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  1. I heard North Pittsburgh had to close tryout registration sooner for 10u travel teams due to high number of skaters. Is this a one off case or similar situation in other PAHL orgs? Wondering if it's another unusual birth year with lots of players or some other factor...
  2. These are number of players participared in PPE tryouts, broken by BY, how many made Team 1, 2, alternate list, and didn't make it (0). For this year and last year. You are correct, any post tryout exodus changes are not reflected here.
  3. There is a good amount of tryout float, as well as new inflow, in each BY from year to year. The below numbers are based on the published tryout results (not based on actual rosters). May be helpful. Tryout Results Season Result by BY 2018-19 2019-20 2010 63 Team 1 28 Team 2 0 Alt 2 0 33 2009 63 51 Team 1 16 17 Team 2 16 17 Alt 7 0 31 10 2008 44 57 Team 1 17 16 Team 2 17 16 Alt 5 0 10 20 2007 56 66 Team 1 17 17 Team 2 17 17 Alt 0 0 22 32 2006 61 Team 1 17 Team 2 17 Alt 0 27 2005 70 Team 1 19 Team 2 17 Alt 0 34 2004 67 Team 1 18 Team 2 19 Alt 0 30 2003 62 Team 1 20 Alt 0 42 2002 62 Team 1 19 0 43 2001-2 Team 1 Alt 0 2000-1 60 Team 1 18 0 42
  4. Thank you for recommendations. Tough instructors are fine. Looking to identify weak spots, provide corrections, and then reinforce it all.
  5. Planning to work on hockey skating technique improvements for my son (Pee-Wee) over the summer. Considering options with personalized attention, corrections, and reinforcement over a few weeks, or some other format. I know RMU has a list of Instructors, and PPE offers private sessions. But, I don't know anyone specifically. Will appreciate any suggestions/recommendations regarding local instructors/places who do this type of work.
  6. Funny or not, there are working models out there where either the state or large businesses subsidizing/sponsoring advanced athletes and/or organizations. The point is, the cost of running the sport organization is not going to go down ever, unless you give in on quality, safety, or development standards. But the affordability of the sport to parents (the amount we have to pay) can be reduced.
  7. North Korea 🙂, China, Russia, possibly some other European countries. I believe PPE also offer different kinds of scholarships.
  8. AAA hockey is free in some places. Things are not that bad...
  9. For some parents getting into elite programs is not about "elite" but rather about higher level of training and game. Most PAHL Orgs don't even provided ADM recommended level of development. Hence parents are seeking either extra training on the side, or trying to get into programs that offer better training opportunities. Nothing wrong with that.
  10. My personal experience is different. I received an excellent post-tryout written feedback from one of the coaches who took part in evaluation, with specifics on the areas for improvements. I was pleasantly surprised. And contrary to a reasonable expectation, players very rarely get an individual attention, coaching or corrections during the large group tune-ups. Tune-ups are not designed for skills improvement. The objective and benefits of tune up is to prepare the player for the structure, content, pace, and types of drills that will be used in tryouts for the respective age bracket. There are so many kids participating in large group tune-ups, there is simply no time for coaches to do corrections. And if the kid is lucky to be corrected at all, it is not nearly enough to result in a noticeable skills improvement. Therefore, the effectiveness and benefits of a large group tune-up sessions is about the same as tryouts. Just count how many times coaches individually corrected your kid in next tune-up.
  11. Considering that Pens tryouts are right before NP tryouts I would say go for it. Explain to your son that it's at a higher skill level. Tell him upfront that he will likely not make it, but it will help him prepare for NP tryout. This will not be a waste of time or money. Any tuneup at any rink would cost you the same or even more. If he wants to progress to a higher level he needs to be exposed to it. Taking Pens tuneup session is also a good idea, as someone suggested. You get the best value for the money there for sure. Go for it. And it will help him make a better team at NP next year.
  12. Thank you! I see they do Heat Mold Boots and all kinds of stuff.
  13. Bought very nice skates online. Anyone can recommend a good person/place to bake and sharpen them? Don't want to mess them up from the get-go 🙂
  14. It's a good point. Not sure if the problem is stated correctly though. Or if this is the problem that needs to be addressed at all? This could be a vibrant discussion topic that would bring this forum back to life. Lots of opinions here on what the "problems" and "solutions" are...
  15. Could this be related to the shift toward BY teams in some larger orgs? Looks like two Renegates 12U teams are placed as AA this season. Foxes also have two 10U candidate teams in Group 1 pre-season placement, assuming both teams are going for AA placement.
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