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  1. FYI, ALL 3 banners have names on them. Just saying!
  2. I’ll second that! This board is so stupid anymore. Many of you think that you are the king of hockey,, you got your thumb on the pulse, that you know everything and your word is 100% true facts. Opinions are only opinions. I’ve got opinions also. The bonus for me is that my opinion could possibly be changed from a civil conversation. That doesn’t happen very often on here. Best of luck to all who won today. Esmark Stars, Pittsburgh Pens Elite, Ohio Blue Jackets, Cleveland Barons, Pittsburgh Predators, Arctic Foxes, Steel City Ice Renegades.
  3. I’d just like to know why @Danner27 thinks he’s F’ing god.
  4. Actually, 2011’s are 9, not 11. Two hour practices, can’t wrap my head around what gets accomplished in the last 30-40 minutes of that practice twice a week. Not putting Vengeance down, just seems very odd. A good high tempo practice with kids that listen should only be 70-80 minutes tops.
  5. Don’t have to be a DB! He was there at some point.
  6. Why would Aubin leave Gilmour? These guys aren’t doing it for free. Are the player fees 6-7k each? Crazy stuff! I know that their MO is to try to take kids away from PPE, but this is a bit nuts.
  7. Yes, I believe you are correct in estimating the 50%++ turnover from the CURRENT 18U team. 2003’s move up! A few 02’s, many 03’s, possibly an 04??? Special group, those 03’s don’t forget that fact. The high ups are not going to let their grand plans go by chance. IMO, Team is full!
  8. What is the difference? Like someone said above, the team is already chosen. If there were going to be any vacancies, they already know who is filling them. If, indeed, there is no second team, DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY TRYING OUT. Same goes for 16U 2004’s.
  9. According to @Danner27, everyone should stay the F away from Chicago. Last few comments are dumb and have nothing to do with hockey.
  10. LMAO, and you’re calling me the little bitch. Boohoo, both of you are probably from that team.
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