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  1. Wrong again, DB! We left because we moved further away from the rink. My boy was switching to a private school and a move was somewhat necessary in order not to have an hour commute. We knew that the transition from public to private was going to be a huge change for him academically. We left because, we, are in our right mind and although he’s a very good hockey player, his schooling was going to make him successful in life and most likely, not hockey. Now, top 20 in his class, Member NHS, Highest Honors. I never said Tim Cook was the reason for them being a shit show. Are you an idiot? Learn to read! To sum it up in a nutshell, I said that the input/influence from higher profile people was their downfall. Cook, couldn’t do his job and decided to go back to his life prior to PPE. Great for him! You are the biggest DB on here. Why don’t you learn to STFU unless you can give constructive input. Opinions, great! Everyone deserves to voice and have one. Thinking that you know everyones story and all, not cool. Stop being an asshat and stick to commenting on hockey and not what you “think” someones life or experiences entail. Later DB, won’t be answering again as you are not worth my time. Plus, everyone on here thinks you’re a DB also. Thing is, I agree with most of what you post, all the way up until you go off on the stupid tangents. Peace Out! @Paul Baxter DB will now complain that I called him names. IMO, he deserved it!
  2. What in the hell are you talking about? Never stated that we left because of anyone or anything. Coaches, administrators, club members had nothing to do with our decision. Wasn’t even hockey related! And for that matter, he wasn’t cut because he didn’t tryout for a third season. Get over yourself! DB!
  3. It’s a damn shame! The program could be the elite of the elite with outsiders running it. It’s only the shit show that it is because certain people and parents have too much input/influence. My son and Tim Cook were like two peas in a pod. He would have done a phenomenal job running the program. We stayed for two season and left on our own accord.
  4. Tim was their puppet and he didn’t like that. He could have made that program great. He saw the writing on the wall and skedaddled. Smart man! Hope he’s well!
  5. Is anyone really up to the challenge? What does it mean to be in charge of a youth sports club? Do volunteers board members do all that they can, putting 100% into their job? Do parents of player do all that they can to support the club? Blaming Midam isn’t the answer! Yes, I disagree with the 25/75 (the rule should have stayed at 40%)..... but... Maybe there’s a need to work a bit harder with recruitment?? My son graduated from an organization that only fielded a half full JV team and a half full MS team a few short seasons ago. The current president and the board worked their asses off and now the organization has a fairly large Devo group, a Middle School team and a Varsity team. The district is small! There is no way they can field both a JV team and a Varsity team. Point is, they worked their asses off to get the club into this wonderful position. Growing the program from about 25 kids to about 45 now. Their Devo group is their FUTURE. Get them in now, keep them learning and happy and maybe they’ll play through 12th grade.
  6. So let’s get this straight. Under the old rule 8 players could be on a roster of twenty that are playing up. (40/60 rule, 40% second year peewee and 60% bantams) Now the rule is only 5 are allowed to play up. (25/75 rule) I’m now sure how a total of three players is that detrimental to a single program/team. Trust me, I’m not saying that I agree with the rule change, but 3 total kids can’t hurt a program that badly.
  7. Midgets are recruited every season. By players, coaches, organizations, etc. Less of them and every club wants to have a good team.
  8. I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure that is old information. Maybe only a proposal???
  9. If that’s the case, I’d expect major pushback. The school across the street has been allowed to close the street for its lunch time student recess for over 50 years. Cars can not pass through Emerson Street between 11ish to 12:30pm Monday-Friday during the school year. Yes, that’s not a terribly busy time, but I’d certainly expect the residents and local businesses in the area to be up in arms. The parking in that vicinity is a complete nightmare as it is. Especially during the day and on weekends. There were many community meetings about these concerns. Once the locals find out the plan, shit’ll hit the fan. If the Penguins are involved, I’d suggest that they do it the right way or don’t do it at all. But hey, I’m a nobody. Don’t need to listen to me.
  10. The original plan had a parking garage at ground level and a second floor built for the ice facilities, etc. I would assume that that would not change, as the Pens/owners would get major pushback from Shadyside residents and businesses.
  11. Who does Burrell and Ringgold co-op with?
  12. So what are you getting at? If, by definition, a tier 2 team can be more than one school, what is your issue? Yes, they have 4-5 (or more, not sure) AAA players on the team. From what schools and how many schools would be the question. One is also a legal transfer. Still don’t see an issue if all of the rules were followed.
  13. Are all Tier II teams across the country combined/co-opp?
  14. Not sure that is true. 2010 Vengeance team will probably play PAHL as first year squirts. Just as the 08 did two seasons ago and the 09 team did this year. 2011 can not play squirt in PAHL this season. Practice players, maybe???
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