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  1. I wondered the same thing. Maybe not approved by the school? Allegheny was green and the MIDAM recommendation was June 15. And how can anyone really know that they didn’t acquire it outside of tryouts?
  2. That’s a bit of a misconception. There is the “immediate cause of death” as well as up to three “underlying causes of death”. COVID would be an underlying cause in that case. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/dvs/blue_form.pdf
  3. Pens Elite starts June 15th and wrap up before or on the 21st.
  4. Schools still have sign off on PIHL rosters. I would expect the state and PIAA guidance, when it comes out, is what the schools will apply to hockey as well. Liability is a huge driver of where we are today.
  5. Sounds like you guys are doing the right thing. Kudos!
  6. From what I’m hearing, nearly all camps are providing full refunds if they are canceling for this year, or are rescheduling the camp but still offering the option of a full refund. Those signed up for Spring/Summer teams aren’t as lucky and are only being offered credit towards future lessons or next year’s teams. Is this what others are hearing? Considering the cost, the Spring/Summer programs are sitting on a TON of other people’s money right now.
  7. The CDC message was on the site before the state stay at home orders were put in place, and was just never removed. The website also has the newer message that says they are closed until further notice.
  8. The 25 or less directive doesn’t apply to certain businesses, including rinks. If it did, gyms, spas, hair and nail salons, and restaurants and bars could be open in Yellow status as well, as long as they stay 25 or under. The rinks are taking on some risk by doing so, but surely they understand that.
  9. Not according to this, released by the Ohio Gov office on the 27th: https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/covid-19/responsible-restart-ohio/Continued-Business-Closures/
  10. As the article states, this is “part of the county’s mass fatality plan, which has been in place for two decades”. Whether it makes sense or not, all they are doing is putting that plan into action.
  11. Completely agree Jack. Now it’s time to stop feeding this troll. He is obviously a poser who supposedly has no kid playing but is just so interested in the betterment of hockey. Please - we all know better. He or his kid must have been suspended and now he’s on a mission. Trying to build his army of resistance through a message board is sad. Those who cry corruption are often the most corrupt of all. Looking forward to getting back to relevant conversations.
  12. The Ontario Hockey Federation has announced that tryouts for next season “will not be conducted this Spring”. If we aren’t planning for the same possibility here, we should be.
  13. From a PIA email: Our staff has taken increased steps to ensure a safe environment for our customers, and public areas will be disinfected on a regular basis. So one positive out of this pandemic is that they may actually clean that filthy rink.
  14. I’d bet the Icemen expand to the younger age groups based on this news. Those displaced won’t have to go back to PAHL and can still can be AAA/AA (in name - I’m not speaking to skill level).
  15. When Alain Lemieux’s Pgh Selects dissolved, some rejoiced: “Faux AAA is a thing of the past in Pgh!” PHA Icemen: “Hold my beer.”
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