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  1. Actually, there are 2 players that did this. One is with the Regina Pats in the whl, and hasn’t come back since. And the other one is up with the Madison Capitals
  2. Well I’m pretty sure that certain player also took the entry exam to get into central as well
  3. They might get involved with central since Mario’s kid did go there.
  4. Especially with the 2 win varsity team that central is carrying
  5. There is an issue with these plans though... how are you going to be getting a zamboni on the ice?
  6. Maybe you should think about play for the vengeance because if your son isn’t strong enough to play NCDC, most likely it would cause a challenge for him to make pens because you aren’t in the click.
  7. The coach is supposed to be klapkowski, but he is too busy with his u18s that have 3 wins this year.
  8. Actually just to correct you, the 2nd AA team played the 16s, not the top team. Also, if they won’t beat the AAA team, why is their ranking higher than the AAA team?
  9. I love that preds u16AAA scrimmage one of the 18u AA teams to get suspensions off their roster, but they got the game removed off of myhockey because it hurt their ranking because they only won by a goal. If they are sending this to USA hockey, and getting the suspensions from a previous game shouldn’t it be put into myhockey?
  10. This is so true, he wasn’t like a kid that played hockey in PG( then left straight to college. He left to play at a level that wasn’t around his area. It’s not like he was grown here his entire life
  11. Dude. It’s october. Worry about the team you’re on this year. Tryouts shouldn’t even be talked about until after the new year at the earliest
  12. Most of the Icemen 2 team left to play for preds, and then most of the 1 team stayed to play Icemen.
  13. Preds have 2 decent AA teams but Icemen is gonna run away with states
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