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  1. When Alain Lemieux’s Pgh Selects dissolved, some rejoiced: “Faux AAA is a thing of the past in Pgh!” PHA Icemen: “Hold my beer.”
  2. The Excel kids attend NC on an abbreviated schedule, not unlike kids at public school who go to Vo-tech, if you think about it. I doubt the students really care if they are “acknowledged for the success of the players that attend their school“. NC has many other sports to be proud of including their current PIHL team. What the Excel kids do probably isn’t even on their radar.
  3. No comparison. Pens Elite is not PIHL school hockey. And if you want to wear the AAA label when you’re not at that level, you deserve to lose by as many as the other team can put up on you.
  4. My prior comments were not defending running up the score. However, if the league has no guidelines around what is and isn’t acceptable, how can we expect coaches and players to act accordingly? Yes, we’d hope good sense and decency would prevail, but it simply doesn’t. My point is you can’t put running up the score in the same bucket as the other incidents on that summary, at least not from the details provided. I was very surprised to see that incident on the report because it is not consistent with the other situations. No rules of game play were broken. Was it a classless thing to do? Absolutely. But as the examples show, it’s not an isolated incident. Coaches have different thoughts on what it means to be “crossing the line” so it needs to be better defined if it’s going to be called out and enforced. Maybe there needs to be a mercy rule where the game is called once a certain goal differential is met. And anyone who says that a team with a low number of players for a game should just forfeit, you need to look up the financial impact of doing so. Your organization would probably just choose to play as well.
  5. Please show where it “clearly states” that the actions in #9 fall under sportsmanship, because I can’t find it. I don’t think a 17-0 score is ok. But where do you draw the line? Where are the guidelines for coaches to understand what is acceptable or not? For example, Nov 25, PR2 beat Wheeling Park 13-0 in a JV game. Oct 14, Mars beat Knoch 14-0 in a middle school game, with 6 goals scored in the 3rd. Why aren’t these games being called out? Because they didn’t hit a 15 goal differential? Or only because they aren’t at the Varsity level? If the league isn’t looking inward and asking what in their process contributed to the poor placements that led to these lopsided scores, they should be. Maybe watching the game on LiveBarn would provide additional insight, but #9 doesn’t seem to warrant being on the report summary.
  6. PIHL hires security for all games. What I don’t know is, if a rink has more than one sheet of ice and more than one PIHL game happening at the same time, is only one security guard needed? If so, that may be the cause of the delayed security response if they are walking between both rinks.
  7. Both teams play their games at rinks with LiveBarn. Why not look it up and judge for yourself instead of going by what you “heard”?
  8. Looking at standings, Lebo, North Pgh and SHAHA were top 3 in both PAHL standings and MYHockey rankings. So the question is, why didn’t North Pgh and SHAHA attend?
  9. Do you mean associations, or leagues? If you mean leagues, look them up on MHR and do a comparison. You’ll find that the rating spread in their divisions is very similar to PAHL, or worse.
  10. A 3 goal differential is considered a competitive game, and a team should be competitive vs a team rated 3 points higher or lower. I agree that this is too early in the season and the ratings aren’t accurate yet.
  11. Based on experience with my kids, PAHL actually does a decent job with placements. It’s not realistic to have that much data (15+ games) prior to placing teams. There will always be overlaps in ratings between teams at the top and bottom of each division. When there are significant misplacements, coaches/parents are usually a factor. If teams are losing every game, it’s likely they pushed to be placed in a higher division. A few more placement games at the 12u level might help. Did the increase in games at the 10u level that was implemented a few years ago help? There is no decent player data coming out of ADM, so the extra games at that level should be making a difference. With a year of data on the books, it should be less of a factor at 12u. PAHL always seems to be looking to volunteers for the placement committee. If you think the process is broken and have ideas for improvement, consider throwing your hat in the ring.
  12. MyHockey rules may be the reason the score isn’t included. This is from their FAQ: Games played by teams of different age levels (i.e. peewee vs. bantam) cannot be used to calculate a team's rating/ranking. There has traditionally been no reason to enter these games into MYHockey . Many members, however, have requested an ability to enter all of their game scores into the system. As such, MYHockey does allow games by teams of different age levels to be entered into the system by members, but this is not an option for those using the guest online entry form.
  13. If that is really what you were asking, then you probably should have titled your post differently. However, if you really are “already dreading tryouts” in October, you really need to ask yourself why.
  14. In regard to SafeSport, sexual misconduct and child abuse are the most serious. Other violations, such as emotional misconduct, bullying, threats, harassment and hazing, have to show a PATTERN. A single incident will likely not result in a suspension. In regard to parents, banning from a rink or release from an organization is much more likely than a SafeSport investigation. In my opinion, the MIDAM background screening requirement gives parents a false sense of security. Child related offenses are the focus, as they should be. However, a coach or volunteer can have other offenses ranging from minor (DUI) to severe (felonies for theft, threats, drugs, etc) and still pass the screening. I’ve watched many parents look the other way when issues arise with a coach. This isn’t just a case of hoping the coach will help them get into a junior program or on a college team. It can be as simple as their kid making a mid-level team with their friends. They don’t want to risk their kid’s happiness by saying something. It’s sad, but a reality. For parents to press an issue to the degree described in these posts tells me it’s not just retaliation for lack of playing time.
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