and over. If each birth year had their own PAHL AA division, I think 8 teams is possible. But that's just never going to happen if half the AA teams start going independent. I just don't know if PAHL has any plans to address this or make improvements to keep teams.
  21. I agree with this. The SHAHA 09 team is a powerhouse even more this year. If any team should've gone independent it should've been them, not the Preds 09. I think SHAHA is going to walk all over the 12U AA division this year, I just hope they don't leave PAHL for good after the season. It is just interesting that the Preds across the board (for the most part) are pulling their BY teams out of PAHL. That's going to have consequences for lots of organizations. Not sure what those consequences will be yet.
  22. As petty as this sounds, I do think that would preserve things to some degree. Good teams in their minor year just don't want to play an "A" division. And then when a good BY team leaves PAHL to play an independent schedule, there ends up being a snowball effect and more and more teams leave. The Preds '09 team is a pretty good team and they are now independent. Well now the SHAHA '09 team is going to completely dominate the AA division. And once that happens it wouldn't surprise me if they end going independent because of lack of competition. When you have two or three teams in a given birth year leave PAHL and play independent, it really changes the quality of AA PAHL hockey for everyone else.
  23. I wonder how some of the other leagues around the country that are comparable in size to PAHL handle this?
  24. Is the reasoning for AA Major and AA Minor divisions at the bantam level but not at the younger age groups just because of size differences? It seems like some of the better BY teams in their minor year know they will get slaughtered by bigger kids if they play AA, and they don't want to play "A" hockey in a lower division, so then they go independent. And once that happens some of those teams never go back, even in their major year. Preds 09 team was the opposite. They played AA last season in their minor year, got slaughtered, and then this year they decided to go independent in their major year.
  25. 12s may be playing PAHL. I'm not making an argument that the BY teams are good. I'm just saying they are a reality that isn't going to change. I don't want to spend my time pounding sand, grinding water, or flogging a dead horse. BY teams just aren't going anywhere. Now how does PAHL adapt to prevent further dilution of AA hockey?
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