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  1. I don’t like the rule and was curious about the impact as well, so I looked at the MS Comparative Formula file and compared it to the MS divisions for the year. Don’t hold me to my quick glance calculations, but it appears that last season there were 58 middle school teams. This season there are 50. 11 schools that had teams last season don’t have teams this season, and a few of those were a school’s “team 2”. This season there are 3 new teams - Avonworth, Knoch and North Catholic 2. Some may not think a loss of 8 teams isn’t that bad, but that’s still over 100 kids not playing MS hockey.
  2. Hopefully they will at least post the home openers for the JV and MS divisions like they did for Varsity if they don’t have the full schedule posted soon.
  3. I’m not a fan of the 25% rule at all. Don’t forget this isn’t a PIHL rule - it’s a MIDAM rule that applies to all Bantam age teams, amateur and school.
  4. With the exception of Pens Elite, it’s the PAHL orgs who are rostering these AAA teams. So are the orgs not giving the consumers what they want, or is it more about PAHL?
  5. I’m very aware of the trickle down impact. However, you aren’t going to educate someone who isn’t interested in listening. It’s the parents who are creating the demand for these teams in the first place. These orgs see an opportunity and are capitalizing on it. It’s a business, period. Hockey is far from the only sport where this is happening. You hit the nail on the head - until USA Hockey and MIDAM do something about it, this situation will exist. Even if a few people see the light after the season, there will be others to take their place. I don’t see anything changing before my kids are done, so I just choose to control what I can - aligning my kids talents with what is worth my time and money. These families are probably thinking the same thing. They think they are doing what is best for their kids, and who doesn’t want that?
  6. Yes! And many others. Why does everyone care how others choose to spend their money? What one person views as a money grab, others see as an opportunity. To each their own. All of these AAA teams are likely not AAA talent, but there is no point in degrading anyone or their choices.
  7. I always find it amazing that people with no affiliation with a team who heard “something from someone” feel so compelled by what they heard that they create a username and write a long, detailed post defending said team (that they don’t have a player on). 🤔
  8. MyHockey rankings duplicates last year’s divisions when the new season is first live. That’s why you are seeing BV, Vipers and MV currently. They aren’t going to jump from Groups 2, 4 and 5 to AA.
  9. Anyone have the initial division alignments to share?
  10. The teams you mentioned didn’t field teams those years because they didn’t have the numbers. If they had the numbers, they would have fielded teams REGARDLESS of the talent level. Some people just care about their kids having the AAA designation, and these organizations know and capitalize on that.
  11. From the PAHL website: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vREo1g3uRaOJrhUxI4vysLS1yAPiT15492TLRBb_cVk0GOVj_4sVQ2K-V1Busm1ti8JzxmOVltlcYuV/pubhtml#
  12. https://www.pihlhockey.com/filesforms
  13. The primary issue is there is no official “middle school” classification. The Classification is the age of play. High school includes only High School programs (Varsity and Junior Varsity). Elementary School and Middle School programs must be shown as the USA Hockey-defined Classification, i.e., 8U, 10U, etc., using the USA Hockey age classifications for these teams. The team is classified based on the age of the oldest player on the roster. In the case of middle school, that is 14U/Bantam. Any 2007s are considered 12U that are playing up, therefore MIDAM is restricting the amount of players that can play up. The rule applies to amateur and school teams. It makes some sense for amateur, but not for middle school - but there is no difference in how it is applied. It’s a PIHL rule that there is no checking at this age group. MIDAM isn’t going to change the entire rule to accommodate school hockey, unfortunately.
  14. Is there any connection to the Appalachian Elite? Looking at their website, it looks like they pull from the same area.
  15. It’s 25% of your total rostered # of players - not the max possible roster. So if you have a small program it hits hard. For example, a 12-13 player roster only allows for 3 2007s. Several schools aren’t able to field MS teams this season due to the way the rule is now interpreted.
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