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  1. I haven’t seen much varsity this year but what I did see last year definitely was not as good as the past. The pihl to me, looks like it’s been on a steady decline year over year for sometime. That’s probably a different topic. ACHA is a mixed bag. I’ve seen very weak M1 teams. I’ve seen M2 & M3 teams that would beat up on a good amount of our area M1. Sometimes ACHA classification doesn’t make much sense.
  2. Watched my niece this weekend. There was a Pahl 16u AA game prior. It’s like @fafa fohi stated. No break outs, just a convoluted mess around the puck no matter where the play was. it was most apparent when one team would gain control in the offensive zone. There was a few kids on each team I could tell had a decent hockey IQ - the problem the puck rarely came to these players who were playing more of a team / positioning game. Is cycling the puck down low a thing of the past for youth hockey ? It’s still a huge part of the pro game. To be honest, it was poor hockey to watch for that age. The speed wasn’t bad, the play was poor.
  3. I do remember Hanson playing for them, if I recall correctly he didn’t play many games but he was definitely in that group.
  4. I knew about clackson & minella - Schwartz played acha. I didn’t know about the two QV players. So we are roughly at 9 players over the past 20 years. Some of these players go back to the old hornets days when you could play both tier 1 & Varsity. PPE has put a stop to that. Again, the point is - there are very very very very few ncaa d1 capable players playing western pa varsity hockey.
  5. can you have a discussion with out a sales pitch ? So, over the past 20 years, there have been roughly 7 players that spent anytime playing at the varsity level in western pa that have made it to NCAA D1 hockey. The majority of these players only spent a season or two playing for their high schools. furthers my point about that small run montour had.
  6. The NCDC is a odd league. Some consider it tier 2.5 - it’s not recognized by USA hockey since it’s part of the usphl. They don’t produce many NCAA D1 players. There are a decent amount of players that get cut by the nahl, play in the ncdc with hopes to make it back to nahl and it does happen from time to time. Some scouts consider it on par with the EHL (the top tier 3 junior league in the states) but the difference is the NCDC is not pay to play like all tier 3 leagues. This is how usphl tries to claim it’s tier 2 like the NAHL. It’s good hockey - the top players are capable of making the nahl but for whatever reason they don’t but overall it’s not on the NAHL level. The ex montour forward is averaging a point per game in the NCDC - By comparison he couldn’t crack the lineup in the NAHL.
  7. That montour run was the product of two players for the most part (yes - they did have a small supporting cast - this isn’t a slight at the other players - it’s pointing out how good these two players are) One defenseman who played in the NAHL right after HS who is now playing NCAA D1. One forward that started this season in the NAHL who is now playing in the NCDC. last season they didn’t do as well once the defenseman was gone but the forward still carried the team as well as he could to a playoff birth in class AA. the coach that quit really had nothing to do with the success of that little window. Any parent could have been on the bench and got the same results. How many varsity teams have an NCAA D1 capable defenseman ? None. You have to go back a long way, bartkowski ? Who played a season for lebo, or cliff ? Maybe our resident HS hockey historian will give us the data. the stud D with a dynamic “elite” forward - they ripped through class A to win the penguin cup.
  8. We all understand you are buddies with him - look at his track record. Very similar situation at the last school. After the previous poster mentioned the coaches Twitter I went and searched it, sure enough, previous poster wasn’t lying. Previous posting anonymous stranger already has more credibility than the previous coach in my eyes.
  9. Wow, that was a lot of detail - thanks! It lines up a lot with what I know about that coach. Once he loses high end talent he leaves and try’s to blame everyone to save face. just look at his resume’ He’s not a coach that develops players or a program. He’s a win now egomaniac, a coach that looks for a group of young talent, takes over the team then leaves when the run is over.
  10. TJ vs BP in the final - this tournament backed up what I had to say about the AA class earlier in this thread. Look at some of the scores.
  11. It appears like most schools In class A & AA - waves - have a good run, players graduate, have a few miserable years then hope another good core comes through. It’s the reality of pihl hockey, excluding the big schools.
  12. Yes & No - Sorry to dance around it. Marc spent a lot of time helping develop kids.
  13. far from bitter, Just don’t care for people that are full of s**t pushing an agenda.
