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  1. Butler Valley Dawgs 16U team 2 (289) is 0-7. 4 goals for, 60 goals against. A Major Gold. Two placement games isn't enough.
  2. Huskies does not have a 16U this year. Couldn't get enough skaters.
  3. It appears that Kiski, Connellsville, Shaler, Ringgold and Freeport are some of the teams that will not have MS teams this year. Not sure if its a lack of numbers or the 25% rule.
  4. I’m wondering the same thing. It’s no fun to cut a skilled kid from the middle school team simply because you’ve hit your limit of a certain birth year. Our school wouldn’t have had a team last year under this rule. It’s my understanding that Mid Am is responsible for this. PIHL doesn’t want this rule at all....there has been an exception granted each year allowing 9 pee wee birth year kids per team for the last several years and Mid Am is refusing to grant the exception this year. This will kill some MS teams for sure.
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