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  1. Is there any connection to the Appalachian Elite? Looking at their website, it looks like they pull from the same area.
  2. It’s 25% of your total rostered # of players - not the max possible roster. So if you have a small program it hits hard. For example, a 12-13 player roster only allows for 3 2007s. Several schools aren’t able to field MS teams this season due to the way the rule is now interpreted.
  3. Something to keep in mind, regardless of if you have a son or daughter playing, is that for-profit organizations (Pens, Selects, Vengeance, Icemen, etc) have one primary concern - making money and filling their ice slots, especially if they have an ownership interest in the rink. Fielding competitive teams and developing players is secondary. Pens are known for not caring where the players come from, if it makes their teams more competitive. Their success shows that it works for them, like it or not. It would be safe to bet that all of those for-profit teams have bench warmers. If you want to play at that perceived higher level, equal playing time is not guaranteed. Offering “Black” or “Minor” teams is no guarantee of development either. They often perform at a lower level than PAHL teams, at a higher price tag and time commitment. Their “development” is playing teams well above their skill level in hopes they will push themselves harder and somehow get better. It’s an approach that rarely works. I haven’t met anyone cut from the Pens have a good thing to say afterward. I’m sure it stings, especially if you’ve been there for awhile. However, cutting an org down and then immediately trying to build up another org really doesn’t reflect positively on the org that you are trying to promote. Consider that before venting. There is an organization out there to fit everyone’s needs. Do your research to find what makes sense for you.
  4. It is better that an organization decide that their tryout only yielded 13 skaters at the level they need to compete at AAA then to just fill a roster with whoever shows up. The latter just creates the “faux AAA” teams that have been a big complaint on this board for years.
  5. I wouldn’t classify Kiski Prep as a “hockey prep” school. It’s as a very high end prep school ($50K+ per year) that happens to offer hockey as an athletics option.
  6. Agree. It’s time to start blocking IP addresses. Of course, we can all do our part as well by not feeding the troll.
  7. Tryout results so far just list 2 teams both called “elite” with coach names - neither team designated as black. Are they really using this approach, and if so, are people accepting their spots?
  8. Pittsburgh Christian Hockey Camp is probably the best option for overnight but nearby. Most overnight camps require your player to at least be Peewee age to stay overnight. http://pittsburghchristianhockey.org/#lightbox/1/
  9. You are right - it’s USA Hockey’s rule. https://www.usahockey.com/news_article/show/804355
  10. It will be interesting to see if these standings change much over the rest of the season. At this point it looks like the Vengence and Icemen are picking up where the Pgh Selects left off. The Vengeance has been bashed for calling up 16u players to their 18u team, and now the Icemen are following that lead by rostering PAHL players on their 15u team. Interesting because PAHL rules don’t allow it, but I guess they’ve figured out how to work the system somehow?
  11. Contact your organization’s Safesport coordinator or report directly to MIDAM or USA Hockey. https://www.usahockey.com/makingareport
  12. The scores are back but all of the data with the exception of the referees is still missing. Why pay the $$ to upgrade to a website with robust features if you aren’t going to use them?
  13. You hit the nail on the head in the last 11 words of your post.
  14. You have to be logged in to open attachments.
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