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  1. Serious inquiries only. Please PM for info. Not up for discussion. Please scroll by if you don’t know a person or are not that person. Just looking for a good experienced coach. Thank you.
  2. SCIR has a few spots open for a few additional players. ADM, 10U AA, 10U +/-, 14U +/-, 16U, 18U If interested, please email the club at registrar_2@scirhockey.org
  3. They are incapable.... it’s the Democrats vs the Republicans! They’re a bunch of asstards.
  4. Where is the best place to get skates worked on in Pittsburgh? In need of a couple areas punched out. Thanks
  5. MS and JV are starting October 5th. Varsity is starting November 2nd. 5v5 with a full bench to start and they’ll se how is goes. 1 parent Per player in the stands. May need to adjust if number of cases rise. Schedule out by 10/1. Info is from PIHL online meetings.
  6. Anybody play games this past weekend? How did your team play them? Local only! Don’t want to hear about Cleveland, etc. You don’t have to name your team. Just trying to gauge what teams are doing locally. Playing full games, full benches, full contact, and what rink?
  7. I think it’s funny that you even care. What’s the difference, as long as they pay their bill to whoever. When they started the 08’s, I believe, the thought was that the minor year of squirts would get 16 games or so in PAHL AA in Pittsburgh. Limiting the travel, somewhat, for a 9 year old. Go ahead, put them down for that.
  8. Want his number? I know him also, 18+ years. Well before he was a rink owner. Whoop ta Di do! Simply put, yes the money all still goes to the rink. But let me clarify, the Vengeance buy some of SCIRs contracted ice. Note the word SOME. You think that you know friggin everything because, ooooh, a couple of your kids played for the PPE. So what, others know a bunch and have been around the block also. I’ll get back to my reading and laughing now. Especially at Quinlan.Peace Out!
  9. That’s the conclusion that you came to? Ownership and being the same business or not are two different things.
  10. Not on a Vengeance team or an SCIR team, but was in the past. Bottom line, the Vengeance is rostered by SCIR and they buy some ice from SCIR. Otherwise no affiliation! The collect their own fees and pay their own expenses. SCIR teams do NOT subsidize any part of the Vengeance organization. Squirt minor has been the only exception in playing PAHL for the first year. Even at that, they pay all PAHL fees and game fees. Get over yourselves! I guess it’s at least hockey talk and not F'ing CoVid Politics.
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