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  1. Midgets are recruited every season. By players, coaches, organizations, etc. Less of them and every club wants to have a good team.
  2. I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure that is old information. Maybe only a proposal???
  3. If that’s the case, I’d expect major pushback. The school across the street has been allowed to close the street for its lunch time student recess for over 50 years. Cars can not pass through Emerson Street between 11ish to 12:30pm Monday-Friday during the school year. Yes, that’s not a terribly busy time, but I’d certainly expect the residents and local businesses in the area to be up in arms. The parking in that vicinity is a complete nightmare as it is. Especially during the day and on weekends. There were many community meetings about these concerns. Once the locals find out the plan, shit’ll hit the fan. If the Penguins are involved, I’d suggest that they do it the right way or don’t do it at all. But hey, I’m a nobody. Don’t need to listen to me.
  4. The original plan had a parking garage at ground level and a second floor built for the ice facilities, etc. I would assume that that would not change, as the Pens/owners would get major pushback from Shadyside residents and businesses.
  5. Who does Burrell and Ringgold co-op with?
  6. So what are you getting at? If, by definition, a tier 2 team can be more than one school, what is your issue? Yes, they have 4-5 (or more, not sure) AAA players on the team. From what schools and how many schools would be the question. One is also a legal transfer. Still don’t see an issue if all of the rules were followed.
  7. Are all Tier II teams across the country combined/co-opp?
  8. Not sure that is true. 2010 Vengeance team will probably play PAHL as first year squirts. Just as the 08 did two seasons ago and the 09 team did this year. 2011 can not play squirt in PAHL this season. Practice players, maybe???
  9. Actually, the fees that he pays to his club includes all things related to the game of hockey. Coaching, EMT’s and Refs included. That fact, certainly entitles him to have and voice his opinions and concerns about referees. The fact is, there are good referees out there and bad ones out there. Unfortunately, everyone just has to go with the flow. In my opinion, if coaches, parents and players will just keep their mouths shut, the referees would do a better job. They would have more time to concentrate on the game while not having to worry about others yelling at them. Nowadays, teams even get homered at home because certain referees get to know crazy coaches and parents. They begin to dislike them and as soon as a particular coach/parent opens his/her mouth, the homering begins. Love/Hate is everyone’s experience with a referee.
  10. For years and years, PAHL has included the number of penalty minutes per team ion their website. Why omit it this season? Those facts would definitely be interesting to see. Especially at the U16AA level. One of the team has 5 FPP out of 14 and another 6 of 14. I heard that one of the two teams can’t end a game with less than 30-40 PIM (if not more.)
  11. Assumptions! My kid isn’t on the team. Be my guest and waste your time on LiveBarn. I do however know most of the families of both teams. Vengeance got lucky and Icemen made huge mistakes. In the end, still don’t really care.
  12. Congratulations to the Vengeance U16 team. Well coached or their goalie was really on his game that day? Let’s just say, the mouse luckily gets the cheese from the pesky trap sometimes. If played, the Icemen would beat the Vengeance handedly 8/10 times. Question, was the 4th goal an empty net? What were the SOG? What were penalties like? U16 is definitely improving. What about the U18? 10 from dead last. Puts them at 100ish on Tier II.
  13. Wow, that’s an effed up rumor. No dice though. ( no pun intended )
  14. It’s got zero to do with the 16-0 2006 team. Find someone else to start rumors about. Morons!
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