  14. I think I did just call them out 😉 Side note - when the chosen 03’s played up at 16U, ty was not good enough in the eyes of PPE to play up and had to play 15U. don’t worry PPE will stick their faces all over this. I’m sure the guy running PPE behind the scenes is not happy about this. I really wish I could post the stories & what really went down. Out of respect for his father, I won’t - he moved past it when he pulled his kid.
  15. Congrats on signing a 3 year entry level contract with the maple leafs! Good luck! western pa should really pull for this kid! his father went against the ppe machine, yet here they are trying to take credit with their social media posts.
  16. Im Not saying hockey is in a downward spiral, what I am saying is mr rankings homers his own school as much as possible. What I am saying is a lot of the teams in AA appear to be the in the rebuild wave that plagues A & AA Every few years. Those schools just don’t have the enrollment to have a steady flow of good varsity players year after year. Just look at the standings, stats, games etc. it shows you TJ is by far the best team, then you have a group with armstrong, penn trafford & Franklin. After that it doesn’t look very good at all. What’s the point of having western PA top 5 varsity rankings ? Especially when they are not from any sort of official source. Half the teams in each class make the playoffs. It’s meaningless. It’s not used for any sort of scheduling, it’s not used for any placements or playoff seeds. Unless you read this board, nobody is even aware.
  17. The RMU staff started recruiting last month. There is only so many NCAA D1 teams and plenty of really good, capable ncaa d1 players. They will have the roster full sooner rather than later. They can fill that team with ncaa capable players from Canada alone.
  18. Take a step back and read what you just wrote. You are making excuses for your high school team. Your bias is very clear. Maybe penn trafford had some players out when they lost to meadville ? Maybe this - maybe that - could of - should of. What is clear - penn trafford smoked fr, the following week fr turns around and loses again to armstrong. Yet you rank them at number 2. With my kids being done, I admit I don’t follow much PIHL hockey but I still have friends who follow, their kids still play. Some are even from Franklin regional. I’m told you are doing everything in your power to push as many FR kids into the pihl all star game 🙄 Word got around after the poor showing FR had at the Jamestown, NY. Tournament. from what I’ve seen, along with what I’ve been told - AA is god awful this year. TJ is considered the best team. After that you have 2-3 mediocre teams. The scores & standings back this up.
  19. Didn’t Franklin regional get blow out by penn trafford, then lost to armstrong this week ? 🙄
  20. I’m sorry for your son’s loss, I figured at some point we probably had a regular poster around here that would be connected to this. I hope western PA gets behind this scholarship. Wishing the best for your son & the team during this awful time.
  21. Thank you Paul, I passed the link onto both corporations I work with. Both will be donating before years end. It’s not anything crazy but it’s a start & both are western pa companies!
  22. The airport beer league was insane! Half the people didn’t even goto play, they went for the party. The rink would shut down to the public after the last game, they would party all night! You would have guys driving 2-3 hours from Ohio and upstate NY to attend those parties! I don’t know when the acha naming change happened, but as long as I’ve followed it (10 years give or take) it’s always been M. I would guess since NCAA hockey has grown so much since the 80’s & 90’s, the NCAA probably had something to do with it, possibly to distance itself from club hockey. When I hear a parent say “my kid is playing d1 at X college” - what I hear is “my kid plays AAA hockey at the predators” or “my kid plays junior hockey” when it’s tier 3. Same parent mentality, you probably get my drift here. I’m not bashing club hockey at all. Some of it is very good hockey. Some acha teams can and do knock around ncaa d3 teams (some ncaa D3 programs are a complete joke, bad hockey - the team is just a school recruiting tool to get the wealthy parent to pay for a title) The top acha programs treat their student players like ncaa athletes. It’s great to keep kids involved in the game, helps to keep them focused more at college, possibly out of trouble etc. If you didn’t notice the post, I’m trying to get two corporations to donate towards a scholarship fund for the Cal U acha program, a program I don’t know one single person involved with. It’s a tragedy what happened, it’s great the school wants to honor the young man, along with the club sport. Personally I think some of these bigger companies donating big money to the RMU NCAA fund should get involved in the situation with Cal U and club hockey In general. but a lot of the people involved with the RMU donations have an agenda to begin with. RMU is a private university, they have the endowment, funds and alumni to reinstate that team if they really wanted to. It really never had to go away. I guess in a sense they are forcing some of their alumni to put up the money. Don’t send your kid to rmu people. sorry rambling on, showing my age again.
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