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  1. Or maybe the shots were almost tripled by iceman and they just couldn’t score on the vengeance.
  2. Jjinson

    Pens Elite

    Pens eskiiit are the best what are you guys talking about
  3. Jjinson

    Tell tale weekend

    Wrote it wrong SHAHA went 0-2
  4. Jjinson

    Tell tale weekend

    Icemen u16 #2 went 3-2 in Detroit losing the lower bracket semi finals Icemen u16 #1 went 1-2-1 in Detroit preds u16 went 2-2 in Detroit SCIR u16 #1 went 2-0(PAHL) Armstrong u16 #1 went 2-0(PAHL) SHAHA u16 #1 went 2-0(PAHL)
  5. Jjinson

    SCIR 16uAA vs Preds

    That is straight bs besides for the 1st period, SCIR dominated them and the preds got a lucky goal
  6. Jjinson

    PAHL preseason groupings

    They didn’t put another SCIR team into group 1