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  1. It’s better than complaining on a forum.... So far almost 15,000 people have signed - just a bit more than a few hundred parents.
  2. I wasn’t suggesting Bush’s team was better - that’s why I posted the stats. The original post was questioning that. I just don’t see the sense in bashing kids and solid coaches on a forum.
  3. I guess it depends what you use to measure the better team. One game or a season record? Bush’s team went 10-8-2 with 62 GF and 57 GA. Thomas went 16-2-2 with 84 GF and 35 GA. Bush went 2-2 this past weekend at MidAms and Thomas went 4-0. Both coaches are strong. Both teams are solid but play very different styles of hockey. All games were close which is a testament to player ability and coaches.
  4. You do sound like a dick. People on this forum either complain that kids are playing for faux AAA teams or shit on them when they play AA, work hard and earn the right to play at Tier II nationals .
  5. 8 of the kids on the AA team you reference played Icemen last year and 4 of those 8 were SHAHA kids before that. I don’t know where the other 4 played before last year but I bet most didn’t play with the Icemen. It’s not like the Icemen developed a team of kids over multiple years and they all up and left.
  6. I agree that the Norwin game is not in the same category as other incidents on the list. I also agree it starts with placement of teams. These two teams never should have been placed in the same division. Same with TJ (they should be playing at AA) and Pine last year. There is not a perfect formula but 17-0 shouldn’t happen. 3 players collectively had 18 points. That’s absolutely unsportsmanlike. PIHL is as much at fault as the coach. Is it the same degree as fighting or threatening a ref - no, but now we’re talking about it. #10 on the list is a joke and I would argue the one about a photographer overhearing a private conversation is not list worthy.
  7. The disciplinary report is posted under the sportsmanship initiative. It clearly states what they define as proper sportsmanship and it’s not just yelling at refs, fighting and penalty minutes. How about we raise the bar a little.
  8. Bullshit - 17-0 means the coaches and the players scoring repeatedly are displaying unsportsmanlike conduct. To keep putting the top line out there only to score yet again is ridiculous. There is no justification for it . Here’s what you do - you sit your first line like you typically do your 4th line and play the hell out of the kids who don’t get a lot of ice time. We’ve all seen games that are completely mismatched but usually, there is a shift in cheering, scoring and celebrating. It doesn’t seem that happened in this game. Interestingly enough, the Trib named the player(s) of the week based on this game. https://tribhssn.triblive.com/pihl-players-of-the-week-dec-8-2019/?platform=hootsuite
  9. The game you are referring to was called because a player from Ashburn head butted the ref. Your team won the tournament. Congratulations. What is the point of your post?
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