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  1. 16U NP went 2-1...not too bad. Only two win team not moving on. Had one horrible period in their first game (5GA) which came back to haunt them.
  2. It was probably Max Ivanov. He was the Pens skating coach around that time...
  3. Yep..RMU hasn't budged. Baierl is still strict with PIHL games as well. They only allow 3 (pre-registered) guests per rostered player.
  4. Unfortunately, Mid Am did change the format after one team dropped out. Teams were originally supposed to have pool play and then get seeded for single elimination games. I think the Arrows may have still had a chance to advance based on the result of another game going on at the same time.
  5. Thanks - that was the16U A Final between the Renegades 16U and Montgomery 15U teams. Looked at it on LB...can't really tell exactly what happens due to players in the way. Looks like the ref was pushing, pulling players out of the scrum to separate them and someone fell.
  6. Are you sure it was 16U AA? There were only three games yesterday and I was physically at the end of two. I also watched the other on LB and didn't notice anything. Regardless, I guess the main point is that parents are driving refs out of the games. I know teens who have trained as referees, have done games for younger kids and now refuse to continue because of parents.
  7. My son's team calendar was just updated - MidAms are now scheduled for April 16.
  8. The Governor's order, from my understanding, only requires that youth sports organizations cease from operation in the state of PA. It doesn't prevent them from going to a state where hockey is allowed. NY teams did this at the beginning of the season until tighter restrictions were mandated. I guess in this case, Esmark players and coaches will be asked to quarantine for 10 days when they return, have a negative covid test within 72 hours or after 5 days of quarantining.
  9. We've been somewhat fortunate so far. My son's team played a few games against a NY team early in the season, but had four games against two other NY teams subsequently canceled due to changes in NY's restrictions. That said, he's only played 8 games for his amateur team this season due to postponements and cancellations. They haven't played a game in 4 weeks. At least he's getting on the ice several times a week...but games are needed for development.
  10. They can't...my son plays in PIHL and PAHL, and no player has caught covid from being at the rink. In fact, not one player has tested positive on either team to this point. The only disruption has been forced quarantining by the school district. ...and this is from his teams being at the rink 5-7 days/week.
  11. Wish I was. Their initial interpretation of the new mandate is that everyone in the building must wear a mask on and off the ice regardless of their activity.. Will be interesting to see what other rinks do and what PIHL/PAHL have to say.
  12. Because of the strengthened mandate, Baierl now requires players to wear a face covering while on the ice.
  13. Not sure about moving forward, but there were a few NY teams playing in Pittsburgh this past weekend. Also, as of right now, my son's team is scheduled to play in OH next weekend...
  14. Baierl has been allowing full rosters with 5v5 and two spectators per player for games. I was at two games this past weekend and with those numbers, the arena was empty...plenty of room to spread out.
  15. Haven't had a chance to go through it, but here's the 66 page Opinion. It starts to address gathering limits on page 21. https://www.scribd.com/document/476044345/County-of-Butler-v-Wolf-OPINION
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