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  1. Jimmy did much more than that. LED lighting was the first upgrade followed by renovating all locker rooms and bathrooms. Also added a locker room and upgraded the cooling.systems in both rinks. Fresh paint everywhere as well....I'm sure I'm missing more.q Yes, the benches are way too small... that's a tough one if you have the existing footprint to work with.
  2. This should provide some answers... https://collegehockeyinc.com/recruiting.php
  3. NCAA rules for D1 Ice Hockey. August 1 is the date when recruits can start taking official visits and receive verbal scholarship offers (prior to their Junior year).
  4. One went to the Gulls...and he just verbally committed to PSU.
  5. Same here. My wife graduated from IUP and I have a few friends who played football there 30 years ago. They're all very successful in their careers. I also spent a few weekends there back in the day and thought it had a lot to offer at the price and provided a decent college town experience.
  6. Looks like uploading the image reduced the quality by a lot...went from 3MB to 126K.
  7. For AAA, all the schools are Private so they always have an advantage. The LaSalle team that won a few years ago against NA had 3 future NCAA D1 players with one (Lipkin) being drafted by the Coyotes and playing World Juniors for Team USA this year.
  8. I could be wrong, but I think they can also count games played for the JV team. The player you're talking about was called up because NA was down a few players.
  9. Definitely true in Ohio...my son has excellent grades / very good SAT/ACTs and Pitt/PSU offered nothing based on merit. He was offered over half tuition from a few Ohio schools where the tuition is $45-50K/ year, so it's comparable and sometimes less money to go out of state.
  10. Regarding Duquense, Conrad approached me concerning my son during a game to inquire about his plans after HS. I told him he was most likely going to a school that was not Duquense, and we had nice conversation. He gave me his contact info and said to reach out if his plans changed or had any questions regarding hockey in general. That was it...good experience for me. As others have suggested, my son picked a school based on what he wants to study and hockey is only a bonus, which gives him the opportunity to make new friends and continue playing the game he loves...
  11. Tier II Schedules were just posted...of coure in an excel spreadsheet, the way it was probably provided in 1998... https://www.midamhockey.com/page/show/5022908-district-playoffs
  12. They didn't participate....pulled out right before the tournament started.
  13. My son has been in this situation a few times, including this year. Fortunately, the club team he plays for has several players who go to the same tournaments, so they do not schedule any games on those weekends. With that said, his Varsity team also has had players who played for Esmark and skip the HS tournaments. From what I've seen, it's mostly the kids who play AAA who skip the HS tournaments, even if their AAA team isn't any better than AA.
  14. While the goalie is from Pgh, he never played for PPE. He was with North Pgh and Vengeance before heading to Cleveland.
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